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  1. Mai-da

    Divine Masculine

    Naivety is not intentional, So can you speak about intentions, when naivety is not intentional ..
  2. Mai-da

    Are You Ready?

    Count me in!
  3. Mai-da

    Are Ancient Gods Real?

    Good question. It has to do something with (self-)awareness.
  4. This was just beautiful. This is all I can say about it.
  5. As for me, there are two pieces of 'practical advice' here. First, know your boundaries. And be prepared that you will know them little step by little step. Second, deal with your resistance. I mean that a personality that likes to be controlled would definitely be in resistance to the one with a 'free spirit'.
  6. Thank you guys for all your hard work. Also timestamps are VERY useful. Thanks a lot.
  7. No they don't, regarding the first question There is already an observant more or less developed within us, that allows the possession, and detachment eventually Regarding the second, it isn't really as method acting involves the whole body, the whole body and mind are possessed, so feelings too, not just channelling information you know The whole body is possessed I am very good at method acting, but haven't done any yet :))) maybe I am not that good :)))))) ?
  8. Absolutely. The idea that everything has consciousness and one can talk with everything and get answers is amazing. But also scary, because you can (and will) learn something unpleasant.
  9. Keep up the good work, Teal! You are providing a vehicle for creating a life worth living.
  10. Mai-da


    Maybe it is about 'knowing' that unconditional presence will heal eventually, not 'expecting' it. In other words, healing being a side effect of unconditional presence, not a goal.
  11. Citing Blind Guardian '...you're not alone, so don't be afraid of the dark and cold'.
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