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Forecast for 2017

freedom-2053281_640.jpgProgress is impossible without change.  In a previous blog titled “The Rat Cage”, I explained that every time you had to sit in a classroom and learn about things you had no interest in, any time you had to pay taxes, any time you had to go to work when you didn’t want to, any time you watched the corruption in the world and couldn’t do anything about it, every time authority made you feel powerless over your own life, every time you wanted to be authentic but couldn’t for fear of consequences… you desired to be free.  You desired radical change.  Like so many generations before you, you felt like your life was a rat cage and you wanted out of the rat cage.  But because of the strength of the rat cage... The bills to pay, mouths to feed, reputation to uphold, people to not let down, you stayed stuck while desiring freedom.

An average man is invested in and only believes in the world of physical action.  To this man, desire is nothing more than an abstraction.  He does not understand that desire is the fuel for universal expansion.  It is desire that pre-paves our physical reality.  Desire is the momentum of the river that is carrying us in the direction of whatever it is that we want.  All evolution owes itself to this precursor.  Every thought we think, word we speak and action we take is nothing more than compliance or resistance to the direction of that momentum.  And that vibrational momentum gets to a point where it cannot be stopped.  The momentum of the collective desire for radical change cannot be stopped.  We are all subject to the current of that river.

Vancouver.jpg2016 was the year of purification.  Imagine that you are about to make a serious change in your life relative to where you live.  First, you would have to let go of your attachment to where you live currently.  There would be a process of cleansing in which you would have to decide what you wanted to keep and what no longer served your progression.  In 2016, this purification process took place on a mental, emotional and physical level.  Many of us had to come face to face with our deepest long-term wounds as a result, our primary theme of resistance.  Many of us became freer and many of us suffered as our attachments were stripped from us in this purification process. 

I have spent the entire night last night out of body, specifically looking through the life path potentials of humanity and of the earth for the upcoming year.  And I will tell you now that the theme for 2017 is: RADICAL CHANGE.

When a person really desires a radical restructuring, they want a fresh new start.  Not an alteration of what currently exists.  The same is true of a collective desire for radical restructuring.  We have actually been in the active process of this radical restructuring as a universal time space reality, world and human collective since 2011.  It will continue with various stages of intensity for many years to come.  To tell you the honest truth, the apex of this process of change for the entire collective is currently a vibrational match to the year 2020.  And like any process, this process has multiple phases.  2017 is heavy with transition.  There is great movement in this year.  This year is not about subtle changes.  It is charged with the momentum of action. 

mural-1347673_640.jpgLast night, I asked to be shown an image that would represent the human collective in 2017.  I was shown the image of a man in his late 20’s.  He was standing in his nicely furnished apartment.  It was full of his things.  He stared at the things as if to say goodbye.  Then, as if led by some un-fathomable instinct, with only the clothes he was currently wearing, he walked out the door, locked it, went down the stairs, and threw the keys to his apartment into a trash bin on the street.  In a state of complete non-attachment, as if he was never coming back, he started walking down the street to who knows where, towards the horizon line.  He did not have the elated energy of freedom as he walked away from me.  He had the energy of someone who had nothing left to lose by walking into the unknown.  Like the consequence of staying outweighed any risk he may face and so, he took the action.  This man represents our human lives in 2017.                     

change-671374_640.jpgChange, especially drastic change, is something that people fear no matter what country or culture or race or religion or creed they belong to.  We have learned there is safety in the predictable.  But to be completely honest with you, there is nothing more unsafe during a collective drastic change (like this year) than ‘staying’.  Staying in the familiar, continuing to do the same things and resisting the change beckoning you forward is futile.  This year will be unpredictable, any resistance to the momentum of this change will guarantee that the ride will be turbulent.  And like it or not, 2017 will bring guaranteed surprises to everyone’s life. Economic troubles and violent social unrest will be a major part of this drastic change.  I will warn you in advance that drastic change often looks and feels like chaos.  A division is occurring between those who will hold on to the old consciousness and the structures that go along with that consciousness and those who will step into new consciousness in order to build the new structure for society.  This year, you will see polarization and opposition across the globe.  Many of the alliances formed between governments and conversely oppositions declared in 2017 will set up the fate of humanity in the coming years.  Also, humanity has been materially focused for so many thousands of years.  This coming year, that will change for many people on this earth.

 No matter what true ‘seer’ you talk to about 2017, you are going to hear the same thing… That 2017 is ripe with conflict.  I cannot lie to you and tell you that if you watch the world at large, you are going to feel good this year.  But you are also going to hear us say that the heating up of the collective conflict is exactly what will cause so many to ‘move’ forward and progress.  In a larger sense this ‘move’ is into a new state of consciousness.  On a mental level, this means drastic changes in perception, which in turn changes your emotional experience completely. And on a physical level, this year spells change, change, change as well.  Do not be surprised if these changes come to you as if out of the blue.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself physically relocating. 

   action-cold-dark-302692.jpgGiven that this year is all about drastic change, I have some very aimed and serious advice for you.  I want you to think of the momentum of this great process of shift that we are in as an out of control train that is piloted by the collective desire of human kind for drastic change.  I am telling you that where this train is headed, is exactly what you have been asking for.  And am telling you that this train is taking those aboard it, away from the inevitable collapse of what is.  But this train has no mercy for those who stand on the train station platforms gathering their things.  It has no mercy for those who procrastinate and show up late.  It has no mercy for those who are not ready.  When it rolls into the station, it will not be stopping.  And so, my suggestion is to start running now.  Start running in the direction that it is heading, so that when you hear its engines, you can jump on board.  And when you jump on board, be willing to let go of anything that is slowing you down.

From this day forward, for as long as this transition of consciousness is occurring within our race, whenever you feel drastic change approaching, hear my voice calling to you over the steam of the engines.  Hear me calling “Jump On Board”.  Do not hesitate… Let the momentum take you.  Carry your fear, like a crying baby in your arms and get on the train with it.  Make the change.  Do not resist it.


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