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  1. Mick

    Bed Wetting

    This is child abuse, parents spank children after bed wetting because it is sexual. You will find this theme in porn!! The fact is bed-wetting is very very common but people don't talk about it. Different people develop at different ages, some people produce more urine (due to genetics) and the bladder develops later in some. I have autism and a psychology degree. So yes most of the time it is physical, but some children also wet and soil because that is the only thing they have control of in their life. I wet the bed and soiled the bed. I had a carer (not a parent) who abused me over it. She stuffed my head down the toilet and flushed it. (old 1940's toilet with chain) I was only around four years old. The -ucken -unt also abused me in other ways, she also hit her daughter over the head with the heal of her shoe to the point where she later died from it! But yes Teal is right fear will trigger the fight or flight response and any animal will lighten the body weight by dumping everything, not just pee!! When I had my first sexual dream it was built around this theme too. By the way I often soiled myself on the way home from school in first grade. Many children wet themselves at school too.
  2. Mick

    Own People

    I saw the video, in reality women want all the privilege and none of the responsibility. Yes they want to be like an expensive car, but they want the man to ask if they can drive it. High maintenance and white elephant. Many men have decided that Mrs Palmer and her five daughters are less hassle. Of course this means Islam will take their place where women are owned just like a car and driven just like one!
  3. Mick

    Teal's Career: Turning Point

    It is still true that Religion is the opium of the people. Self improvement, help, and psychology ARE religions. They consist of opinions that work for some people and not others. This is even true of mainstream psychiatry and clinical psychology. They have orthodoxy just like the churches. If you don't agree with those you are struck off or de-registered and can't earn a living. Yes they ALL are about making people feel better, not necessarily the client or patient either but certainly making society feel safe!!!
  4. Mick

    Bypassing Questions

    Yes this is precisely what is wrong with most teachings I have come across. Christian Science is perhaps the most extreme case of this.
  5. Mick

    How To Thrive In A Crisis

    My mother and I now have the choice of taking the flu shot OR never seeing my father again!! Australia!! "you have no rights only responsibility" Yes that is an official quote!!!
  6. Mick

    Teal's "Negative" Teachings

    Yes you are right. Positive thinking is wrong. My own experience.
  7. Mick

    Guaranteed Happiness

    There exists things like drugs, so this is not hypothetical. Also peoples memories can be removed after enslavement. Only in freedom is there morality and accountability and growth.
  8. Mick

    Short Term Thinking

    I feel strongly that at the moment Teal is contradicting herself more and more. Eg It is not possible to plan for the long term because we have no information.
  9. Mick

    A Metaphor About Now

    What if our choices are between bad and bad just as you illustrated. Lose lose. You normally described this as incompatibility. How can we go our separate ways NOW! Suicide??? I am saying we are incompatible with this situation world.
  10. Mick


    Just got my shadow sigel cards today, drew self harm. Interesting as I had just studied up on how cutting and burning actually relieves depression better than "medication" in many people. I just viewed the Beatles music video Real Love and Free as a Bird. once again, one of my favorites. In it you can see people sitting in a theater with each second seat vacant for social distance. Also the whole song seems to be about social isolation and distancing In it people are wearing pig masks just like in the swine flu. During the dark ages being declared free as a bird meant that anybody could kill you with impunity. Martin Luther was declared free as a bird in Germany. Which is when he was taken and "imprisoned" for his own protection by his friends. Very relevant.
  11. He who sacrifices liberty for a little safety will have neither!!!
  12. Mick

    Acceptance Challenge

    Way back in the Nineties there was a power grab within the Rosicrucian order. The order has lost much of it's power. Different people went their own way and this split is almost like a split between conservative and liberal. This is being mirrored in politics. Like the Soviet Union had dissidents who were dissatisfied with the status quo this was also in the Rosicrucian Order. Contrary to popular opinion, many many Freemasons Rosicrucian Martinists etc, were Roman Catholic and Orthodox, others were protestant and others were Muslims. In my own opinion this tolerance ended up in resentment. Conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones and David Wilcox have publicly stated that they or their families were Rosicrucian! Due to this people are taking notice. Yes Teal is right, there is a power grab, at the moment the Right Wing is on the rise. So if you are in any way "different", hide! But remember the word "pedophile" is now being used to discredit your enemy more than protecting children. The word Autistic is being used as a term of derision and ridicule. The Australian Aborigines have been forced into more severe lock-down than the White population in Australia. This is OVERT. People over 70 cannot go shopping but must hire somebody on government orders to go shopping for them if they don't have family members or are sick. The Australian Government is printing money a Billion dollars every day!! Destroying peoples savings and retirement. If you have an investment property you can't charge rent, but still pay rates and water and sewerage. The mainstream media has admitted we are a "police state" The army is also acting as a police force against the Australian population. This Corona Virus was created by the Chinese with the help of some American scientists. It is related to HIV which was also created specifically to kill Gay MEN who were still illegal in the U.S. in many states. The majority is never and can never be oppressed. It is the majority that oppresses the minority dissident in each and every case in all of human history.
  13. Mick

    Expectations Exercise

    At least my parents actually believed the crap they told me! Yes they were overprotective, but they were not deliberately and in full knowledge malicious. They did not destroy my life savings for a lie.
  14. This scenario proves most people like fascism or they would not put up with this. The government by printing money is destroying peoples savings which they have worked for. Any talk of a "national unity cabinet" is code for fascism or marshal law. The government here in Australia is openly saying things will NEVER return to normal, referring to the new normal. This "virus" is a cover for world wide dictatorship such has never been seen before. Neither Communism nor Fascism ever got to this stage of infringement of normal civil liberties and legal rights. "this is not a time for politics nor criticism nor cynicism but nation unity." "There are no rights only obligations" etc etc.
  15. Mick


    Exactly what I said literally. If you can't go outside you can't see it. The Green party complained how these "exercises" are not good for the environment. Being forced indoors also allows extraterrestrials to do whatever they like without cloaking. Population Reduction and culling old "unproductive" males comes to mind too.
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