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  1. You are truly one of the few enlightened beings out there. Happy birthday. We are both 7 birth number. Interesting.
  2. Mick

    We Need Change!

    Not trusting is the real point. But we have good reason not to trust. And in cases the change may be for the worse for a particular individual. Some people with a disability autism or dementia cannot cope with major quick change.
  3. Mick

    Is Awareness Worth It?

    Xanadu "I want my lie!" I recommend the film "Xanadu" for all mystical students. Also "Lost Horizon"!
  4. Mick

    "Gender Sameness" Quote

    The real problem is when you want equal rights but not equal responsibility. That sums up ALL equality movements. Actually it is not equality that people want, but supremacy. Therein lies the problem. Again that is ALL "equality" movements.
  5. Mick


    What is the meaning of Dementia, I mean living with it or caring for somebody with it? I keep getting punishment. But I am sure I have the wrong meaning.
  6. Mick


    Forgot to add that a Dr gave a patient four doses in one day. Man ended up in hospital. Dr was retired and retrained for this "effort" Probably Alzheimer.
  7. Mick


    The government has recently introduced a bill about "coercive control" which is about controlling how much money a man gives to his wife for her use. This does not apply in reverse. (so much for equal rights) But then the government and indeed private enterprise uses coercive control to control whether you "consent" you have to sign or you loose your job pension or travel rights, to the "Pfizer" vaccine. Pfizer itself has not yet approved it, saying it is experimental.
  8. When you have sex you need resistance, or there is no stimulation.
  9. Mick

    Self Love

    I refuse to use Facebook. Sorry. My strong boundary.
  10. Mick


    I am familiar with this material, I have had a life long interest in this as I was brought up a Jehovah's Witness. So after a life as an electronics technician I went back as a mature student and obtained a B.A. with a double major in psychology. Actually this fits in with Kohl-berg's moral reasoning stages. Feminism has always denied any fundamental difference between men and women. The more they deny it the more hard science proves them wrong. Men are on the whole congruent when it comes to sexual arousal. When they said they were gay they were aroused by gay porn, or whatever. Women were on
  11. Mick

    Taking Requests

    I have often asked this but here I go again. I respect Teals expertise, but I would really like an understanding of DEMENTIA from a spiritual perspective. Also "mental retardation" I know this is relative but lets say debilitating retardation where the consequences for others around them "parents" etc are severe.
  12. Yes true, but they don't prioritize male bodies, they use them for experiments. When I went to school boys received corporal punishment but not girls.
  13. Mick

    Two Dominant Shadows

    The number of suicides during this year far exceeded those of "corona virus" Figures are falsely reported and so on, but the majority like this abuse, otherwise it would not happen. The sleeping still vote for their own jailers literally! The sheep in Qld. Australia voted for the same jailers with an even bigger majority.
  14. Mick

    A New Epoch

    Don't forget that the Gnostic Emanuel Swedenborg and Mormon Church have always designated planet Earth as the real Hell, which if true explains a lot. All after death states are an improvement even the lowest. The reference to the Rose and Thorns are of course of Rosicrucian origin often cited but seldom accredited. {The Thorn Birds} The seed underneath the bitter snow of winter with the Sun's love in the spring becomes the Rose. (Bette Middler "The Rose")
  15. Mick

    Looking Forward To

    I have an answer, NEVER!! This is the end, unless we end it. Mass action is needed.

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