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  1. Mick

    Looking Forward To

    I have an answer, NEVER!! This is the end, unless we end it. Mass action is needed.
  2. Mick

    A Closed Door

    I like to use cash, and wired phones! I don't like automatic deductions from my bank account.
  3. Consent is not difficult. It is a mutual yes or no between two or more people. The APA feminists and the law would disagree with you! It is about what women FEEL and no it is not objective. Men have to guess. Women have SAID this many many times. The American and Australian Psychological Associations explicitly stated : Consent is not enough!
  4. Mick

    New Era

    Yes medical advice is divided, but medical staff has been infected despite ppe! So masks as worn by the general public DEFINITELY don't work. Staying away from others also does not work, as the immune system is weakened by social isolation not strengthened. Children develop their immune system by playing in dirt and exposure to pathogens. This whole story is a cover for something else. Governments want to try out how far they can go before people rebel. Not even the soviets and the Nazi's got this far!
  5. Mick

    Typical Gemini

    Leo Sun Libra Rising Moon Virgo At school loved acting female roles. Leo acting Libra female. Very critical want perfection in others but also harsh on myself. Love beautiful girls balance equality to the point of obsession. As a child would balance two of everything each side with unique things in the middle. (Autism) Obsession with cleanliness but would also play with shit!
  6. Mick


    Blake is good at keeping his private life private. Good on him!
  7. Mick

    New Era

    I have had nightmares about this for years~!
  8. Mick


    Yes "normal" is a statistical term used in mathematics to determine what most people do or are. It is not about health or nor "goodness".
  9. Mick


    Sorry to have to correct you Teal, but I studied this as part of my Bachelor degree in psychology. The pot-lash is about provisioning. The person who can provide the biggest gifts becomes the chief for the following year. The Inuit in Canada determine the next chief by the biggest taxpayer so to speak. In reality ALL morality is based on eugenics. My own mother chased away ANY and ALL potential girlfriends, stopping any potential offspring issuing from me a defective piece of shit, in her opinion. All "shit tests" are about testing potential men and sifting out those who cannot protect and pro
  10. Mick


    The Magic Flute was an early attempt to release the Masonic teachings to the general public. Yes the basic initiation is contained in Aladin and the Magic Lamp, but the Magic Flute continues the teachings into the Al-chemical Marriage. Teal Swan goes into the Completion Process of REINTEGRATION which is the final process of initiation available on the material plain. I am particularly pleased to have devoted my life to these teachings. I regret not having many friends, being lonely and disconnected. This is being underlined by the lock-downs and full fascism I am experiencing now.
  11. The men's rights community is right on this, a super strong women needs an even more strong man.
  12. Covid19 then is one of the ways to decimate the human population. Isolation = no babies. People forget this virus will mutate every year, so this will continue till the end.
  13. Mick

    Rap Music

    More about generation. My generation's parents didn't like rock and roll. It is what one grows up with.
  14. Elvis did not use drugs. He over ate, but he did not use drugs. Not voluntarily anyway.
  15. Mick

    Bed Wetting

    This is child abuse, parents spank children after bed wetting because it is sexual. You will find this theme in porn!! The fact is bed-wetting is very very common but people don't talk about it. Different people develop at different ages, some people produce more urine (due to genetics) and the bladder develops later in some. I have autism and a psychology degree. So yes most of the time it is physical, but some children also wet and soil because that is the only thing they have control of in their life. I wet the bed and soiled the bed. I had a carer (not a parent) who abused me over it. She
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