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  1. Witt

    Parenthood In The Modern Times

    I've always found it so strange that teal calls kids and babies "it" sometimes lol....every time it makes me pause and go, huh?
  2. Witt

    Judgement Exercise

    @wildwestrom cool thanks so much for that link. Unfortunately I dont read Japanese (I think?) so I have no idea what its saying. But I enjoy seeing the website anyways. Super cool. Is there a replay option?
  3. Witt

    Judgement Exercise

    @GabijaCij I know this is the workshop lol but was there more to it than this?????? Or did she just have them do a Judgement exercise? If there's more, will it be uploaded in the workshops section on premium?
  4. Witt

    Judgement Exercise

    @GabijaCij will this workshop be uploaded?
  5. Witt


    @KristaTerry PR873W is the 50% off code for premium members.
  6. Witt

    Gingerbread House

    @emmaus very cool! What event r u attending?
  7. Witt


    Making and writing music on the piano Exploring conscious states (naturally and chemically) Holding my children Playing with dogs, especially my dogs Having deep, philosophical conversation Looking at the night sky when I can see the stars .. Seeing a happy baby Feeling genuinrly : seen, adored, beautiful, and loved .. "Reframing" perspectives...challenging my perspectives...(seeing multiple truths and perspectives)
  8. Witt

    Returning Home

    I need to start playing my keyboard again. I go in and out of periods where I use it and write music and cover songs....and then dont touch it for months or years and forget everything ... then find it again. The comfort it brings my soul to play and harmonize my voice and the harmony with the chords and melody my fingers play is so warm and home feeling. I've been missing it and just my connection to music in general lately. This is the universe, talking through teal, reaching me and telling me....set the keyboard up. And poetry is another thing I loved to write as an adolescent...I heard a 2 min poetry video the other day and a fire was lit inside. That's step 2 to cultivating home. I appreciate the end tidbit where she clarified it doesnt have to be a physical home or location or dwelling type. I appreciate that clarity. That home is really a feeling.....that something (or someone) brings. Important tidbit to add 4 sure. Thanks teal for, once again, carrying a message to us.
  9. Witt

    Inner Critic

    This advice required a 1 , 2 step. First step (1) is finding the need. Then, (2) working and strategizing with the inner critic and thyself of better ways to get that need met. Teal is forgetting that finding number 1 can be difficult for many people. She doesnt realize how hard it is for some people to realize what need is behind a behavior, probably because it's so clear and easy to see for her, a natural gift. Plenty struggle with this though. So to find the need behind a behavior, how do we do that? I've found a really good tool to learn this is with a method called NVC, nonviolent communication. Its brilliant work. Truly amazing. It has a methodology, like the completion process, of discovering your need and then its mastery is learning to communicate that need to another without putting the other on the defense. Being so conscious and concise with your words! I love it. Check it out. A good website that offers a free worksheet on needs and lays out practical steps on how to find feelings and needs and say them, is cupofempathy.com I've found she has really good videos and stuff related to NVC
  10. Witt


    Public.speaking...being in the public's eye (famous) Performing music..on stage n in studio
  11. Witt


    Make up!!!!!!!!!
  12. Witt


    To work with parentd and teach about parenting and children... and to help mainly kids, but all people, with emotional regulation and emotional intelligence...
  13. Witt


    My children.. For a day.. So I can better see myself as a parent...where I'm excellent...where I need work...and to see life from their eyes Also, a multimillion dollar woman....sexy woman And then a man, just to see what its like to be a man And I'd live as planet earth for 1 day
  14. Witt

    Making Soap

    My mom used to boil orange peels and cinnamon a few times when I was a kid and it was like magic...I couldn't believe how fragrant it was and how good it smelled!!!! I gotta do that some time in my life. Probably one of my top 5 all time favorite smells....the way she did it. That memory brings me warmth. It was so delicious. Definitely something all should experience at least once! It was slightly irritating tho I couldnt eat what was being made to make this scent. Like baking cookies or whatever, you get that fragrance in the air and that reward later to eat it. This leaves much for the stomach to desire lol. So yummy tho. I had no idea though people did it long time ago. Leave it to teal to throw random history facts
  15. Witt

    Locked Out

    Anyone else notice the synchronicity that shes been disconnected from her followers, from a huge aspect of her work? Lol. It was a perfect opportunity that she missed to make personal and relative for her, to be vulnerable and open up of how true and relative this card is FOR HER. Bummer!

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