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  1. Witt

    Making Soap

    My mom used to boil orange peels and cinnamon a few times when I was a kid and it was like magic...I couldn't believe how fragrant it was and how good it smelled!!!! I gotta do that some time in my life. Probably one of my top 5 all time favorite smells....the way she did it. That memory brings me warmth. It was so delicious. Definitely something all should experience at least once! It was slightly irritating tho I couldnt eat what was being made to make this scent. Like baking cookies or whatever, you get that fragrance in the air and that reward later to eat it. This leaves much for the stom
  2. Witt

    Locked Out

    Anyone else notice the synchronicity that shes been disconnected from her followers, from a huge aspect of her work? Lol. It was a perfect opportunity that she missed to make personal and relative for her, to be vulnerable and open up of how true and relative this card is FOR HER. Bummer!
  3. Witt

    Less Anxious In A Pandemic

    What is this excerpt from?
  4. Witt

    Hunger Of The Pine

    All I can think of is alt J's song, hunger of the pine.... so good! Now its stuck in my head. And I literally rolled.my eyes when she said plot twist, sexy love story lmao. This may just be one of Teals works I dont partake in. I really dont fancy novels unless locked up in jail...in which I have all the time in the world to sit around and wait for release. But I def dont plan on jail ever again (who does tho) and it's not like u can bring ur own book in.....maybe she'll give.tons of copies to jails all over the usa, since she has such a passion 4 the jail system....now that is a damn good id
  5. Witt


    Am I the only one thinking ... Sub par? Teal claims to be all about excellence... This ... not it. I appreciate seeing it in its raw beauty... But I suppose I'm a calligraphy snob... I was like, wtf is rction?! Retion? Wtf !? Oh, action, shhhhh. Ok........lmao. nanifestation ? God I can be such a bitch ass hater lmao..... but this was true confusion for a split second I kid u not! Still love you tons teal, with all your human-ness (it's a good thing!)
  6. Witt

    Invisible Trauma

    So fuckin good I HAD to watch it again ! Yes this is spot on. Teal you are amazing...incredible!
  7. She used this example cause that's why george floyd was arrested ! Counterfeit 20 dollar bill. She was using what happened to him....
  8. Teal asks us to ask ourselves ... why would people behind the curtain WANT us to riot and get violent.... and I'd love to hear some people's insights and answers to this within this comment section. What I came up with is so we are divided and easily able to hate another... but when we do this, what does it do for "them" (those behind the curtain that want control)? Could it be that this is a play where we turn angry and against another so we can be hungry for a savior and answer and "they" can perfectly place that in front of us and we can be hungry to accept something we otherwise mayb
  9. Witt

    How To Love Yourself Q&A

    Thanks for adding this! Super important and excellent video !
  10. I'm going to hold up a mirror to teal and everyone reading this by saying that reality itself as a word and as an idea and as a construct is purely subjective, therefore we are easily able to fall into many holes and pitfalls of deceit and deception of that which fits us and that which fits the other. Reality is a word I personally don't like using often, and that I find that teal uses quite often. Reality, the way she portrays it, is meaning truth. Yet, subjective and objective 'truth' are very different...and very powerful within this point in time; and we all ne
  11. Witt

    Self Sabotage

    Thank you teal and team for honoring your commitment...and staying true to your promise. The daily content is helping so many people. Thank you thank you thank you!
  12. Witt


    Yes! Online workshops... Great idea!!! There aren't enough as is. This is the universe putting teal in the position to do just that! Online workshops! I know she (you, teal) hate them... Or dislike them cause they're difficult since you're not able to back and forth with the person... But I have seen you sincerely enjoy some online workshops. Great suggestion @KristaTerry @GabijaCij please move this suggestion along to teal and team
  13. In this demonstration on channeling aspects, there's a middle person/consciousness asking questions (here it's teal). if you are completely identified in one perspective, so for example when Lynn is sitting in one chair she's identified with anger or she goes to the other chairs she's identified with resistance to anger, teal is then asking her questions and getting deeper and finding out more. Without that other person in the room, and if you're to do this completely alone, you're then going to have to be teals part - yourself. so you're going to have to be the one asking questions going deep
  14. Witt

    One Thought

    I don't think it's that. I think that's just for teal episodes but I'm not sure either. I feel like I saw people talking about it on the old teal tribe....I feel like it's questions from Instagram and Facebook...but again, not 100% here
  15. Witt

    One Thought

    she says "someone asked me a question today" and many many many updates are her answering fan questions......where do people send these?!?? is it instagram???? if anyone knows i would appreciate you sharing your knowledge!
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