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  1. She used this example cause that's why george floyd was arrested ! Counterfeit 20 dollar bill. She was using what happened to him....
  2. Teal asks us to ask ourselves ... why would people behind the curtain WANT us to riot and get violent.... and I'd love to hear some people's insights and answers to this within this comment section. What I came up with is so we are divided and easily able to hate another... but when we do this, what does it do for "them" (those behind the curtain that want control)? Could it be that this is a play where we turn angry and against another so we can be hungry for a savior and answer and "they" can perfectly place that in front of us and we can be hungry to accept something we otherwise maybe would not accept ? Like a new law or more monitoring of people and more control?
  3. Witt

    How To Love Yourself Q&A

    Thanks for adding this! Super important and excellent video !
  4. Witt

    Teal's "Negative" Teachings

    I'm going to hold up a mirror to teal and everyone reading this by saying that reality itself as a word and as an idea and as a construct is purely subjective, therefore we are easily able to fall into many holes and pitfalls of deceit and deception of that which fits us and that which fits the other. Reality is a word I personally don't like using often, and that I find that teal uses quite often. Reality, the way she portrays it, is meaning truth. Yet, subjective and objective 'truth' are very different...and very powerful within this point in time; and we all need to become HIGHLY aware {and familiar, and comfortable and definitive} of what subjective truth vs objective truth means to us. TeaL even did a video of subjective versus objective truth. Truth is so very personal to us, because we are humans and we are meant to experience things within our senses that feel so goddamn real to us; and on top of all that,, there are simultaneously opposing truth that are both true within a different perspective, and dimension, of reality...... essentially, truth isn't just a 'one-size-fits-all' .... It is a very complex and personal thing!! Bottom fuckin line, if you're not jiving with Teal, move on and find another teacher you're jiving with. One that fits you, one that feels right. Teal is unapologetically telling her truth, the way she sees it. And thank you Teal for that courage!
  5. Witt

    Self Sabotage

    Thank you teal and team for honoring your commitment...and staying true to your promise. The daily content is helping so many people. Thank you thank you thank you!
  6. Witt


    Yes! Online workshops... Great idea!!! There aren't enough as is. This is the universe putting teal in the position to do just that! Online workshops! I know she (you, teal) hate them... Or dislike them cause they're difficult since you're not able to back and forth with the person... But I have seen you sincerely enjoy some online workshops. Great suggestion @KristaTerry @GabijaCij please move this suggestion along to teal and team
  7. In this demonstration on channeling aspects, there's a middle person/consciousness asking questions (here it's teal). if you are completely identified in one perspective, so for example when Lynn is sitting in one chair she's identified with anger or she goes to the other chairs she's identified with resistance to anger, teal is then asking her questions and getting deeper and finding out more. Without that other person in the room, and if you're to do this completely alone, you're then going to have to be teals part - yourself. so you're going to have to be the one asking questions going deeper and that - in itself - is taking you out of that identified perspective. so I don't know how this is really possible to do by yourself.
  8. Witt

    One Thought

    I don't think it's that. I think that's just for teal episodes but I'm not sure either. I feel like I saw people talking about it on the old teal tribe....I feel like it's questions from Instagram and Facebook...but again, not 100% here
  9. Witt

    One Thought

    she says "someone asked me a question today" and many many many updates are her answering fan questions......where do people send these?!?? is it instagram???? if anyone knows i would appreciate you sharing your knowledge!
  10. Witt

    Strong Bond

    I'm happy to see Teal painting.......after her week of sickness and flu, this is a perfect past-time! You can just see how "in her element" she is when painting. Very different than "in her element" on stage. On stage it's like there's this energy, almost more masculine, to serve, to uncover, to discover, to "help" others. This energy though of her painting, it's focused, but it's soft. It's peaceful. It has this relaxed flow energy where it's more her with herself, vs her with so many others. I'm so happy to see her living a life doing things she loves and has passion for. It feels good to see people doing what they love.
  11. Witt

    Shadow Motives

    @H_Eart(h) There is nothing wrong with wanting a safer world and earth. Nothing wrong at all. Sometimes we associate words with good or bad. Some personality types (enneagram styles inparticular) sees almost everything as good or bad. Shadow doesn't equal bad. If you find yourself hearing the words shadow work or shadow, please don't think it's all bad, negative, and/or wrong. So a shadow reason of wanting the world to be safer doesn't mean it's a negative or wrong or bad intention. Shadow means unconscious, we are unaware of it. And usually these unaware suppressed reasons and motives lead to sticky and tricky situations. So for example....a healer who says "I am just here to spread the love and help others..." (which can be a true positive intention and motive) that also has a dominate shadow of "i don't trust other's and the world isn't safe" can run into situations where that shadow of theirs can create overlays and filters when working with their clients, they can have projections arise and fall onto others, and like teal said, "if i can fix the world, it's safe FOR ME to be in...". So in this particular example, the issue isn't the world being unsafe as much as it is "I want to help others only because I want to find safety within the world." When we are doing things we think and say and believe are all about others, but have the underlying shadow and motivation to serve ourselves, it's problematic in the sense that there's some inherent manipulation there, manipulating thyself to believe something more altruistic than the reality of our true motives, and especially in CPCP workers, it can create a messy kind of healing for the other person when the practitioner isn't very aware of their own self and their own shadow work. ALL people do things to some degree to serve thyself. Like so, helping others can feel good to us. That's a reason that's serving ourselves. We are doing it to help them because that feels good for us. But it's not a bad or wrong reason. Serving ourselves isn't "wrong." It's just a problem when our motives are unconscious. The idea and term bad and wrong and good and right are shrouded and based in judgement. It's essential to have a balance of judgement, because it keeps us safe...it helps us learn, it's human to judge. But often times, this judgement program that's running is unnoticed and living within the subconscious. And often is created through our childhood and experiences. So the point of all of this really is...the more aware we are of our reasons, our judgements, or intentions, our shadows....the "better" of a person we become. The more tuned into the self, the center, the more "in alignment" we become.
  12. Witt

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    @Mick I'm noticing or it's seeming to me that you speak and think in absolutes...quite often! I actually have a really difficult time with this, personally. It's a fascinating topic !!! I hope you're doing well, Mick! I think about you now and again. Reach out if you ever want someone to talk to....
  13. Witt

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    @deniz Yes I think she WAS borderline when first starting this work, can't say if she is now. Like she said in this , they're super smart and easy to solve problems and do this work, so if she was borderline, I would have a hard time believe she still is. We all, like every single person, can identify with some of BPD symptoms. But to qualify into this diagnosis, you must at least have a solid 5 out of the 9 symptoms/traits of BPD. I mean, fear of abandonment is common with people, having anger is common enough, but i think whats less common are frequent mood swings, feeling out of touch or suspicious of reality and others motives, unclear self image...I mean many people can identify with a few of these but to have all 5 or more out of the 9, then we are looking at someone that's close to fitting it or IS fitting into this diagnosis. And theres no shame of that...I look at it as science's way of identifying something (a label) and then once we are aware of something we can only THEN find a way to do something about it if it's causing us distress. It's sooo easy for people, especially people that LOVE self help work, to quickly and easily diagnose themselves with a disorder or some mental health label. Really we are all just different shades and flavors of normal! All of us!
  14. Witt

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    i'm willing to bet that teal is borderline herself. hence why she knows so VERY very well about it, and has such a soft spot for borderlines. If you look at the criteria that makes up a borderline, you can hear and reference teal saying most or all of these things at one point or another. And to REALLY DEEPLY understand something, one must be able to step into the shoes, walk or have walked that path. There is absolutely no shame in what I am saying either. But that's my theory! I leave space that I may be wrong, too. Cause i've never met teal personally. So I'm like 80/20 here! That is enough for me though, to say confidently, I'd bet she is borderline or meeting most criteria, she walks the line of being borderline. (Borderline BPD! lol!)
  15. Witt

    The Lesson Of Autism

    It seems as though many MANY people on the spectrum are wholly identified with this label of "autism" and "autistic"...and are so easily then confined to the box of said identity. I see this as a problem..I see autism as a set of behaviors and other things but not someone's primary Identity. And when people start to define themselves as this or that, it takes away from our unique self, it makes it easier to dismiss and blame behaviors and choices and circumstances cause of said identity......it is dis-empowering. It's my hope and dream and wish that all people see themselves as more than whatever identity they've found or that which society has given/labeled them! And that the autism spectrum is seen as a set of unique gifts just as much as it it's seen to have it's unique set backs.
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