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  1. Witt

    Teal Painting Her House

    I also did that with my room as a senior in high school.... White walls with bright neon green pink blue and yellow line splatters, the motion u did it. I had a black light... I wanted the whole room to glow. Then when I got bored w that I painted the walls black with sponged red/maroon and it's still like that today at my dad's house ... My old empty room. (I haven't lived there since age 19) ... It's fun to go back in my old room, but my dad has stored some things in there now.... So many memories in that room. Thank God for parents that allow their kids to artistically express themselves in ways like this !
  2. Witt

    Holding On To The Past

    "as you know, I'm going to be working around the clock today...but that's the energy we need to be in...that's the message from the universe today.." I am sad, and concerned...that this is her message. I think to say we all need to have this energy, or SHOULD, that - that specific energy/vibration is where we all should strive to be today...I think is actually harmful to tell people. It's one thing to say it personally as it's her calling and her message the universe gave her....but to say it's this one box fits all type thing and that's for us ALL?? Mmm, no. I think the universe has a different message for different people depending on where they currently are. And another thing, if you're not there...and/or if you feel you can't get there....it creates like this "im not good enough where i am" type of feeling since it's not tailored to some, but rather, for all. This message may be so good and ring so true for some people, but to say we all need to be in this energy...that doesn't feel or seem inclusive for all. Teal uses absolutes A LOT...and my perspective is...when people are overly using absolutes, they're not holding space for another truth/perspective.....and many times that feels unconscious to me. Inconsiderate, so to speak. I personally see that Teal has an addiction to self improvement and self awareness....and in so many ways, I believe this is lovely and so great! But it has it's downsides to it as well. I think it's great to a point, to be about improving and bettering...but if that's what's always there, then it feels there's an air of resistance to what currently is....or an under-appreciation, or intolerance, or...unhappiness to the current, what is. In certain doses, this attitude is good cause it helps us push ourselves towards our desires and goals and dreams for a future and to be better. But theres a fine line between a healthy amount of this, and an unhealthy amount of this. And I worry this line for teal either isn't really there, is blurred, or is just overstepped often. (As a disclaimer, I want it to be known I don't know her personally ,so I feel I can't speak for certain or have a well formed opinion on how she is beyond what I see in these updates and the person I see on stage or in video. It's important to me that I state that and let it be known I'm aware of that.)
  3. Witt

    Protection Stones

    "maika is a deflector" LMAO the father of my kids , and my partner i'm currently separated from, his name is Micah, and he's the KING of deflection! It's amazing actually. Impressive sometimes. In the beginning, I didn't even notice. Even now, five years later, it's still soooo easy for me to go down a rabbit hole and get so off track by him from what I wanted to bring up and talk about, he uses this to stay safe and not have to deal with or face confrontation or issues. I just thought that was hilarious. Coincidental? Naaaah. Wow, the deflection/projection situation always happens in arguments between us. I have been wracking my brain on this and it's insanely hard for me to understand the right way to handle him. She says..... like a mirror, whatever energy goes towards it will bounce back off of it and go back towards the person sending. Well yes, this is often the case. And it puts me in a situation of always having to have some calculated move and always be in control of my emotions, I can't just be raw and expressive or get upset, cause that instantly causes this reaction. And I don't want to have a dynamic like this. I want to be allowed to be upset and talk about an issue, and have that be received, and have him working towards understand me. But this like, never happens. Like ever. Cause the instant I have any energy that isn't positive, it causes a shit show, and a round and round.
  4. @GabijaCij Thank you for letting me know!!
  5. Thank you teal and teal's team for setting this up!! I am so happy and excited @GabijaCij How long will this be? I have a birthday party that day for my son, and have yet to set the time, so knowing an estimate of how long this will be will be so helpful for me~!
  6. Witt

    Teal On A Plane

    well with the window seat, you get to see all those beautiful views of the clouds and the land when it looks like little squares lol. window seats are the best!
  7. Witt

    Misconceptions About Sex Abuse

    @GabijaCij oh ok, thanks gabi
  8. Witt

    Misconceptions About Sex Abuse

    @GabijaCij Can you tell us why it's taken so long? Blake said in an update like two weeks ago that he just finished editing it. I get you guys are putting time stamps on the video and all and that takes a while....but it really feels it's just taking so long. So many of us are really anticipating this workshop! Help?
  9. @Lina85 Now I understand better. You think I am disgruntled because I feel she's " breaking an unspoken contract". I would implore you to re read what all I have written, because I do not feel she is breaking anything, and I have never said anything of the sort, so it's an interpretation of yours...maybe even a projection due to frustration. I WISH she would be more open and transparent and incorporate the messiness of her life more into the public / premium content, but that doesn't mean I feel she has broken something or isn't doing something "right." Thanks for sharing your insights, it's what premium is all about! And it put me in a position to explore my own idea and expectations and wishes/wants surrounding Teal and her responsibility towards her content, so that's pretty awesome! And it's also got me thinking about attachment. It's as if you're shaming me or disgusted I have any attachment towards Teal and being curious about her life. I think people do become attached to people and things in their life. All people form different attachment levels based on many different components. I don't think this is bad necessarily. But it could absolutely be a bad thing. I think when someone is in Teal's position and they're sharing as much as they do, and collecting money for insight into their own world and personal life (even daily)...then it does impact those that follow her closely and it does form an attachment. I think this is normal. I can tell you I have never formed any extreme attachment to a celebrity. I don't even consider her a celebrity. I consider A-listers, Hollywood hotshots celebrities. Teal is simply famous. But still, many have unhealthy attachments to her, just like many have a healthy attachment to her.
  10. @Lina85 You're right when you say she doesn't owe people more than she is comfortable to give. But the movement of authenticity does carry with it uncomfortable times and moments. If we all just stayed comfortable, we wouldn't be very transparent and authentic, or we wouldn't be continually growing and expanding. To be authentic can be challenging sometimes, that's for sure. To speak our truth can be hard. I do think Teal owes premium members "something." The whole point of paying money monthly is to see and feel and hear into her world, into her, as much as she's willing to divulge. There's a transaction happening, one she's involved with and consenting to. With that said, I don't think she should be sharing anything she doesn't WANT to. But with that being said, we need to look at reasons why she wouldn't want to. I think certain reasons of not wanting to share certain things are reasonable and legitimate, and other things are inauthentic and illegitimate. You said she doesn't owe them to invite them into her most painful and devestating moments of her life...But i would say, she already has opened that door and sent that invitation by sharing her abuse story. I don't think what she deals with now is as ugly or painful as that, but that's my own personal speculation, I don't know for sure. She's shared many shocking things, and I appreciate that greatly. It's confusing though to go from being so open and transparent to then not speaking at all (except for one or two times) about the divorce of Ale. He was shared on premium, he was a part of this whole thing, and then just gone. And the following months, there was nothing spoken of or shown of Teal "dealing" with it. Maybe she needs to process something and for it to be old news before feeling comfortable to go into it to just anyone, I don't know. But I hope someday she does talk about the experience. More or less, I think it would be so helpful for others to see her dealing with it in all the ways she was dealing with it and still is. So many go through divorce and difficult relationships, and to see someone they look up to share that situation and go on to talking about insights from it (especially from her, she's so good at synthesizing her experiences and learned lessons) I think it could really make all the difference in someone's life who is struggling with a spouse or partner. I also think it's really important people see Teal's downfalls or vulnerabilities or regrets or whatever you wanna call it. I don't want her to just expose the parts of her life that to the public are great, I think its important for her to talk about struggles because it breaks down the idea that to be fully spiritual and enlightened, you no longer deal with heart ache and disappointments and upsets. It demystifies that common misconception that there's a line you cross in spirituality where you no longer deal with the humanness upsets of life. I've heard her speak of the importance of this and so I know it means something to her. So all the more reason and incentive to share this part of her journey. It's as if you see this big black and white or line drawn between Teal's public life vs. her private life. But I don't see it like that, I think with her living in an intentional community and by her doing updates and having her communal members daily recording her and what she's doing, that the walls she has put up are purposefully thin, and that there isn't always a clear line drawn between staying private or being open. I think her movement is to intentionally and purposefully be open, as best she can be, for her own healing and safety and to inspire others to do the same, cause with this comes the utmost freedom and liberation. That doesn't mean she doesn't have privacy, but I think intentionally, for the sake of her authenticity movement and for the sake of her business *content, to satisfy subscribers* she does go into her personal life quite frequently, things most people in her position would keep private. With that said, she does only talk to a degree of what she's comfortable sharing, and so I wonder why she isn't comfortable sharing or talking or expressing much of the experience she had with the divorce of Ale. So many people comment how she has two sides we see....one that's about teaching these concepts and its impersonal (but excellent nevertheless), ....but the other, where it's all about her personal thoughts and feelings and issues...and vulnerabilities...which people comment often they love seeing this side cause of how relatable it is, and the beauty she has (anyone has) when they can be vulnerable and open and express human feelings. The tone of your response feels irritated and defensive to me. Like something has triggered you. I think being triggered is an invitation into exploring things within ourselves that have hurt us and need our attention, so if you agree you were triggered, maybe this could be an invitation for you to explore that.
  11. Witt

    Ever Changing Personal Truth

    i am so excited for the full thing!! i've been waiting, somewhat patiently, somewhat impatiently. i so hope it's here, TODAY!
  12. Witt

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    blake said he is done editing the chicago workshop (this was posted wednesday, maybe filmed even a day proir, i'm typing this saturday)...i wonder what is taking so long for it to be posted?
  13. Witt

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    This is interesting, it brings up a couple different emotions, bringing me to an extreme appreciation for her and this video, all the way to an extreme disheartening and disappointment for her, and this video. Thanks Teal for showing (as she calls it, her human side[god complex anyone?lol]) but really, it's just her very UN-integrated sides. It's ironic, cause she did a video on the most dangerous thing being subjective viewpoint being taken as objective viewpoint. Im worried she's falling into the hole she would consider "the most dangerous thing in the world." I'm floored so many people are commenting like "yeah, bad taste sucks!" HUH? All taste is, is a preference. That's it. There is no right or wrong taste, it's something a person simply likes. We can discuss the morality of doing certain things, like for example, a man could consider himself really interested in strippers, his "taste" in women could be considered a stripper "type." We can "argue" or talk about the rightness and wrongness of stripping in general, but to say he is wrong in any sense for liking it cause there's a clearly "better choice" is just small and self centered. In my opinion, Teal is majorly showing off her god-complex here by saying there's "truly" bad taste. There are some major shadows and some major issues happening within Teal, as there are with pretty much everyone. I appreciate this video because she's showcasing how UN-awakened, small, self centered, and common some inside parts of her still are, and it's important we see those we consider "above the rest" (like a spiritual teacher, for example) to showcase this... cause 99% of the time....they too are just like the rest of the world, as we all excel and under-perform in areas, yet with many spiritual teachers we look up to, we put them on a pedestal, cause they have a hard time showing their shadow sides, their un-integrated parts. I love that Teal showcases this. As much as I appreciate this, I also find it some of it terrifying and disheartening. It appears when talking about taste that she truly feels there's objective good taste and objective bad taste. This is SO far from the truth!!! The truth is, all that taste comes down to is a preference. There aren't good preferences vs. bad preferences outside of a person's perspective. "So i can't stand it when people create something, or do something, that's TRULY bad" I am VERY identified with self, even ego.... and dis-identification is not a strong suit of mine (or so i think) but i am centered enough to not feel my tastes TRUMP over other peoples. (It's really too bad president Trump ruined the word trump for so many people ugh.) I do, of course, have preferences and see things that aren't for me or my tastes, but that doesn't then lead back to me thinking the creator/artist/person has "truly" bad taste, or their piece/project is "truly" bad. We must leave space to allow the truth to remain that just because we don't like something, the fact another likes it doesn't mean one person is seeing clearer than another, or has a better perspective or view on taste/preferences than another. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and so what if someone look ugly or does something ugly or whatever TO US, it doesn't mean that this opinion of ours is "clearly the truth" of the matter, cause again..there is no set perimeters to what is TRULY good taste and TRULY bad taste. Also equally important to say, It's not my place to say there's objectively bad taste. It's not Teal's place either (and she hasn't said it, yet, but I'd love for her to comment on this in particular ;).) This is her ego, this is her having felt small for so long in her past, she now has a part of her that has a strong superiority-god complex. I'm not trying to attack Teal, I very much appreciate her and adore her, but I will be critical of things she says and does, because 1) that's my type of personality.... according to enneagram and all that shit lol...but more importantly, 2) she has a big responsibility , morally, since she's a teacher/leader. With great power comes great responsibility and with great responsibility comes great power. So I will definitely call out whatever I see a-miss. It's ironic to me that she has created this process, the completion process, and has so much knowledge and information...but still has major unintegrated parts and wounds, etc. I'd like to hear more on her process of healing and her personal experience with the completion process.
  14. Witt

    The Dark Crystal Series

    @Rachel G. here it is, root chakra by teal. Vid to.come in some weeks. She reads almost word for word (or memorizes like giving a speech) all of her ask teal episodes. They r always written first. Found in article section. Posted well in advance of the videos..shh. not too many are aware of this;) I wanted to share tho since 1)reading can be.a different learning experience than watching a vid w same [exact] info And 2) u seem to really be wanting and hoping for it...well, it's here! no need to wait. Waiting can suck ass sometimes. https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/how-to-open-your-root-chakra-r368/
  15. Witt

    The Dark Crystal Series

    Dentistry...interesting. so, if the teeth r.circut boards to energy and are so important... yet flouride is in so.many toothpaste products and its.poisonous ... y on earth have u not done an ask teal episode on teeth!???! Mouth healing.... please for the love of ALLLL Teal...do a teeth episode on YouTube or keep talking about it!!! Coming into life w no teeth...the pain of growing them...losing them...tooth fairy in america....regrowing them and then losing them again (usually) later in life....these r bones....and the mouth is this open vessel cavity I mean wow what an important topic to touch on... there needs to be an ask teal episode on this, PERIOD
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