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  1. Witt

    Guard Puppy

    I thought this was snow at first. Then I thought snow seems super calm here lol. And then I remembered how yellow he looks compared to her female dog. I forgot her name. I had a dog as a baby and toddler growing up who looked identical to this dog. My mom's dog... his name was Handsome. He was so chill and nice. My heart gets big and a little achey thinking of that and him and how young I was....so sweet and it stings slightly cause his passing was a tough one. Dogs r the best . I bet he's a big influence to why I love dogs so much. I sorta wanna be able to claim I'm a cat person but I just know in my bones it will never take hold over and above my love for dogs. I take pride in being a dog person. Cat people are intriguing to say the least. PS... Mouth breathing again. I don't know why but I just really don't like hearing it in videos. Prob in person too... Unless someone had a reason u know. Excersize... Or meditation.. lol.. I suppose I sound like a priss mentioning it. Sorry.
  2. Witt

    If You Could Return...

    @Mick my first thought when u said u wanna be raped was...well, you could come kinda close by jidt giving your body to some one that would take it. Rape is an awful thing and usually nothing close to sex or what most experience w a sexual life. U wanna be raped by some dude ? U have a high iq but have autism.... Hmmmm... How many rape scenes have u seen in cinema or in life? I hardly think you grasp all you really said. But with me saying that, I understand in some outside way that being so lonely can leave us so desperate for wanting and being, that we wish even something of this sort. Although I doubt u really mean rape. It's not sexual usually and especially for the victim . Just painful and violent and tormentous. If u wanna get into deep discussion with Me involving this and that and what not... feel free to reach out via private message . I hope someday you receive the love and notice And touch you desire.
  3. Witt

    Not Ready

    @Crystal Rob I'm cracking up. Jeff. They fixed me, Although SDA is kinda neat???? Jeff matheison is hilarious tho lol. Hopefully you'll get fixed too. You have some wonderful comments throughout the videos
  4. Witt

    If You Were A Saying...

    uh, she did herself, told them to do her, then did no one else on camera like wtf lol so are they all playing the game or is it guess what teal is, all eyes on teal, teal constantly runs the show haha, what can u expect tho. i suppose! i bet they all played. i would have liked to see what they thought of graciella, and the other members. definitely. i like seeing into teal's world, but god....sometimes it just seems so non balanced, she is a queen and all else her servants, even gracie isn't even close to any kind of equal. can teal have some equal in her world? i mean has she ever besides that sadistic keeper of hers? she should meet this amazing shadow work GURU....and pretty attractive white man scott jeffrey. ill post his website below. i find myself very luck to have even stumbled upon this fellow, but wow, he's just next level....and his works is mainly shadow work. amazing man this dude walks the talk more than talking the talk his website sucks ass though, he needs a revamp of it, and some video content for sure. he's not hard on the eyes, but theres only one video on youtube, yet his free daily emails about self development and shadow self are incredible , the articles are incredible... i don't think money and fame is his main intention regarding his work, no. and my saying would be currently “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” ― Lao Tzu Although this is in my opinion, the hardest personal discipline one can practice ... cause it never stops or ends, and the mind and ego hold so tightly to the past and future. but that is my saying at the moment... this fits this current time in my life/learning/spiritual journey. b.t.w. i hate these ' pick one fav or one thing', cause im just so many at so many diff times, and it's hard to choose just one, that's why i suppose this is great to do this with others. https://scottjeffrey.com/guides/
  5. Witt

    If You Could Return...

    I just appreciate it's stopped from him the past days... I don't think it needs provoking..maybe it's done and he will be more tactful. Can't we see and be pleasant?
  6. Witt

    If You Could Return...

    @Yuliya u r just harassing the guy. U gonna bait him for drama in every new video? Private.message.him if u wanna talk so bad. and stop in comments. Seems rude. Connect privatly. Maybe it'll do u both some good.
  7. "Do you understand trust? I will break it down for you in a second.
    trust is: "I can DEPEND on someone to CAPITALIZE on my BEST interest."
    It's literally that simple."

    This is really hard for many of us to grasp, because so often, we just didn't have this growing up, and still don't choose partners that know how to do this. We usually don't know how / can't do this for others. Lets take a closer look at this key word, capitalize.

    To capitalize means : verb (used without object), cap·i·tal·ized, cap·i·tal·iz·ing.
    to take advantage of; turn something to one's advantage (often followed by on): to capitalize on one's opportunities.

    So someone is taking advantage of my best interest, not for themselves, but for ME. i can DEPEND, trust them, to take advantage of my best interest....now what is CRUCIAL HERE....is this: In order to even be able to do this, we MUST become an EXPERT with the person we do this with/to/for. We cannot capitalize on someone's best interest, if we do not know what is even in their best interest. And this is where things become muddy...blurry...messy, cause projection often pops up, and a person may think your best interest is something it isn't, based off of what THEY want for you, vs what they know YOU want for YOURSELF.
    We must become experts on ourselves, and our lover/husband/wife...our children, and our family members, our best friends. It takes times. But this means setting aside our judgement of what we think their life should look like, and what we want for them, and really ATTUNING to their own wants and needs and likes and dislikes, preferences, boundaries, goals, dreams, fears....To do this we must become excellent listeners, and ask questions, and really get to know them outside of our perspective of who we think they are, and know them for just who they are. We do this by listening, and asking questions, and talking about our own thoughts and feelings about what they say, and being vulnerable and honest enough to express concern about their choices, and loving them enough to hold space for them during tough times, and having courage to endure stormy weather with them, and have the love in your heart to share yourself with them, and simply allow them to do this with you also.

  8. Witt

    Not Ready

    @Crystal Rob OMG!!! look!!! I am apparently called SDA member LMAO hahahhaa and u are..jeff matheison!!? or some shit. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of my old postings before the site got revamped if we can even call it that (rolls eyes) is under this SDA name and what the hell u get some normal name even tho it is not u HAHAHA but i get SDA?!?? so freakin weird.
  9. Witt

    Rose Garden

    @Mike Lopyrev if by worth, you mean money, i do not care ONE BIT. you saying your a trillionare wouldn't change how i think/feel about you. it actually might even make me worried and sad for you on this journey, cause i think if people have huge amounts of money/net worth, it makes handling the ego even trickier and more work. whatever you've done in your past, that is so great for you mike, i'm happy for you. but thats deflection from what we are speaking about. it's cool you have charisma. great. totally irrelevant to all i've said. and yes i've missed the convo you had in some other forum LOL.......surprised by that?!?? haha. wtf. I don't follow you, nor all you do. I say stuff other places too. good for the both of us. again, irrelevant. deflection. you're great at it. pat on the back to you, mike. back to my point, it's not your job to help teal or save teal unless she wants and asks for it. if she isn't asking for it from you personally, you're inserting yourself in a forceful way, and that my friend, is the ego. you are familiar with eckhart tolle, no?? the book awakining to your life's purpose....it has an excellent 20 or so pages in the beginning about the ego. it is worth a read, if you haven't already. reiterating, redundantly......if teal wants you, and maybe she does or will someday, you'll know by her, not through your dreams or astral travels, she will actually reach out to you. she will show you interest as you show her interest. can you sallow the reality of the situation if in case, THIS doesn't happen????? That's a rhetorical question, i don't care. Think about it though. Are you familiar w/ IFS work?? Internal family systems??? i suggest looking into that, it's all about finding different parts within. Teal calls it fragmentation. This is that, just a deeper, more structured modality on finding these parts, outlining who/what they are, and a process to heal them. This is excellent work done by Dr. Richard Schultz.!!!!! Please, just please take into consideration what i'm saying and others are saying. This is love, listening, considering, empathizing, feeling/understanding through the person's perspective to the best of our ability.
  10. Witt

    Rose Garden

    @Mike Lopyrev It's not your place to tell me to do anything, it's rude. Calm down? Bud, i'm calm. You don't know me. And you know why strangers at her events being provoked works@?? CAUSE THEY KNOW AND TRUST HER, they PAY to see her!! We don't know you, so it's hugely different. I think your mission to help teal, may not even be what she wants, if she wants you or is meant to learn from you, trust me , SHE WILL FIND YOU. And the way to do it isn't through the flippin premium content comment section haha. I think where she mainly reads comments are fb/Instagram. I was replied to by her once on a fb comment. Just remember...you can't help someone that doesn't want it. You may be ready, they may not be ready. I think you have many shadows, just like all of us. I think your intentions here are a bit gross......It's like, from what I've seen / read from you....... it is though you have a god complex/superiority complex. And to say "i do think she is cute, that's why i'm doing this gig" implies that you have some intentions and overlays that aren't coming from the purest / most loving intention. to say" Arcturian aliens sent a crazy freak like me to “manage her out” of her stuck-age and to teach her some leadership skills." ....like, that's just your opinion, again, here is this narcissistic dynamic of thinking she can't do it well enough on her own, and so she needs u. or should have you. ha. if she wanted you mike, she would reach out. I GUARANTEE IT. you really think her team hasn't informed her of these situations happening in the comment section?? You really think if she needed you, or wanted you, or found light within you or anything within you that could help her, that w/ her extrasensory abilities she wouldn't be able to find you easily, and then somehow reach out???? I have a sad feeling that you're living in a big illusion of desire/want and its clouding your judgement. I'm not saying you're not a good person, i don't know you at all. But please, deal w/ this superiority complex you got going on . and TRUST....trust w/ ur guides and her guides, if/when she is ready, she will find you. The way to do it isn't to alienate people on comment forum, just for your amusement. And dude, don't tell me you love me. You don't. If you did, even a little, you'd take into consideration what i'm saying. And its so very clear w/ your responses, you haven't , not one bit. just more reasons/excuses, defenses as to why and what you're doing what it is your doing.
  11. Witt

    Rose Garden

    @Mike LopyrevThe whole point of this community here is to playfully provoke each other into facing our truths. This is what we do all year long, in Burning Man tribes. Tealers is now a Burning Man tribe, too. Welcome home! You do realize that this is JUST your own perspective right?? It appears to me that you equate your perspective to a deeper truth, an objective truth, leaving no space and room for error on your end. Your arrogance, domination of every video/comment section *hey if it was one or two comments, fine, but you take it upon yourself to post multiple like over 4 plus just on your own thoughts then even more responding to people, and many times its for your own amusement, which is so egocentric, hurtful to others, and straight up ASININE!* The whole point of the community isn't to PLAYFULLY PROVOKE. Is there such a thing, when it comes to strangers? I can see it being okay in family systems and close friends, with discernment, tact and also regulation. But here??? This isn't the point of this group. its not to provoke one another. We aren't burning man. You may be a part of it, and that is so great...im happy for you, sincerely. But this isn't burning man. And point blank, besides me, you are offending multiple people here. It boggles my mind you can justify this, like some narcissistic would, saying your essentially bringing them closer to integration or whatever. You aren't their leader. You say teal can't even touch you yet?? Mike, many of the things you say just are irrelevant and others really just don't give a shit abut what you think!!!! I don't even say that to be mean and hurtful, and Im sorry if it comes ff that way, But this just isn't all about you. You're turning the comment forum to an uncomfortable space, even somewhat of an unsafe space for some people*like myself* with your covert belittling, harassment, and narcissism! Mike, what you need is your own site like teal has. with all your seeming wisdom to be shared on a platform, and to then reach out to people that seek you. This is a place where we love teal, and we can hopefully connect with others. But when someone like you comes along, and DOMINATES all comment sections in videos....and not even that, but makes it uncomfortable and not a pleasant experience for most, you're doing a disservice to SO MANY!!!! I suggest spending all your creative energy into creating your own platform, your own following....Your own youtube channel...your own blog site. I feel like it would be great for you to have these outlets, so you can be expressive how you are here, in a more fitting Place. And a place where people like you, and want to get to know you.
  12. Witt

    Rose Garden

    @GabijaCij why isn't there going to be a live stream for the portland workshop?? it always used to be included for premium members....workshops live streaming. this makes me SOOO sad there has not been an online workshop since jan/feb. can't remember which one, but like.....wow! she used to do one every month.....and then it just went to nothing. and now , no live streaming??? what??????? i could see for some events, like mirror event or curvball, something of that nature...but just a regular sync workshop?? why has this changed??? i so badly wish i had the money to make it to events.....but i don't. and so the online workshops were perfect for me, and then they stopped . what is going on ?? is it gonna continue to be like this?
  13. Witt

    Rose Garden

    @Mike Lopyrev are you a narcissistic? you post like so many god damn comments on like every video...its super annoying when you just dominate the comment forum. all dumb shit too. you seem to really, REALLY, dig yourself. and to an extent, that is great!! but like, take it down a notch, dude. this isn't just for you. honestly, you give me the creeps. showing a pic of your expensive car? wtf...who cares that girls dig it. you seem to want so badly to connect to teal. i don't think the comment forum on premium is exactly how to go about it. stop being a conversational narcicist.....please. lets make this a safe space for all. remember, its not all about you. you don't have to post 10 diff random comments, not even replying to someone. "i can't believe you like hanging on stage w/ all these spiritual noobs" okay you snob. you have serious overlays going on with your fantasy relationship w/ teal. if you really were someone to her, you wouldn't so badly being trying to get her attention w/ your stupid ass comments on premium. "i've been fooling you." get over yourself. good for you if you have money and a nice car, nobody gives a shit. and "you didn't even notice me in the front row, i've blended my energy" like are u serious? of course she noticed you. she notices people man.....u can't fool her. have you ever thought youre just NOT that special, or not that special to her?????? sorry to be so irritated here....but w/ all the comment i've seen...wow, man, get the f over yourself. i am ALL about self love, and all that shit. but you are like that obsessed creepy fan, maybe w/ money, who has a serious entitlement thing going on ...in my opinion, at least what i've seen of you. and don't even bother replying either. just really please...take what im saying in, and process it. privately message me if you wanna chat. we don't need to DOMINATE another comment section. or , just don't talk to me at all. but just know, youre at least irritated one person....i can't IMAGINE im the only one either. with your tons of comments. TONS and tons and tons. its okay to an extent, but you have just gone wayyyy wayyy wayyy too far, most of the time!
  14. Witt

    Synchronization Workshop FAQ

    teal, come to minnesota, please !! in the midwest, we have little access to you. thanks for going to chicago....but come to minneapolis! pppplllleeeeaaassseee!!! we need you. i need you, here! ps. i tried going 2 your chicago sync workshop a year or so ago....BUT it was april and there was some WICKED snow storm...and i literally couldn't travel....it was just one of those weird synchronization things happening, where i wasn't meant to be there.
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