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  1. Garnet

    A Message For Humanity

    Murder first degree https://www.foxnews.com/us/tennessee-puts-stephen-west-to-death-by-electric-chair
  2. Garnet

    A Message For Humanity

    I normally do not read news first thing in the morning but today a headline caught my attention: execution of a prisoner using electric chair. Apparently it is a practice here and the next execution is already scheduled. The semi-detailed description is horrifying. The video interview with the woman-witness is disturbing to watch. In the past public executions were a norm as in the movie "Salem Witch Trials" which I do not reccomend watching if you're very sensitive person. There has been so much talk about us waking up as humanity. Indigoes, crystals, unicorns, light workers.... How are we progressing? What good does do to be an empath? If more and more empaths are born, wouldn't that lead us to a better future?
  3. Garnet

    If You Were A Saying...

    When the best stars are leaving, it is a sign you need to grow faster.
  4. Garnet

    If You Could Return...

    Oldest profession with no paid retirement benefits!
  5. Garnet


    Between body-mind-soul, nurturing the body is the most challenging since the lack of nurture shows up physically. I hope that we will reach the point where our nurtured minds and souls are enough to replenish the nutrients for our bodies considering the environment we live in. Mendelev found all elements in the air. Fingers crossed we are advancing as a specie to breath those elements in. ❤
  6. Garnet

    Paradigm Shift

    It takes heart work. I do believe it's possible and have seen the results from people who were simply praying for others. Another thing that any person can do is to visualize a person in his most happy and healthy state and wish for him the best course of action from the Universe. Don't take it upon yourselve thinking you know what it takes as you may be looking through the wrong filter. Criminal mind is unknown territory and if we knew the solution, the world would have less problems today. Lightness in a heart is usually an indication of the right thoughts. It also feels like opening of the chest. Tears may come up and you feel great relief. I was listening to a Russian doctor and psychologist Oleg Torsunov the other day and he was talking about a similar concept to help mothers to stop worrying about their rebellious sons. The idea was basically to switch the mind and take care of yourself spiritually to strengthen the soul. The stronger connection to the soul, the more energy the mother has to hold everything. This energy is what she also shares with others. Worry, stress, complains... weakens energy flow and mother's happiness heavily depends on other circumastances, including her children because they are her life. Returning to yourselves, or grounding as we call it, restores peace. O.G. Torsunov believes that by achieving calmness and peace in a heart improves or heals destiny of a child. So if a mother is able to positively influence life path of her children through her heart, only imagine what that can do for us collectively. ❤
  7. Yes, activity was on a decline compared to years ago. Which is a good thing if you ask me. And I hope it was because people actually started doing something productive with their lives and helping those who around them, not just talking about it. Please remember that free platforms are a perfect breeding ground for many criminals that are lurking around every day. Premium at least has a price barrier. Yes, depression/loneliness can drive people into a suicide. Facebook or not, dependence on a forum is not as reliable as close people are. The last Russian czar Nichola II 's wife Alexandra could not function or make any solid decision after Rasputin 's murder. Plus they believed their son's destiny was in Rasputin's hands. Whether the history true or not, we know that Romanov Dynasty was tragically ended. So please do not fool yourselves thinking that one person can answer all of your questions! Keep your head clear and think ahead.
  8. Garnet

    Rejecting 3D

    Probably finding a good way to blend in would benefit us. Otherwise we look like hippy freaks with herbs and crystals which sends out the wrong impression
  9. Garnet

    How To Rehab Crystals

    What about jewelry with crystals? Is it safe to do the same?
  10. Garnet

    Rose Garden

    I am glad I hear nothing when I cut flowers. The only time I want to scream is seeing i many flowers dying in the stores because no one wants them or maybe people don't want to pay to get them, price is high etc. Fresh flowers is a very good business where I from ⚘
  11. Some believe that every life is preparation for the Afterlife and every other life.... Anyone who is addicted to self-improvement knows probably by now that personal growth has to go hand-in-hand with your chosen partner and/or has to be at least close enough... if not or when personal growth results in a large gap between people, there is a great chance you will have to go through it again together in another life thanks to soul contracts.
  12. Garnet

    Personal Truth

    9. Intuitive gift to a friend/family member/etc. Close your eyes, visualize the person in perfect health/abundance state, then pick a hoodie without looking.
  13. Garnet


    I love seeing Teal's style present in calligraphy. It is very recognizable just like her paintings! Most writings today are done in the same manner. Speaking of copycats... I've adopted my style from another girl who had the best handwriting in the class. Mine was going into the opposite direction.... Eventually we spent time sitting side-by-side sharing one desk and our handwriting became so alike, we could confuse any teacher because it was like reading the same pages again and again! Later I polished my style to suit me more and she became English school teacher
  14. Garnet

    If You Were A Drug...

    Drug: book Side effect: shelf-life
  15. Garnet

    Life In One Word

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