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  1. Aww... you're welcome. Appreciate your reply)) Hmm... I would have to see how much attraction you guys have for each other... essentially you can play any role you're comfortable with, but if that makes sexual attraction an issue, then you're getting stuck in the wrong roles. Emily Nagosky, author of most recommended book for women "Come as you are", says in one of her videos that the secret to sustaining strong sexual connection for a life time is.... friendship. That shocked me. And I've been married for over a decade and of course, friendship and trust are in foundation.. with all my respect to her enormous research, it buffers me to think of a friend in a sexual way though, you know what I mean? Sexual intimacy requires a different role partners find attractive... Listen to the video in the link: moral of the story... do you find your partner's mind sexy? Because the longer people are together, that's what they begin to notice... mindset reflects on everything they do, including with themselves. The mind you respect, feel admiration for, feel easily drawn to in a sexual way is what I would personally add to Emily's speech. So whatever you do, pay attention what brings you closer and what pushes you apart. ❤
  2. If it was mimicking than a codependent would also learn mimicking to step back. But instead codependent behavior is a lot like a dog who can not function and behave properly without a remote controlled collar. I've never had a dog, only seen well-trained dogs. But when I see those gadgets around dog's neck, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to live together. I mean, all the training and command words must had failed if they have use control buttons to modify a dog's behavior.
  3. Sanna and April, I'm curious what your relationship dynamics remind you of... what roles do you play? For example: Doctor/therapist - patient parent - child Brother - sister Lover - lover Master - slave/submissive ... maybe you even experienced with someone previously or growing up? A partner is not a child. It's not our responsibility to baby them and treat them like they're incapable of making their own decisions because that only leads to infantile behavior. Yes, there is a child in all of us and it's important to acknowledge that part. But at the same time, it is the adult part that needs to be nurtured and encouraged if you want them to stand up for themselves. If not, if a partner never learns to parent themselves, hold back and replenish what's missing, what they didn't get growing up, then they will always have unfulfilled need and no relationship is going to heal that. Watch the movie Revolutionary Road (2008). It's a very heavy movie and maybe not even for everyone. So just heads up on triggers. At first it may seem that Keit is codependent, but as she begins to take charge, it is Leo who couldn't contain himself and eventually was forced to grow up in the end but it was too late. Anyways, I thought the movie was well played as far as showing codependency, narcissism, counter dependency and much more.
  4. I would love to hear more about how children begin to appreciate and value things that are free, things that are not even things... vs things they pay for to receive. In the world of consumerism, greed, informational overload and abundance of choices... receiving has become gluttony for many. How do we learn to recognize when enough is enough? Information, items... are not the same as food. But I certainly feel a similar response in my body as with food... anyone else? ❤
  5. Garnet

    Miami 2021 - 2/2

    Hey could you please link the article? I'm very interested in reading it! Thank you in advance
  6. Garnet

    Trauma Before And After Age 8

    Thank God I like who I am today We are all given a life. It's up to us to make it good. It's a conscious choice DAILY. ❤
  7. Garnet

    Trauma Before And After Age 8

    I feel relieved and free of the weight. I can't imagine my life carrying heavy luggage on my heart. ❤
  8. Garnet

    Trauma Before And After Age 8

    I feel I've reached a point where I've accepted all my traumas. I wouldn't change anything. Without my past I would be f#cked today. I feel relieved
  9. Garnet

    Shadow Side Of Breatharianism

    My goodness... have you eaten since you posted this comment????? Usually people click like a puzzle. Think about the need you meet of that person also. ❤
  10. Garnet


    Real apocalypse happens because of bystanders. In a moment of intense fear there are 3 reactions: - run [if you have space to run, or if you know where to run. Not knowing where to run could end up being another trap. A nazi's camp. Who knows maybe we are in one already?] - freeze [animals play dead also. The danger here is obvious. While you're "dead" it's easy to take over] - fight [the more people are ready to fight, the harder it is to attack them. It's harder to push through the wall of resistance] I have left a very important post in the open eye, if you follow the link below under premium video "Shaking while doing emotional work" you can find it the comments: Check in with yourselves and how do you normally react to people who continuesly putting you down, people who have no shame left in them, people who allow themselves to disrespect others WITHOUT ANY REAL BACKUP to what they are saying other than their crappy mood and personality or their story they blame everything on, people who don't care about the outcome of their own actions, people who only persue their own ill interests, people who look at you as a livestock, a milking cow to satisfy their greed. If it's easy to put you down, check your pulse, because you could be "dead", lol When people freeze, they are handing their will over to another! So pray it's your God, not some sick ill-minded individuals! Only forces that are greater than you are, only forces that are much wiser and more loving, who can see the larger picture, only THAT what many call God/Source/Universe can judge fairly and decide what is best for you! Hope dies last ❤
  11. Garnet


    Very true! Healing can even cause you to get fired! Lol
  12. @Syndarn @Mind's Eye I don't want to discuss this comment behind the doors, nor cowardly report it, nor hide it by using my moderator's privileges. I want it to be visible for a good reason. What would you two do if someone said that about your wife/girlfriend, your mother, your grandmother, your sister, other women, or your daughter? Are you going to do shadow work on that? Why aren't men responding to women-shaming comments in a way that makes women WANT MEN here?
  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Charlotte. They say that trauma is inevitable... that without darkness we wouldn't know light, or that freedom has its price... that we plan one path but Universe might have a different plan for us. How do you feel about that? ❤
  14. I heard about a 70 year study that was done on the secret of longevity and youth. Turned out it is not the most healthies, fittest or super disciplined in that sense people who looked their best, but the ones who are able to create very loving, very close relationships. People who simply feel very happy and content with each other and their lives most of the time (Don't have the source of the study on hand) ❤
  15. And what if Teal never writes a book on parenting? Would you still want to have children? Remember that Winter is still growing.... so it could be a very-very looooong time before she writes)))

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