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  1. Garnet

    "Scary" Stories

    It was January 1st. Don't remember the year. Right after midnight my friends and I agreed to meet outside to continue celebration of the New Year. It was dark and the fireworks were loud. I remember the snow was about to my knees. I don't know why we thought it was good idea to go to the stadium. There was nothing but plain ice. And someone had this great idea that we all shall run and the fastest one wins. So we did. I remember running and then something happened, I slid and went into the air. Next I remember lying on my side and suddenly bursting into laughter. Everybody ran to me asking if I was alright and "how I did that" "How I did what?" I was still laughing and my head was spinning "You did summersalt in the air. How did you do it" Of course, I had no idea how I spinnned in the air. The last of that night I remember seeing my brother running half naked (shirtless, blue jeans) and girls were taking photos of him, lol no, it was not scary. It was funny.
  2. Garnet

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    Serial killers, murderes, rapists and so on
  3. Garnet

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    There is this new thing.. well, maybe it's not new, maybe I wasn't paying attention to it before... but I hear some teachers/coaches say things like "you are not your emotions" . I don't understand this because I do strongly identify myself with my emotions and feelings. If I dig deeper, that's what basically makes me a human and not a robot. Robot-human is like a cold machine. Voided of emotion. Heartless. There is good movie about it "Equilibrium" where they show society being so obsessed with self-control that they created a pill to numb feelings and emotions. In a way, I see the links such as shitty emotions 6 out 7 days on a row = shitty personality , good emotions or at least mostly good 6 out of 7 days on a row = decent personality, maybe even a very happy person. You know how they say "happiness is work". A very hard mental work for starters. I know my example is very generalized, so please don't take it personally, nor I am not intended to hurt anyone reading. I do believe there are people who truly need help, so it's all just something to think about it. Ana, what do you think? A clean mind is like home, it doesn't have that much space for dirt and rottening thoughts that cause all kinds of uncontrolled mood problems that continuously harm people around. The longer one does something like this, the more the heart is going to shut down or turns very cold. I hope I'm wrong though.....
  4. Garnet

    Singles Awareness Day

    Due to work schedules we kinda celebrated the V-day partially ahead of time and will do the other part again in a few days Happy Love Day everyone❤
  5. Garnet

    One Thought

    Marvel Heroes remind me of the Greek and other mythological stories about heros that children also enjoyed before comics. We watch The Flash and Gotham together Probably the most challenging for me was Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. The picture and sound moves too fast for my pace and it would put me to sleep ever now and then... plus those episodes are so long!... but heeeey... since my son liked it, I learned he has good sense of focus when it matters))))
  6. Garnet

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    Hmm... I'm not familiar with the medical condition but what you describe reminds me of when a person doesn't feel being useful enough or experiences a deep lack of that quality. Perhaps extreme forms of shopping/couponing and similar behaviors compensates those numbers in the head. Thank you for taking time to write that!
  7. Garnet


    That one person probably took it into his room I heard an onion on a nightstand works just fine also))
  8. Garnet

    Borderline Personalities and CP

    I won't be surprised if there is a strong link between emotional instability and destructive shopping addiction/monitoring for sales/collecting rewards and coupons/general overspending.......
  9. Garnet

    The Lesson Of Autism

    The Power of Thought has been a big buzz for decades now. The earlier children are taught this, implement and practice daily , then see/feel/experience the benefits of self-control or self-discipline, the easier everything else will be for them. Intuitively I feel that we can not afford continue babying children for too long. Even autistic. Eventually it gets to a point (usually in teen years) where they need to recognize that the world is not always spinning around them. There are other people in it. Harprita Singh Hira has very interesting teachings about chakras that I strongly resonate with. In one if his seminars he talked about how opening of each chakra helps us to find our life purpose and mission. The following is just an example and I find it to be very true: 0-7 years Root Chakra Chakra - "I" - ego development => "I am responsible for myself " 7-14 years Sacral Chakra - "I + one more person" (usually a mother, a sibling, a friend, a pet... ) Learning to take care of one more person. Sharing joy. 50/50. Growth of responsibility. Feedback and encouragment. 14-21 Solar or Manipura Chakra "I + many" or "I +family" - growth of emotional confidence. Belonging.
  10. Garnet

    Self Sacrifice

    I'm listening to Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill The suggestions mentioned starting at 2:11 (It goes on next for a few minutes) are great to try to implement in day to day activities! https://youtu.be/WbWI6Wj9xDI
  11. Garnet

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Thank You! I also did the breathing technique and it felt great. I will try to hold my breath around my head and see if makes any difference in my eyesight... I heard eyes are extensions of the brain I looked up the brand Host Defence. It's interesting that some report heart palpitations or feeling very sick in their stomach.... I thought I'd let you know since I've seen reviews like that on other mushroom brands also.
  12. Garnet

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Where is the video????? The mushrooms for brain healing are probably psychedelics
  13. Garnet

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Weird .. I'm going through detox myself with all this noise around about the virus. I think it affected my sleep and dreams. Maybe I should pick up vitamin D. Samovedic is on my list if nothing else helps or I exhaust all the other health options on the market withing my budget range. Btw I just ordered fermented mushroom complex by Dr. Mercola. It suppose to restore gut flora. As you may know most of our health problems come from there. I plan on experimenting with different foods to see how quickly I get back to normal. Pet owners write that many animals heal and tumors go away. Only imagine what it does to a human body! I have hight hopes! I've used green powders with mushroom complex before. First it was good, but overtime i couldn't tell the difference and only had green smoothie cravings similar to sugar cravings. If you're interested in hearing more, I can let you know if the Mercola complex makes any difference. Perhaps by then you will also get results from using Somavedic (it says you should see an improvement in 1-3 months) which I would love to hear more about!
  14. Garnet

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Does the food taste different also? Amazing! Has it affected your dream state yet? Power bill? Just kidding Perhaps tiredness is also due the lack of sunlight during the winter months? That is something very hard to replenish artificially, I think.
  15. Garnet


    Well... I happens to ask my husband if he had ever encountered a true horder... and he said yes. The description was nothing like that picture! He told me about a case he had to investigate. People called law enforcement complaining about horrible smell in their neighborhood. It was obvious where it was coming from and they thought that maybe there were dead bodies burried inside. That house belong to a single woman. When my husband arrived, they tried to open the door. The door opened only half way to barely enter into the living room. There was so much stuff piled from the floor to the ceiling that you were only left with a tunnel to walk through. So this narrow corridor was lead into the kitchen where all you could see was a corner of a kitchen table and one chair. The rest was piled from the floor to the ceiling to where you could no longer see the walls. The was no "floor" left. They literally had to step on a very thick layer of things. The house was so stuffed that the spare bedroom floor fell into the basement and the woman never knew it. A poor dog died in that house and the woman couldn't find his body. Eventually the dog was found in the laundry room under pile of clothes. The worst part of all this is that she was a nurse herself. A NURSE!!!!! Let that sink in! Since the house was full of mold, bugs, deseseas and rotten, the county ordered to burn it. They also had to clear the neighborhood for 1 mile around while it was burning.
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