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  1. Garnet

    Locked Out

    @The_HQ-Lacerta A good quote comes in mind from the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma: “there are three mirrors that form a person's reflection; the first is how you see yourself, the second is how others see you and the third mirror reflects the truth.” I hope you find your answers!
  2. Garnet

    Locked Out

    Thank you for sharing this!
  3. Garnet

    How Do You Wake Up?

    From my understanding subconscious always communicates something to us. So it's a matter of focus. Much like in this story from the book "Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho
  4. We just watched Enola Holmes (2020) PG-13 Highly recommend! Available on Netflix
  5. Garnet

    Seeing Excellence

    They say Adam was created out of clay and Eve was created out of Adam's rib. I think those who seek, always find what they seek. I like the idea that I was created out of light and love. It's very easy to see this when looking at small children. To me, purity is very close to creation. And creation is beautiful in its every form. Mathematically beautiful)) Many scientists admit that the more they understand math, physics... the closer they feel to God.
  6. Garnet

    Energy Update

    I have 4 questions I usually ask myself to help me weight out pros and cons of an important decision: - What I gain if I do it - What I gain if I don't do it - What I loose if I do it - What I loose if I don't do it I don't remember where I took it from, but I hope it's going to be helpful for those of you struggling with decision making, and if anyone knows where this is from, please let me know because I'm debating if I should include it into my personal project im currently working on Have a wonderful day!
  7. Garnet


    @LilithTehanu I'm just a random member reading replies here. Do you have too many people asking how are you doing? Is everything okay? Are you happy? I'm not actually asking you and I do not expect you to explain yourself to a stranger. This is just for you to think about before taking things out of proportion. Please consider that I'm not the only one reading all this. And believe me, many people wish for others to check on them periodically. But if that's kind of reaction they get as yours here to @Jem especially after apology, they'll learn quickly to stay away and not waste their prec
  8. Generally women use their sexsuality to get to a better place in life. I don't understand what men are doing overwatching porn. Where does that get you in life? Does it at least make you a better lover? Feedback should be great than. Remember Hugh Hefner had women standing in line. Peace to his soul
  9. Garnet


    May I ask what would make you feel like a winner again? Because remember you are!
  10. Garnet


    "What do you regret having done?" Vaccines "What do you regret NOT having done?" - Not buying Big Lots stock and Tesla (but I did buy some others back in April-May) - keeping some of important records because I thought it was not important For the most part if I feel like I've overcome something, regrets don't bother me or at least not as much. I try to look at each situation as objectively as I can and that helps me see if I really could have done differently at that point. Also it helps to get a different perspective from another person. Very often having som
  11. Garnet

    Expanding Your Family Line

    That actually makes sense. Although I don't know how this is going to unfold this year with many children switching to homeschool and online learning. Schools have new rules also.
  12. Garnet

    Expanding Your Family Line

    I guess this is where baby formula comes into place.... so women can go back to doing other important jobs! By the way, for many royals and elites it was absolutely normal to have a woman nurse for their children. Some queens even went to war. I wonder if that was also their king's idea.
  13. Garnet

    Seeing The Gift

    Hi! You can take charge and plan the weekends and show it your husband in advance. I know it may be challenging during Covid and seem like not many options but the more you practice doing that the better you'll get at it! Start with something simple like watching a movie you would like to see. "Touching the void" that was shared here is a great movie. Very intense as most of the similar ones in this category. It also about teamwork and knowing you can rely on another shoulder. And remember to take care of yourself and your health. As years pass many women find themselves schedulin
  14. Garnet

    Energy Shield

    Not for everyone. Restaurant business is not for everyone.
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