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  1. Garnet


    I just so happens meditate on Uncertainty today after someone asked me a question and it made me think. The next is what came to me: During chaos anything can happen. The possibilities are endless. But within this mess people begin to gravitate towards something very stable that was there already before the chaos (or pandemic). Imagine a tree with very deep roots. Birds begin to build nests and they all live in symbiotic harmony. Tree provides stability/home , birds eat the bugs and catapilars. As time goes by, the tree grows and everyone grows with it. One of the most important things that i take from any meditation are my visuals. They are like dreams. And when the dreams are good they have fuel necessary to reach my destination. Uncertainty feels uncomfortable. Yet, very often people live uncomfortably and that becomes their normal. Any sudden shaken of their reality and unprepared mind hardly cooperates. So, why not shake yourself up from time to time and get acclimated to the scary turbulence? It doesn't have to be anything super drastic as a start. Maybe changing the familiar route or visiting places you normally don't. I know for me doing this helps to take a better look at my reality, see it at a different angle and maybe give a brain that much needed kick to think more productively and find a different trajectory . ❤
  2. Garnet


    Learned to recognize what I do as important. Didn't see some of it as important before.
  3. Wouldn't there be a familiar patterings, a precursor that leads to what about to happen? When something happens suddenly, it is usually bad but at least it's easy to identify what happened. Re-occurance of the same scenarios wouldn't be possible without repeating the exact same or almost exact same patterings, no? Re-traumatization is may be a lot like a horrible experiment with a frog slowly cooking in a pot of hot water. But if a frog falls into a boiling water, it jumps out.
  4. Garnet

    The Truth About Empaths

    By strengthening our resilience to stress Because stress is unavoidable
  5. Garnet

    The Truth About Empaths

    That sounds like a lot of stress
  6. Garnet

    Tips For Emergency Mode

    I've tried GT probiotic + prebiotic. Found it at Wal-Mart for about 15$. If I'm not mistaken the reccomend doze is 3 capsules. I only took one occasionally and it lasted me a long time. There are many opinions on whether it's good or not for the gut. Maybe it's like with some herbs, where when taken all the time the same thing, the effect fades away. There are actually a very simple form of probiotics in the stores ranging from 5$ and up. I don't know if they work or not. Natural options such as Apple cider, fermented foods.. if you enjoy them during stress which may not be the case for everyone))
  7. Garnet

    Personal Truth

    How do I go about developing my personal Truth?... By establishing a good point of view 👁 Having a good point of view is knowledge that saves a lot time, energy. Decisions come easier. An example with food who chooses the food: you or your hunger? That's how people whose hunger has no control over them, can go without food because they decided so. While others maybe look at them and don't understand.
  8. Garnet

    Quarantine Fatigue

    I thought quarantine was over for the most part! No? I relate to Teal's list. I would also add that it's good to re-evaluete your values during isolation. I find that a lot of energy is generated from: - Physical/Mental/ Spiritual well being - Relationships - Beauty and comfort around - Daily routines and rituals / Self-discipline All that becomes more important that D&G shoes and Coach bags sitting in a closet Happy belated birthday, Teal❤
  9. Garnet

    What's Ending?

    Hi! It's good that you're seeking answers! Where is your mother? From what I've seen fathers connect to the children through their mother. See, it's the mother who notices these gaps in connection and she begins to remind him: "when was the last time you spend time with your child?" "He has grown in a week and you missed it" "Guess whose birthday is on Monday? Would you like to send a card/something?" And then she says basically the same to children so they remember their background and the reason they got onto their feet in the first place. Even when a mother moves into the afterlife, she is still often a uniting point of the family because she watches everyone from Heaven. In the families where parents are separated or worse, they live like two strangers - establish good connection is very difficult. Maybe when children are young and helpless it's easier, but then as they grow and become more independent, the connection kinda fades... It doesn't mean there is no chance, no.. It all depends on what you're willing to do and/or what you actually do. As parents get older they are thinking more about death. Whether we like it or not... and if fear of death is what brings children closer, it is tempting to do so. How old is your father? Do you honestly think he has time to "repay" you for his sins? How long you've been doing shadow work and what's your progress like?
  10. Garnet

    What's Ending?

    Education. Education is ending in the way we know it. Time is speeding faster than we update our brains. Spending 4+ years in college on one degree has gotten pointless and not cost efficient most of the time. Choosing one major career for life is no longer stable as it was before... unless you want to become a doctor lol or work in the fields life depends on. I bet many good police officers in US are pondering where to go next.... whose is going to protect peaceful citizens??????
  11. Garnet

    Afraid Of The Future

    Well... that was kinda painful to listen because I know I'm happier in a relationship(s). I'm happy with myself also but that's more difficult to sustain due to lack of polarity, contrast, flavors, thoughts, ideas... Being alone is isolation/quarantine in itself. Very easy to sleep into crisis. So.... just by reading most of the comments here... Dear Teal, you're covered for life! Fear... I don't know... it's like you think you're on the bottom, but no... someone just knocked from the lower level. I think I definitely don't like regrets. Not taking risks. Like I should have had enough bravery and bought that stock! Even if it's just 10-12. I should trust my gut more, not someone else's gut. I mean other guts are better with other things, but not always with what I maybe need. Overal, bravery is #1 quality I wish to see more in people. Not fear. Bravery to be true to self. Bravery to do what self wants instead of waiting till Monday, next month, maybe next January. Fear: what's the point of doing shadow work without an end goal? It's better to have a bad goal, than live without one. But even for that it takes learning how to win. I guess I'm going go practice my wining muscle....
  12. Garnet

    Should We Start Prepping?

    Renu Sensitive is hard to find when I really need it. Even before the pandemic I remember I would call my husband and ask him to pick up a bottle on a way home and he would send me pictures with empty shelves. I don't know what people do with it... Drink it? Haha That's why I usually get a 2 pack in advance. And if everything falls down, WTH am I suppose to do with my vision? The most I figured I could drive from garage to the mail box with my eyes closed. And then back. Thank God it's a straight line from A to B! Beyond that I'd be a dangerous driver. And did you see what happened to razors 2 month ago? It's like everyone decided they were going to shave. Sadly Venus is no longer the same as I remember it back in 90's [girls, would you agree?] So I seriously concider getting in-home lazer treatment kit. The results look promising. And if things go really bad, men can also use it. Overall, shopping online is doable but very time consuming. Plus it multiplies tactile hunger. Funny, I wonder what perfum industry is up to. Shopping for a good scent online is a pain.
  13. Garnet

    React VS Respond

    I'm a Dolphin married to a Ram, if that tells you anything astrologically lol I'm debating if we should be traveling at this time.
  14. Garnet

    Should We Start Prepping?

    I guess I'm going to schedule my next dental cleaning and get my vision checked. Then order boxes of contact lenses and disinfecting solution. Next Solar charges for my toys and stock up on panties. Any suggestions on credit cards? Shall we stick to min payment? Pay them off aggressively? Or max them out? I can surely use my Victoria's Secret card limit for good prepping.
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