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  1. Garnet

    Self Love Question

    Part of my self-love and self-care ritual has become aligning each chakra with the current day of the week and using it as my main theme: Monday/Root Chakra and so on untill Sunday/Crown chakra. It's not super strict, of course, and I've also noticed that by doing so, I'm covering the main 7 areas of my life and it helps me feel more whole, more complete, more energetic... It's like I know better where I need to connect, or where I need to heal, what needs more energy, where I can relax and so on. ❤
  2. Garnet

    3 Shadows

    @Raederle your dedication is amazing! Have you also tried Teal's meditations? How long are they on average? I've noticed some say ~ an hour, others don't have time under the title as the latest one about Fear.
  3. Garnet

    Acceptance Challenge

    Speaking of different reality: https://nypost.com/2020/03/30/belarus-president-believes-vodka-and-saunas-will-cure-coronavirus/ Stay safe or be too drunk to realize it ❤
  4. I saw a dream this week I can't digest: I saw rice crawling and vegan/vegetarian "meat" stuffed with worm eggs. It actually makes sense. Looking at real photos taken by family members where meat section is empty, leaves uneasy feeling. If coronavirus is so bad, it could potentially infect poor animals. What then? Lab meat? Vegan junk wins awards lately. I can give up that if for the safety. What else... Authenticity. Never bothered me. It can have fun sitting on the shelf and enjoy life as far as I'm concerned. Think about it, if you are an atheist living in a Christian community, denying God would do more harm to you than if you just roll with it. Same applies to Coronavirus opinion. Many people are truly scared. My neighbor's daughter won't enter her parents house! P.S. Protect your animals. I just ordered mushroom complex by Dr. Mercola. Amazon offers free returns if your pet doesn't like it. HomeoPet has different products for many occasions. I had success with "worm clear" one. Keep in mind that there is % of natural alchogol in it, so do not overdo and maybe let it evaporate. Natural alchogol is not as bad as people might think. It is used by aurveda to preserve herbs, it kills bacteria, and helps absorbstion! Boost yours and your pets immune system. Drink ~2 spoons of apple cider diluted in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach! Be well Stay safe! ❤
  5. Garnet


    I feel that this COVID-19 has similar effects as money do... it brings out to the surfice more of what each person already has. So if someone was prone to do something, they do more of it now. And vice versa. In a way, I understand the drastic measures that's been taken because the worst the crisis is, the more beneficial it is to have strict rules for people to follow.
  6. Garnet

    Self Sabotage

    Is anyone here familiar with Big Lent or Great Fast? It's a 40 day Orthodox tradition mainly from the parts of Eastern Europe where you basically limit your food intake and go vegan/vegetarian, no meat or dairy, occasional fish is okay.. lots of cleansing and detoxing after winter followed by prayers in preparation to Easter. Is there anything like this in US? I personally find this tradition very interesting and in many ways useful for anyone wishing to strengthen connection to the soul! "Through fasting, Orthodox Christians also avoid the danger of abdominal “deification” (see Philippians 3:19) and therefore, protect their body from passions of the flesh, aroused mainly by gluttony and resulting in overeating (polyphagia or hyperphagia). " Sending love&light❤
  7. Garnet


    What do you mean?
  8. Garnet


    I'm either couch potato or chronic warrior
  9. Garnet

    Tips For Now

    I'm watching this late. I think for me part of dealing with fear is finding ways to maintain activities that are temporary unavailable due to coronavirus outbreak in my state. Also starting new projects keeps my mind busy, so I don't read news all day long. Although that's kinda important also.
  10. Garnet


    Total control can be a wonderful tool when it's used for good. Otherwise, what's would be a point of a group with a leader?
  11. Garnet

    Breakfast At Philia

    I've never had a good papaya (I think) Papayas are like most pineapples.... picked waaay too early or maybe I don't know what to look for.. )) Oh, and the smell... ugh
  12. Garnet

    What Would They Do?

    I've been taking different herbs by Markus Rothkranz since December 2019 and have not been sick with flu-like symptoms for a very-very long time, even though I've been around sick people and touch very germy surfaces on daily basis. I maybe had a few aches around my shoulders when my son was sick, which was probably symptoms of defence against his coughs and etc. And that's about it. Knock-knock on the wood https://youtu.be/NRbkDw8y8GA P.S. I do take other supplements also and excersise.
  13. Garnet

    Developmental Trauma

    I applaud to all those practitioners who are willing to be for a patient 24/7. I hope they get paid well
  14. Garnet

    Demons Are About Unmet Needs

    Quote from the book "How do you kill 11 million people?" by Andy Andrews [The number of people killed by Nazi German regime between 1933-1945] "How do you know if a politician is lying? If he's moving his lips. Obviously, there is no certain way to know at the moment something is said. But remember this: past performance serves to reveal future behaviour. A person who has exhibited a pattern of lying is a liar." "In my book The Final Summit, Abraham Lincoln says to Joan of Arc, "Does adversity build character?... It does not. Almost all people can stand adversity of one sort or another. If you want to test a person's character, give him power." ... In the video "Crispr-Cas9 explained: the biggest revolution in gene editing" Jennifer Doudna very openly shares with everyone her story and how it began with a Dream she had where Adolf Hitler himself appeared to her: https://youtu.be/_PU5bCflzEM Obsession over one's body is not much different than alcohol addiction or any other drug addiction. Perfection can lead to an extreme form of narcissism and self-centeredness. To see beyond that quiet challenging, especially when nothing else seem to grasp your mind and hold attention there.... no wonder this causes another suffering and objectification issues causing people to race with each other and keep up with themselves at a very high price. I believe that having Faith saves lives. Anyone with a Faith, try to vision that for humanity in general. Do you think we have enough angels? Or are those demons flying around? If demons are "friends" than whose friends are they? To start just walk into any Wal-Mart and see what's in people's shopping carts and then look into their eyes.
  15. Garnet

    "Scary" Stories

    It was January 1st. Don't remember the year. Right after midnight my friends and I agreed to meet outside to continue celebration of the New Year. It was dark and the fireworks were loud. I remember the snow was about to my knees. I don't know why we thought it was good idea to go to the stadium. There was nothing but plain ice. And someone had this great idea that we all shall run and the fastest one wins. So we did. I remember running and then something happened, I slid and went into the air. Next I remember lying on my side and suddenly bursting into laughter. Everybody ran to me asking if I was alright and "how I did that" "How I did what?" I was still laughing and my head was spinning "You did summersalt in the air. How did you do it" Of course, I had no idea how I spinnned in the air. The last of that night I remember seeing my brother running half naked (shirtless, blue jeans) and girls were taking photos of him, lol no, it was not scary. It was funny.
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