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  1. Garnet

    Support Network

    Oh, @BeyondTheRim and don't be go easy and sugar coat the community, those things are just tip of the iceberg!!! Also if you or anyone else know any good steps for people to take like when to sell stocks or go into the bunker, please share! Because with the way things are going it looks like not all influential people can afford to do that. Tag as many members as you can and they'll tag others!
  2. Garnet

    Support Network

    BeyondTheRim, Your posts here one of the most interesting to read when it comes to other sources. Thank you for taking your time to write all this. As to vaccines, body can naturally eliminate any toxins when given the right environment/tools. Markus Rothkranz has talked about it in his videos and there is a wide variety of cleansing products on his website. I remember Teal showing his Irish moss in one of her self-care videos. Also another Russian healer i like to listen to was warning about new virus awhile back when he saw first signs. Then the news said it was mutated covid. Eve
  3. Garnet

    Environmental Ideas

    Some inviromental ideas in this video: Sorry, no cut out T-shirts in my kitchen
  4. Garnet

    Sun Dog Prophecy

    I've been into studying on and off astrology lately and I remember the teacher saying to look at your natal chart and see where the sun symbol is. From there read about the zodiac it falls into. What it actually shows is the areas a person receives a lot of energy! So, for me my Sun is in Aquarius which is a lot about people, communication, future and Tech. That means I receive a lot of energy from these areas, and I find it to be very often true
  5. Garnet


    Hey, Sue! Watch "King Arthur: the legend of the Sword " together for inspiration! There is a character in the movie- Mage. For me, she is a perfect representation of what feminine inner strength looks and feels like. That strength is very firm and protects her boundaries, although on the outside it may look like the wind could easily sway her off her feet.. Mage's mind is very set and because of that changes very slowly. Arthur, on the other side, represents masculine. Stubborn and in denial of his fate, and therefore can't control the sword. But his mind can be changed overnight if only he de
  6. Garnet


    One of the coaches I listen to says that when some men have a drink, their hearts open up and they begin to love people more. That opens them also to all sorts of things and they even get inspired for heroic actions! They are lucky if there is a sober person around, so that he would turn their heart impulse to a better direction)))
  7. Garnet


    You're welcome! Forgot to ask what field you're thinking about for your master's degree? Restaurant business needs people/relationships skills more than anything. Just saying)
  8. Garnet


    I enjoyed reading Teal's blog. At least it wasn't like Nostradamus's weird writings for Americans such as "a fish that lives on a land and in the see will be thrown onto the shore ". The man was probably drunk writing this and people trying to decode it now.
  9. Garnet


    Hi! I don't know where you at, but here in US restaurants are like drugs and cigarettes: no matter how bad it gets financially, people always have extra cash to eat out! Also 2020 is the year when many people switched to working from home, and I heard many learned cooking home made meals again, but don't let that be a deciding factor for your plans. Just ask any person how long it takes for them to prep, cook and clean after healthy family meals and how eager they feel to go back to work after! You'll be surprised how time consuming it is to do 3 times a day daily, on average. Oh,
  10. Garnet

    Christmas Traditions

    So far our plans are: - visit the rest of the family on 25th - I'm baking potatoes in dark beer to take with us. No one usually eats my food though.... I don't know why, my husband's family eats the same things year round for some reason but they are lovely and make it a point to try my cooking) Hope this one is the winner and it goes well with any meat they eat! - in Eastern Europe we have Christmas on January 7th, but we also celebrate the 25th with the rest of the world. My favorite part about it is to do taro readings, coffee reading, dreams writing... anything spiritual tha
  11. Garnet

    Christmas Village

    There are Christmas Chronicles and Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix with a very dreamy village!
  12. Garnet


    Holly, I also don't know much about non-profits. I do know that some jobs/positions just have set pay and the number may vary but not that much. It also depends on personal experience and overall time spent working for a company, so sometimes there's really not much you can expect. However, if you're interested in growth, maybe there are higher positions in this organization with better pay? Would you want to have more responsibilities than what you already have? You seem to not mind taking more, so if that comes relatively easy to you, think about it!
  13. Garnet


    What you wrote is very valuable! You just made everyone's life easier and gave them directions)) Do you also understand how people get paid in non-profit organization?
  14. Garnet

    Connection Tip: Bids

    @alicejoanirene wow! you kinda puzzled me... I just want add that in reality when people or family, as in example, enjoy spending time together [tea time] it takes relatively short time for them to get addicted to it in a good way. And if let's, I couldn't arrange something for whatever reason, others would feel a sense as if something is missing... something isn't complete.. so eventually people stand up on their own to continue family traditions they themselves enjoy! In general, people enter into relationships to satisfy their needs or meet their personal goals. Therefore the
  15. Garnet

    Sugar Moon and Snow Moon

    The most common questions are usually around pet food, proper environment, illnesses and medications, vaccinations, breeding, and of course desexing.... the last one has been a very painful realization for many pet owners. Amazing but knowing what desexing does to animals and to their hormones, people also undergo through similar procedures...
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