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  1. Garnet

    New Moon

    The new moon vibes are resonating with the yearly tradition of re-evaluating life before the new year and setting up new goals, drawing visions for the next. It's important to let go of what no longer serves our growth and progression. It lightens us up and blasts with new energy to move forward along with great sense of freedom that comes with it.
  2. Garnet

    New Moon

    Interesting thoughts. I don't know! I guess, I can ask ... I actually don't know what happened to everyone's bakery goods after the event ended... they could have re-sold it by the slice and make some money back, lol
  3. The positive side of "non-verbal communitor-man" is that the conflict resolves much quicker, especially for a woman. She vents, he listens. Or at least it looks like that if he is a good actor and doesn't say something stupid and revils himself... then It would start all over again... When men vent back, it's like talking to another bitch! I feel so bad for women who have husbands and sons only in their households. I've seen men push them like basket balls and not letting her voice be heard enough! They probably won't like me around much for "bad influence" on their wifes Listen to the video about conflict and understanding another side - how does that benefit women to just accept and work for nothing? We've seen what 50's did to many housewives and how it all progressed into sexual revolution and burning bras on a street!
  4. Garnet

    New Moon

    I definitely have a lot of food attachments Not sure where else to cut corners right now Our home bakery has been doing well thanks to the holiday season. The French lemon cake (not vegan) was featured at the local church charity event where all profits were donated to buy Christmas gifts for children in need. A church's janitor bit onto our cake like crazy and it was sold for 175$. Not as much as the organizer's of the even hoped for but still... it wasn't the fanciest cake, I guess, haven't seen other's home baking. Ours is two layers, cream, lemons... mostly organic. Home style classic. Historic. Was served at Sun Palace in France. Everyone loves it and it's among our best sellers along with cinnamon rolls. I am rethinking my reality and job opportunities. Does anyone know a janitor who can afford a 175$ cake? I can let go of many cakes for that price, lol
  5. Garnet

    Grateful For

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone❤
  6. Garnet

    Grateful For

    I was going to say "thank you Universe for the sense of security and keeping us safe" and then I read the spoilers here about the Yellowstone, notifications about ww3 and CNN news annoncing record sales Ommmm.......
  7. Garnet

    Beauty Products

    Hey, girls! The rose water shampoo/conditioner is amazing! The scent is long lasting and beautifully compliments my vitamin E serum by Leven Rose!❤ Available at Wal-Mart for those who are in US! Thank you for sharing!❤
  8. Garnet

    Germany (And War)

    US please learn from Germany: “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.” Mayor of Bogota https://www.studying-in-germany.org/a-foreigners-guide-to-public-transport-in-germany/
  9. Garnet

    Germany (And War)

    My visit to Germany has left an impression of how clean and well-organized this country is. That was many years ago, and I hope it is still close to that. I'm sure living with the dark past is hard, so my wish for Germany would be to focus on Love and Life's bright future. Ability to love and surrounding yourself with the things you love, is why German products have such good reputation in other countries. They are made to last. Not sure why the country has the lowest vibration... unless someone has an evil eye on what they are doing (sustainable living, renewable energy, public transportation etc)
  10. Garnet

    Today's Mission

    Mission accomplished
  11. Garnet


    Vatya, There is only one place for criminals that I know of - PRISON (Judging by what you write)
  12. Garnet

    Today's Mission

    Yeah... only homeless and criminals at this time. So no, I am not going to take that risk, lol Face-to-face mission failed
  13. Garnet


    Have you seen women trying to make a decision in the sea of shopping choices?
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