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  1. Garnet


    I practice female arts. My next meditation is in a few hours... Will keep the collective in my prayers❤ I would not be doing that if I didn't see /feel improvement. Seeing the positive progress is empowering, although sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.
  2. Garnet

    Misconceptions About Sex Abuse

    Recently watched the movie "Priceless " (2016) Very moderate content and suitable for watching with teens. Comments may be needed to clarify what exactly happens. But overal, the movie brings awareness of the sick trades happening in our world and, worst if all, it goes unnoticed right in front of our eyes.
  3. Garnet

    How Teal and Blake Met

    Always love hearing this story ❤
  4. Garnet

    Heart Chakra Minerals

    Glad it helped! I didn't realize I posted so many times... technical issues
  5. Garnet

    Heart Chakra Minerals

    Hi! Shame is usually "how I feel when others also see me or what I did" Broken heart is breaking of Trust. Betrayal. When you know something has been done to you very unfairly. Also grief if it's applicable. When your heart is opening you feel courage and bravery. It inspires you to do something. You begin to feel your mission. Purpose. Many Generals and military are very insped by their heart. The Heart leads them. They feel when the heart begins to beat faster it's for a reason. It gives them energy and they change the world. They shape it. They don't mind dying knowing that it is not for nothing and become Heroes our history remembers FOREVER. Love to people. Their "flaws" don't bother you as much as it used to. You have more understanding of why they are who they are. Acceptance of the now. Peace
  6. Garnet

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Media and fabricated stories that are sold as "true"
  7. @GabijaCij that would be great!
  8. Garnet

    Cinnamon Rolls

    My favorite are liquor based desserts. I love Tiramisu and Straberry/Cherry cakes. Traditional Strawberry short cake is probably the closest I know minus the liquor. Very pleasant pallet and not deadly sweet. Back in the days of my baking experiments I wanted to make Vodka cake. And since I was underage (maybe 16), the cake was gladly sponsored by my family. I followed the recipe but apparently it was not very accurate, so I overdosed the cake and we all got high. ❤
  9. Garnet

    The Dark Crystal Series

    @Ingamun I have nasal spray laying around with colloidal silver... it's just water... Thank you for your suggestions. The inflammation is mostly on the roof of the mouth now. I shaved my invisilign tray, maybe that contributed to it. And I remembered about Aloe Vera gel. It's not the most pleasant taste, I can't bear it for too long but it helps!
  10. Garnet

    Root Chakra Crystals

    I don't know what I am more excited about: Divine Masculine painting, new novel-book or root chakra which is the foundation of all other chakras. Great news this week! ❤
  11. Garnet

    Teal's New Book

    I believe in reincarnation and looking forward to preserving my memory well enough to be able to recognize Teal Swan's healing formulas on the future market such as Shadow Work, Completion Process, Books, frequently paintings, quotes, calligraphy etc. The parts work is confusing to me, so I have mixed feelings about that. Pre-story about Swan Symbol: I saw Teal Swan on YouTube back when I was living in a small town Swansboro, odering my herbs and natural supplements from Swanson vitamins. My favorite ballet show is Swan Lake. There is Swan _____ something near me I pass by on my way home
  12. Garnet

    Middle East

    Is it relatively safe to go to Egypt? I have it on my list of places to visit before I die, lol ❤
  13. Garnet

    Divine Masculine

    Divine Masculine picture resembles a Castle for me ❤
  14. Will this card be included into Frequency Tarot deck?
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