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  1. Syndarn

    Hello! When you want to manifest from the head you create what you want and what you don't want, because the head is a tool of duality and contrast. If you can manifest from your heart, then you see much less or none negative things come to you, because the heart is more of a "tool" of oneness. So start connecting with your heart and listen to it and let the heart create for you! Good luck! hugs! , Syndarn
  2. Hello! I see it this way. You brain has been conditioned that this is what you should do and think because you were socialized and your heart doesn't want to do it.. that sounds like your intuition is cross wired. There is always a valid reason why we feel like we feel or act like we do. I would practically find someone else to do the thing you feel that you are responsible in doing or trust that it will solve itself some other way if you just leave it (if it is possible). I am sure the completion process would work on this, but that's not something i can advice you on and i hope someone else can help with that! Much love to you!
  3. Syndarn

    Hello For me it is simply just being present for someone or a group\something that is going through a process. It doesn't involve intellectualizing or commenting.. or kind of interrupting or helping someone through a process. It's just basically being present and providing a atmosphere that tells the others that you are not alone and it is safe so they have the strength to go through it on their own and find resolution with whatever is the issue. So basically "If you need me i am here or if you need anything else i will get it for you if i can." Much love!
  4. Syndarn

    @Jerry Tyfting here is something i thought you might find interesting, i noticed i resonate with the fearful avoidant type. It's quite painful for me sometimes, but im getting better, hope i attract a girlfriend whom i can practice closeness with so the fear would be transformed Not sure how that is related to addiction, but you might get something out of it! Much love!
  5. Syndarn

    I am still around too .. nice to see you!
  6. Syndarn

    By not pushing against everything with ego. Practicing unconditional presence with yourself and others and listening and trying your best to understand from where the other person is acting from. It doesn't matter if it's a shadow thing or morally not right. Then you show compassion towards him or her and being allowing. Allowing them to be who they are without through ego trying to be good and change them for the better. It is ultimately not your responsibility. Let them facilitate and control their own growth and don't project your views on them without them asking for a opinion and don't push them. Everyone has their own journey and it ought to be respected. Mostly people that lash out at you just want to be seen and any advice is the last thing they want to hear. If they need it, they will ask for it. Now i am not pointing at anyone, but i wan't to say that for some authenticity is a real problem because the head and a lot of past hurt gets in the way, it is very scary. So i don't think it is very loving to push people for authenticity. Just be authentic yourself and hold space for it if you can. People might freak out about your authenticity but that is definitely their problem and not yours. But while being authentic yourself you are inviting them into that space and authenticity is more likely to happen with everyone who is sharing that vibrational space with you. Much love <3