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  1. Garnet

    Expanding Your Family Line

    That actually makes sense. Although I don't know how this is going to unfold this year with many children switching to homeschool and online learning. Schools have new rules also.
  2. Garnet

    Expanding Your Family Line

    I guess this is where baby formula comes into place.... so women can go back to doing other important jobs! By the way, for many royals and elites it was absolutely normal to have a woman nurse for their children. Some queens even went to war. I wonder if that was also their king's idea.
  3. Garnet

    Seeing The Gift

    Hi! You can take charge and plan the weekends and show it your husband in advance. I know it may be challenging during Covid and seem like not many options but the more you practice doing that the better you'll get at it! Start with something simple like watching a movie you would like to see. "Touching the void" that was shared here is a great movie. Very intense as most of the similar ones in this category. It also about teamwork and knowing you can rely on another shoulder. And remember to take care of yourself and your health. As years pass many women find themselves scheduling more doctors appointments for their husbands to take them to than other things they could do. ❤
  4. Garnet

    Energy Shield

    Not for everyone. Restaurant business is not for everyone.
  5. Garnet

    Back In The U.S.

    I was just watching the other video where Teal is painting frequency of Shield and thought that maybe one the next project could Teal's frequency coloring pages or coloring books Also she has so much art and merch that they can probably open an art museum with a gift shop! To visit a museum normally doesn't cost much, unless you hire a guide. But a lot income is generated from a gift shop, ice cream shop, food truck somewhere beside it.... @GabijaCij
  6. Garnet

    Sexuality Reversed

    There is always a certain intention behind doing something. Today we have so many teachings, books, classes etc. on sexuality and chanelling sexual energy. You would think that with all that freedom, the world would be in a better shape physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually... It's actually very easy to see if the woman uses her creative energy/sexuality for good. She becomes more beautiful, more kind, more relaxed, more confident, happier, age doesn't touch her the same way as others.. Relaxed is a big key here)) I like the comparison women to wine. If by ~30 a woman doesn't look better than in her 20's, she is probably waisting her time or never sees anything, maybe has no tools whatsoever and no decent knowledge. And the truth is, to look good should not cost a woman her kidney. Beauty is a gift. And female sexuality is strongly connected with her own sense of beauty.
  7. Garnet

    Energy Shield

    During crisis everyone for themselves. During war people have a different mentality. They unite. They understand that the people power becomes much greater when they work together to restore justice, to bring Law and Order back into place. A few days ago I've watched a few videos on what's going in Russian/Ukraine. I was mainly interested in restaurant business. Each video I clicked on implied that the way restaurant business right now is treated, the way people feel about what's going, the way food disappears, the new rules and etc. all that brought up a lot triggers and memories of war. And that's how many feel. Imagine waking up one day and all of your 50+ restaurants can't operate. Not just one, not two...
  8. Garnet

    Energy Shield

    That would be so cool!
  9. Garnet

    Call To Action

    Very heavy update. The child with a kitten example is kinda of unavoidable unless there's a guardian angel hand gets involved. If I see something that almost happened but didn't happen, I send love and gratitude ❤
  10. Garnet

    Gaslighting and Doom

    @KAL could you please share what does your doctor recommend for gut health? ❤
  11. Garnet

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Mixed feelings about that... what if intuition is sleeping? Have you not seen that?
  12. Garnet

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Thank you for the suggestions @caritasrichard! Looking at it from a household perspective I notice that for the most part children get involved into "work" or contributing to the family when parents slowly begin to delegate house chores: put clothes away, empty dishwasher, shred paper, water plants.... not everyone likes it! Ugh... it's like entry-level jobs
  13. Garnet

    How To Ruin Your Community

    It would be very interesting to hear how you introduce children to the community. Let's take first colonies with the Mission on Mars as an example. Knowing how to grow gardens, studying science and medicine, construction etc. are going to be among life necessities for many. Environment is harsh, so mortality rate is probably high . And lets say you have an artist in the family who wants to live his authentic truth. But noooo.... we kinda need helping hands in the other department where I guess, one can also be an artist.
  14. Garnet

    How To Ruin Your Community

    Those are the people who somehow are able to preserve their inner child. It's in their intentions and actions, and purity of expression. Their emotions are so sincere and genuine you can't help but to adore them just like children! No hardships, no troubles can break their hearts to where they bend so bad that they forget who they are in their souls. No matter what happens the inner child always calls back)) These are also the people who also glow in their later years and radiate love ❤
  15. I have the book. It was useful for me. I just followed the steps))
  16. Garnet

    What's In My Bag?

    Next episode: what's in Teal's wallet
  17. Garnet

    Islands and Limits

    I'm currently watching Arrow on Netflix. In season 4 ep16 there is a very heartbreaking conversation between Oliver and Felicity where she says: "no matter how much you love me there's always going to be a part of you that defaults back to the man who was on the island. Alone. " What happens is that she can not accept Oliver's major decisions that he has made without her and she fears he'll do it again. In reality it also happens and many people also have difficulty understanding this. The feeling of being excluded can break people apart but not because they think that the other person hid the truth or lied, i think its because the excluded one doesn’t trust the other to make decisions on his/her behalf in the best way it was possible at the moment. Yet in some unfortunate situations people do have to make choices like that, as when one is in coma. "In what ways am I not acknowledging limits?" Resources is the first thing that comes in mind. You have to become your own boss and kinda work with what you have, preferably in the way that multiples your own resources)) ❤
  18. There is a beautiful 1831 story written by very famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin that perfectly describes natural selection))) "The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltonovich, and of the Fair Swan-Princess" Link to the original story/translated:Сказка-о-царе-Салтане/176?page=1 Link to the children's movie (1984) with English subtitles:
  19. I know some prisoners are used for physical labor like building rail roads, farming jobs, construction.... if I'm not mistaken they also get paid... don't know how much and if it's cash or what. Then there are also schools for them, libraries.. the content is restricted, of course. But its better than nothing. Plus many begin to exersise, meditate, write and paint on the walls.
  20. Garnet

    Dreams and Purpose

    Dreams and Purpose... Yes. I definitely feel that connection. My dreams remind me of informational download in a foreign language and my job is to decode drunk messages... Too bad Hell and Heaven don't pay for translations with physical cash, so I've grown to be pretty resistant to listening their nonsense. And speaking of resistance. Our brain can be very lazy... it seeks for very simple answers that are not always the best for our overall well-being. Notice, as soon as the mind sees a dream goal, it gradually begins to build a wall of resistance. And the bigger the goal, the taller the wall.
  21. Garnet

    Rap Music

    Here is rap music for my root chakra :
  22. Garnet


    I just so happens meditate on Uncertainty today after someone asked me a question and it made me think. The next is what came to me: During chaos anything can happen. The possibilities are endless. But within this mess people begin to gravitate towards something very stable that was there already before the chaos (or pandemic). Imagine a tree with very deep roots. Birds begin to build nests and they all live in symbiotic harmony. Tree provides stability/home , birds eat the bugs and catapilars. As time goes by, the tree grows and everyone grows with it. One of the most important things that i take from any meditation are my visuals. They are like dreams. And when the dreams are good they have fuel necessary to reach my destination. Uncertainty feels uncomfortable. Yet, very often people live uncomfortably and that becomes their normal. Any sudden shaken of their reality and unprepared mind hardly cooperates. So, why not shake yourself up from time to time and get acclimated to the scary turbulence? It doesn't have to be anything super drastic as a start. Maybe changing the familiar route or visiting places you normally don't. I know for me doing this helps to take a better look at my reality, see it at a different angle and maybe give a brain that much needed kick to think more productively and find a different trajectory . ❤
  23. Garnet


    Learned to recognize what I do as important. Didn't see some of it as important before.
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