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  1. Being silent for most of my life.
  2. Zomg! My heart leaps with joy! *fanfare dances* Thank you so much for your response, it means the world. I was so choked up writing that message, I never even thought it would resonate with anyone on this spectrum of my life. Interconnectivity is the best, most amazing gift of all. May you and your hubby have a fantastic holiday! Grand Finale, a symphonic Final Fantasy VI album is one of my very favorite I play on Christmas but I also enjoy the newer indie game soundtrack offerings like Transistor by Darren Korb (the Supergiant games are stellar). Ah, I hope to chat more soon! Noel!
  3. I used to be around horses a bit in my early teens and I remember 'horse cookies' with this story. So sweet to hear, I loved this Christmas tale. I had a hard time with horses then, since my mother was obsessed with collecting pets and I would fall into the caretaker role for her hobby. She had a horse named Charlie and eventually, he was adopted out. He was a skittish Tennessee Walker who thankfully hadn't had his legs weighted for show but was definitely not ideal for riding. He spooked at everything and I primarily learned how to be very sensitive around horses, and humans, lol.
  4. Aw, I love this. I also just saw the frequency painting of Creativity for the first time in Let the Universe Choose Your Message... moments before watching this (It's hanging in the background). Christmas magic ahoy!
  5. Just pulled mine - Expectations. I've pulled Blame a lot though this week and have been disconnected from others because of it. I've had what I feel is success being less blaming of myself and others and thus more connected. It was challenging though. I live in Los Angeles and to say the energy is harsh is an understatement. Doing what I'm authentically capable of where connecting is involved and especially with myself.
  6. This very much helps to talk about, I have been diving into observing my communication styles and realize I am very much a repressed non-verbal communicator. Service has been my biggest love language and I feel like I've been screaming 'I love you' in it for many years. I didn't understand it well until I heard of the love languages and took that approach to seeing expression. It does help. I also realize that since my mother capitalized on this a great deal as a hoarder and unstable caregiver, I became a bit of an automaton, seeing love as only an exchange for service (highly Christian upbrin
  7. @vatya Ah, absolutely! Perfect timing! I was actually sitting with the Sigil Deck and the card 'Their Goodness'. I have trouble seeing the goodness in others right now so I can use all the insight available. Thank you so much.
  8. @vatya Thank you! This week has had a lot of strong messages for me (Wow, I am humbled by my shadow sides). I take them to mean I'm a match to them for my overall experience, then dig into my intuition to see what it means in the moment I am seeing it. The Blind Spot Deck has revealed a lot of intense shadow, so the sum of the work here is to go directly for what I want and to be authentic. Happiness wasn't safe for me as a child so I made sadness my core self concept. I've been stuck in blame and accusation forever and have a new awareness of how I was working internally. With these mes
  9. I love this idea! Today, I leveraged 'Let the Universe Choose Your Message', which lead to the video choice 'When Happiness is Bad' and the frequency painting 'Aplomb'. A beautiful encouragement of confidence. In my first time using the Blind Spot app, the card of the day was '54, The Positive', which was literally the same message. This was so encouraging and magical, I wanted to come here and share it with everyone! Encouragement in hard times that the path opens to happiness and joy with authentic expression. That one does not have to be sad to be 'good'. I can sing and have fun, and s
  10. Plant based frozen dessert pie slices. Yoga-urt! (Don't worry, they deliver nationwide.) Sometimes I get so stressed, I don't want to eat too much but these frozen treats entice me! I just had an icy interaction with a co-worker and acquired some smokey quartz to process the negative exchange. The strong reactions of men, even if nonverbal trigger the living ish out of me. I trigger a lot lately, so I leverage the CP for what ails, get answers, process, heal and snack heavily, lol. I like to walk to process as well. It sucks when everyone around me on my 'teams' (I'
  11. Love love love this so much. Thank you! Love you!
  12. I would most definitely follow Teal (and probably spiritually have followed her) into Mordor. My heart is with her and all of the folks on her Team as well as the folks on this forum. Humanity needs humanity more than ever right now. Reprieve. There is so much to gain by dredging the bottom layers of the 'drudgery' mire. The deadened, hardened layers of my life have given way, jaws gaping open, misery pouring out of me eagerly. This has been my week of diving into soupy 'grey areas' of shallow looking shadow in my life that I plunged neck deep angrily and grief laden into. It too
  13. I have been with TT on FB in spirit only for several years since I went on a technology sabbatical in 2017 (it's a long story...). I just don't dig the FB vibe even though I worked with the algorithm a lot to only see posts that were health reinforcing. I would love to see a better platform than FB for the Tealers. Even if it's here! I feel exposed AF on FB and just don't like to be on there aside from leveraging Artist Pages. There has got to be something cooler for everyone to contribute on than Facebook, especially since they can just pull the whole thing down and do who knows w
  14. @vatya Thanks so much, I have embraced my villainy this week and realized that I have let go of 'needing others to like me'. By doing this, I am allowing myself to not need to do anything to gain anything from others. It was the most loving and gangster way I could achieve freedom from obsessing over status with others, if that makes sense. I'm open to being the villain but also open to being authentic, either way. If I am a slave to kindness, then I abandon free will for determinism anyway! So, here I begin a new journey altogether. Very exciting. If I'm not trying to get anything from others
  15. @vatya Hi Vatya! Oh, man I've gotten OBE and a LOT of Acturian Grids actually. Thankfully, I also got Festivity, which has been lovely to study with. I just watched the Chicago Workshop's Pt 2 last night and honestly, my creepy shadow self saw itself in the mirror; it's the part that wants significance and the sharing of other peoples' limelight (even if I thought it was for collaboration purposes - I'm a musician), but I realize now that I can find my own stage and let all the shadow fizzle out. I'd rather be terrified and solo on a stage that's mine than an energy sucker that has the ba
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