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  1. Ana3


    Body healing, sexual healing, energy healing, mind healing, create developmental centers for emotional and mental healing, help people love and integrate their ego. Teach people compassion. Compassion is the connective tissue. Also boundaries but I have none myself right now.
  2. Ana3


    The moment I was retraumatized by being judged by a number and the same moment my self-hate was gaslit. I am pushed to the brink of suicide. And yet now I am awakening so idk which moment to really choose. It's like every day I feel more clairty than yesterday.
  3. Ana3


    Sing, act, write authentic blogs, maybe make videos, alter my physical body into my divine expression, study metaphysics, practice the deepest forms of healing and spirituality, create developmental centers, help people and play their specific mind games, travel the world. Also fly, that'd be so much fun!
  4. Ana3


    I don't hear silence. I hear my ears ringing. I hear my being screaming how desperately it doesn't want to be here anymore.
  5. Ana3

    Haunted Painting

    Why don't you rather help her dissolve into source again? I find it so horrible that an entity has to live forever like that.
  6. Ana3


    Can I do this for more than one question?
  7. Ana3

    You Discover So Much...

    Wow, this made me realize how I always detect all expectations people have of me so that I can meet them and stay safe. It's like knowing them better than they know themselves.
  8. I think the difference is between being focused on the present (now) and being focused on the future (plans). How can I fully live in the present moment while also taking responsibility of the bigger picture?
  9. Ana3

    It's A Joke!

    Dalai lama walks into a pizza restaurant and asks : "Can you make me one with everything?"
  10. Ana3

    Fear Of Consequences

    That's how mental institutions work
  11. Ana3

    Shadow Of Deflection

    I'm in active denial that I am completely fucked because sitting with that truth and not being able to kill myself makes me pull back into bullshitting myself that there is hope when it's clear to me there isn't. Idk where deflection and self concept fall into this mess. I guess the fact that I'm dissociating myself from all my specific wants and needs. I see anyone that is such a inept lowlifer as I am but is also as needy as I am absolutely disgusting and pathetic, worth of nothing but pity and mockery.
  12. Ana3


    I'm so collapsed that I don't feel capable of giving anything. Not to myself not to anyone else. I wish I could gift my life to someone who is dying but actually wants to live.
  13. Ana3


    Gaslighting, especially my pain
  14. Ana3

    Squandering Sexual Energy

    I don't even feel sexual anymore
  15. Ana3

    Don't Minimize Pain

    Getting a sibling when I was two is one of the worst traumas I don't think I'll ever get over. It's like falling off of a pedestal and you have to realize you were never that great in the first place. That is so fucking pathetic. Makes me cringe.

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