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  1. Wow. I wish I saw this on the day that this was posted. It was the day I woke up with so much anxiety and felt so isolated from everyone and I already have so many personal and health issues and I was on my way to a gynecological examination getting ready to be very mad at my doctor because there's an issue that just doesn't go away only to learn that ON TOP OF ALL THAT six months ago he found abnormal cell growth in my sample. I asked if it means cancer and he said not yet and vibrationally it makes such perfect sense for me to develop cancer and I collapsed. I cried for hours and kept breaking down and I had no support, just people who don't see me at all. Now I have to wait for the results again. I am so damn scared. I'm going through fucking hell right now. This update could've been validating on that day though.
  2. Ana3

    Physically Mirrored Trauma

    Ughhhh this is so painful to hear. Can it be reversed? Can you heal emotional trauma and then your physical body adjusts to that?
  3. My way to cope is escapism. Dissociation, procrastination, Internet... Especially watching Teal videos is something that helps me create a safe bubble around myself. One thing I realized is that I am pressed by walls of pain all around me so I kinda can't bring myself to be in the present moment rn and see/feel the pain and see the ways I could change stuff. But it's all bursting out in my dreams so I know I desperately need to implement changes to my life, but I also desperately need help and support and guidance. I am actually trying to implement some changes to my life, but at this point I need the coping mechanisms as well. I just wish I was more conscious of them and the ways they benefit me/are detrimental to me. Teal world is the only safe space for me right now, I guess it's still a better coping mechanism than smoking my life away which I quit not long ago. Progress, but not when it comes to actually changing my life around. I'm currently choosing to reconnect to myself through dreams, but it's fucking painful to see all the truth that comes up. But idk.. putting the puzzle pieces together from a safe/detached place feels better to me rn than being swallowed by all the cruahing pain in the present moment. So I guess I'm not doing so bad when it comes to coping. But I did need the reminder to really commit to that so thank you ❤
  4. Ana3

    Most Important Right Now

    Interesting, my biggest pain was actually having my self-concept crushed. Seeing the reality for the first time. But I guess that's still a relationship to myself right? Ugh, this sucks Literally every other relationship is escapable.
  5. Ana3

    Snow Moon

    I hope I manage to attend the workshop in Prague. It would mean everything to me to see you. ❤
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