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Snow Moon

airplane-2619434_640.jpgI am in the air again.  Two months may not sound like much time, but it is the longest break I have taken from traveling for this work in years.  Being back in the airport and back in the cramped seating of an airplane feels familiar.  It feels like being back in the game.  I did what I wanted to do with the break.  I finished my fourth book and sent it off to my editor.  And I spent the rest of the time traveling inward with only my own consciousness as my method of travel.  

We are headed to Europe for a European tour.  Most of my team is already there.  They have been preparing for over a week now in the various cities on the schedule.  I am arriving in Paris.  We will spend just enough time in France for me to acclimatize before I go on stage in Basel, Switzerland.  I am arriving in Basel with a new teaching that will prove to be a challenge to my skills of oration.  But it is one that will be a surprise and it is one that will be unconventional, which is a recipe for drastic change in terms of the way that we view our life on earth.  After spending hour after hour journeying inward to see the universe at large, I can clearly see what human consciousness needs at this time.  I am ready to answer to it. 

Teal and Snow.jpgThis week, we welcomed a new member to our community. A little English golden retriever puppy that was born on the solar eclipse that occurred one and a half months ago.  He is already the precious light of our lives.  I have named him Snow Moon.  We’re calling him snowy for short.  He is the most mellow puppy I’ve ever been around.  He plays for 20 minutes here and there outside in the grass and carries his little sock toy around.  He is already learning to follow, which is the most important behavior for a puppy to learn.  The rest of the time, he is sleeping in someone’s arms.  He has come into this life imbued with the energy of MERGE.  The eclipse was all about individual identity vs. oneness.  This puppy is a manifestation of togetherness.  He is like the glue that holds everyone together.  He teaches this by simply being.  We have been focusing non-stop in my community on moving from isolation to connection so we are all in a space of self-congratulation that we have become a match to the frequency of merge.  It is heartbreaking to leave him with the community members that are staying behind for this tour.

For my purpose here on earth, currently it is essential for me to travel.  Traveling to different places allows for people to have access to me that would not otherwise be able to travel to see me.  Traveling allows me to dive deep into the collective vibration of the places that I visit so that I can teach the most relevant information and answer directly to the most prevalent pain that is affecting each area.  It gives me an even better handle on the human collective; our similarities and differences.  I need to be able to tailor my information to whomever I find myself in front of.  This is where the greatest expansion can be created.  I did not come to earth with a specific message.  I came to meet people wherever they are and to guide them in the direction of what they are wanting.  I came here as a course turner. 

I will be writing more blogs over the next couple of weeks as I taste new experiences across Europe.  For now, I need to try to get some sleep if I can.  I find sleeping on planes impossibly hard.  If I fail, I will resort to an entire flight of meditation and whatever new awareness that provides.    


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