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  1. Dini Desviana


    Love is not to be left/abandoned or hurted
  2. Dini Desviana


    I had a belief that I should be mastering cooking in order to be loved
  3. I collect crystals everytime my enmeshment trigger happend (because I fund my abusive mom and my little sister) and when I was feeling my Divine Masculine didn't love me. Can this be considered as addiction/coping mechanism?
  4. Dini Desviana


    Intimacy, closeness, interdependence
  5. Dini Desviana


    Sadly, me too. It's because we can't conceptualize someone who can positively focus on us lovingly is possible. The desire to change ourselves is because we feel unlovable, therefore resistance. Spiritual people hardly to find soulmate/twin flame because of this. Read self-acceptance/approval on Teal's book Shadows Before Dawn.
  6. Dini Desviana


    I let go of expectation of meeting my Twin Flame this year
  7. Dini Desviana

    What's In My Bag?

    Next idea for daily updates : Teal's dresses!! i like what you wear on this video, Teal
  8. Dini Desviana

    What's In My Bag?

    what is the name of stone for excellent communication skill?

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