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  1. deepforest7

    Season Change

    Teal's should have a tea line
  2. Learned helplessness towards unsolved childhood struggles repeating themselves in adulthood
  3. If teal did a neckless giveaway would law of mirroring make it find its right owner?
  4. deepforest7


    Post the Miami workshop please !
  5. deepforest7

    Raven Meditation

    I enjoyed the meditation. The audio recording is a little static-y but easily good enough to make everything out. I think you should do a whole course on disentangling stuckness. I listened to the stuckness mediation at least 50 times and it was a breakthrough for me. Stuckness seems to be what drives most people to this field anyways
  6. deepforest7


    What about this same question but for an issue not a person
  7. deepforest7

    Ground Yourself

    It's a Cacao and Palo Santo day
  8. deepforest7


    Anyway to do the Keys To Clarity if I don't have a Facebook?
  9. We need a top to bottom description of how astrology affects human behavior
  10. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    Is there any recommended 'warm-up' to get into the right frame of mind?
  11. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    My understanding of Teal's process: 1. Define a part that you want to work with 2. Put two chairs next to each other. Sit in one of the two chairs and as you do, go into one side of the split (part) 3. Once this part has been explored to a fair understanding, stand up from the chair and try to neutralize self 4. Sit in the other chair, and take on the perspective of the other side of split 5. Work on mediating between the two sides and make conscious decisions about how relevant each part is to your current life I just seem to never get into state as quickly as Teal seems to coach people into on video
  12. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    It's a good start but if nothing is coming up? I feel I need a meditation or something stronger
  13. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    I meant like how do you identify the part
  14. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    Quiet parts?
  15. deepforest7

    Bulldozing Today

    How do you discover the part being bulldozed?

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