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  1. deepforest7

    Olympic Park

    Teal's signature trick was doing the completion process mid air
  2. Alternative view: your answer to the first question is actually what you would want. Your answer to the 2nd question is what you would want someone to do for you Do more meditations please Teal!
  3. deepforest7

    Looking Forward To

    Do more meditations please!
  4. deepforest7


    You should answer one question from the premium member's per week similar to how you would answer a question from an attendee to a workshop. The workshops are too spaced out
  5. deepforest7

    Prague 2015

    2:12:00 - Enmeshment
  6. 00:20:34 - Disorganized attachment description
  7. deepforest7

    How Do You Wake Up?

    People hop out of bed and put their coping mechanism shades on. The more undesirable the life the thicker the lens
  8. If you are doing the advice in the question at 01:29:00 (creating own life) and you haven't had a breakthrough yet does that mean that you haven't really figured out what you want yet?
  9. Denial is like setting your phone on airplane mode when you are waiting to receive important feedback
  10. There should be a place to suggest and vote on new video topics
  11. How does one ask a question for future Q&As?
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