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  1. Amazing blog, Teal. I definitely feel the power and urgency for us to make those choices in our lives that we want to see in the world. Everything we do, think, say, is a vote for the world we want to live in. It really puts things into perspective. I think I'll journal what these things are for me. Same with a list of what I find to be resilient in my life.
  2. Semprus


    Collaborate with people to make my dreams come true. I have a strong feeling that everything I want to do I won't be alone in making them realities. Through strong friendships and connection, they will manifest. I want to write stories and help people heal. I want to write a story with others about characters actually doing shadow work and entering their subconscious. I will write vividly what happens in their subconscious, as if readers were actually there with my characters. That's one really fun aspect I want to write about in the story itself. I just want to have fun with life and have pla
  3. Semprus


    Yeah I feel this I guess my hobbies include: role playing with original characters,reading, drawing, rollar skating, painting, playing piano, video games, watching teal videos/interviews lol, listening to music while brainstorming story ideas for my characters (it's like an intense meditation and I love it)
  4. Can somebody post question time stamps? Thank you
  5. Semprus

    Hunger Of The Pine

    My God Teal, I'm not ready for this!!! I've been waiting for your novel for so long, and its finally here :'D
  6. Semprus

    Ask Teal BTS

    Love it! But would like to point out that yes, you did miss one week of an ask teal. But it was intentional on your part because the following week's video was about entitlement or something like that. So it fit in with the message. Can't remember exact name tho
  7. Semprus


    Wow. I feel the same way. Thank you for putting this into words. Still trying to unlearn this however.
  8. Semprus


    I'm most proud of my sense of wonder. It makes me feel like there is still this strong aspect in me that can see the world through the eyes of a child
  9. Semprus

    Guaranteed Happiness

    I'll take one round of freedom please! But seriously, I cannot describe how much the concept of freedom is important to me. Life would be meaningless if there was nothing to learn from by experiencing the opposite of happiness at some points. I'm here for an adventure and all that will bring. Always feeling happy? On whose terms? And what would that look like? And on the question of what I think you might be referring to... I am leaning towards the idea of a 'mandatory' vaccine that would have.... other... nano technology and particles in it. Being tracked from 5g satellites and towers? N

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