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  1. Megbouman


    I would stop being so hard on myself I would take the leap to love myself and embrace the joy of being alive, I would feel others and make an effort for them to feel seen by me. I would be with my fear and journey into myself to find the resonance of where I'll be heading back to I would get a bigger car and caravan and take my family on a adventure to waterfalls and meet new people Through the fear of loss I would feel again Which is interesting because I already feel loss. I am releasing now all of this is just choice of my focus
  2. Megbouman


    I appreciate that I don't give up,I will fall many times mentally and physically but I always get back up again. I appreciate my playfulness with children, that I see people with my heart and fall in love with them (on my good days ) I appreciate my integrity, I want to really know and see people and care about their wellbeing I appreciate my motherhood, and the freedoms I give my son and being there for him in his full experience I appreciate my striving for truth and expansion, using choice to find what's hiding underneath I appreciate my home bodyiness, I look after people and myself with good food, a colourful home and play
  3. Megbouman

    Weaning Trauma

    What about night time weaning? My son is 1 and a half and I'm pregnant again. We co sleep and he feeds more in the early hours of the morning, but will wake every hour or so when he realises he isn't latched anymore. I don't know what to do because I don't know how to support him to sleep all through the night, as I fear I'll have no sleep feeding two babies through the night if he needs the boob for comfort Advice would be greatly appreciated! I know so many people who don't wean but have night time weaned, a process of 3 nights with just dad but it sounds horrible! Results in them sleeping but it makes me feel disconnected
  4. Amazing! I halted the recipe though because I don't live in a community haha
  5. So delicious!! Halved the recipe as feeding only 2 (and a half) but it works out super well when making your desserts, 12 person serve all for one please
  6. I'm so excited that I have everything to make this right now! Will let you know how I go
  7. Megbouman

    What's In My Bag?

    Loved this! I've tried to find the pen but the site seems a little shady... Would you mind putting up a link for the official website? So hard to find! ❤❤❤
  8. As a mother of my 1 year old Cedar, I feel that my career is a bird whistling at the window, beautiful, a charismatic journey that I know will take me to wondrous places of growth. He whistles to engage me, catch my attention as I look out the window asking me to follow him. Motherhood is so so rewarding, but it's hard. The guilt, shame, sitting with emotions, learning to be responsible and the pain of falling into old patterns that I fear would hurt my boy. Some days my mind races, where's that bird! Come back to the window and I'll follow you, but he never comes. Other times I feel powerless and then he comes to the window, beckoning me swaying side to side with his long straight tail. I realise he comes when I want to run away. I can run away from all of my fears, giving away the responsibility to look after my inner child and do what my parents did to me. It whistles, on challenging days, to repeat the cycle, to ignore my inner voice saying, be with me, be still with me. Be with me in the slow winter of new life for your boy. Find your centre, your power here where it matters, inside you to.blossom out and share with your family. I don't hear him whistling when I hear cedar laugh, play, as I cuddle, nurture him and play peekaboo. Im filled up in a way I've never been filled before, from the inside out. Overflowing with love and bliss watchinf Cedar grow and learn. As I write this I feel my self face the window and although my heart is yearning I smile, because I know that when the time is right I will open the door to feel a summers breeze and follow him, not as a child but a woman who found herself to truly follow her bliss ❤
  9. My coping mechanisms are, Making plant milk, my body hasn't been hungry in the way I'm used too Because I'm in a state of fear all the time. I hadn't thought about it being a coping mechanism but I've realised I've found a way to still consume food like a habitual snack... I drink snack! Mind blown Having A clean house, which is never clean by the way, because I'm so afraid of what mess means about me as a person. It's good in the way that I want a free space for our boy to play but I wake up in the morning with a rock in my throat straight away thinking about how to 'make things right again' it's actually killing me, because it stresses me out but I cope by moving the house around or making my whole day into getting chores done. Everything is I have not I want, this powerlessness of people seeing jnto me and seeing that I'm dirty, unorganized, a bad mother ect. I cope by being seen as a good person when really I'm super angry. So much suppression from My mum with emotions when I was younger that I'm a firecracker now (working on my freedom vs connection split) I want to always be understanding but not at the detriment on my own personal truth whixh I have no balance with -its hello I'm a doormat or angry fire that is narcissistic
  10. Megbouman


    I am proud of my ability to see people or their experience and give time and energy to making sure they feel nurtured and safe.
  11. I am excited to do this tonight when my boys alseep ❤ I know I should do the exercise first before asking this but Im too itchy to know! I'm here to be a completion process practitioner. Whether that's for later or for now, I don't know given the circumstances but I can't focus on anything else even if I tried. I want to seek to understand not to agree and give people that unconditional presence. Will the completion process certification be happening again? I can see the importance of it being in person which is a real catch 22 given everything that's going on. I would love an update because everything else just feels like a distraction to my true desire.
  12. Yes please! also with crystals, how often should you submerge them in salt? And can you use sage as well to cleanse them thanks! X

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