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  1. Omg omg omg. I got sooo many stories to tell about tribal drama. The kitchen in my own tribe got so bad over the years (cuz everybody got different cleanliness standards), that I had to cancel it a couple of times - and still, the new leader reinstated and “staffed” it with folks to prepare gourmet food. As far as Intentional Tribes go, on a larger scale, they can be composed into Intentional “Villages”. I’ll save all the good stuff for the next retrograde. We also have the notion of the “default world” outside of the tribes and even decompression techniques for re-entering it afte
  2. Mike Lopyrev

    Today's Mission

    Are you talking about the Eye of the Merkaba?
  3. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    Teal, FYI, got your dream bounce on the other side of the infinity (this was a private one that you sent me, with instructions to leave a note here). I don’t think we can coordinate meetings and timing through dreams. All energy distributions are also now happening with diagonal timing shifts, so, nobody will be able to do remote energy work going forward, with real-time awareness of where it lands. Real-time hypnosis, channeling, mediums, and astral projection are probably also out, as recommended by Source, because people probably shouldn’t be given any amount of freedom to mess with ot
  4. Lao Tzu is one of my favorite masters. Such a wise guy!
  5. Mike Lopyrev

    Rejecting 3D

    We have a whole bunch of middle-manager types to activate into ascension. They way it looks like right now is that the most evolved are at the bottom and at the top of the hierarchies. Lots of tech startups are lead by extremely stable and connected-up leaders who have already realized non-duality to a great extent, and they’ve made the choice to stay grounded in the world they live in.
  6. I've grown up with this Russian version of the story. Birds, bees, and honey. https://youtu.be/SvyZp0Xks54 Got a word from our aliens that they are going to be learning Russian in addition to English. Still debating on Spanish vs. French. Paris isn't to my liking at all - need to change a bunch of things there. Their "Arch" is too small for my wings anyways. Didn't fit through it on my landing. Couldn't even spot it from the sky. They should have made it bigger. And their "tower" is too big, for what they got going. Plus, nobody knows how to do proper Tantra in Paris. They are still hung
  7. Mike Lopyrev

    What Lying Looks Like

    OMG. Gas Lighters! Shower in that sh&t!
  8. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    Nice! You are a Sparkle Pony too! Omg Ok, we gotta clean up this place before too many people notice.
  9. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    Witt, I do actually love you. Thank you for spelling me out. Some good stuff in here for me to read later. I think you’ve missed the part where I’ve publicly discussed my narcissism in a very long comment thread in Teal’s completion group. I wish I had saved a copy - I think I’ve triggered at least a few hundred people there. It was good! I’ve described exactly how to operate a narcissistic ego. Narcissism is a very useful trait for humans, to succeed in life. Most of my success in life is due to my physical appearance and energetic charisma. If I was just a smart ass alone, I wouldn’t be
  10. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    You are correct. This journey is endless. Infinite completion and infinite expansion. Many people don’t understand it.
  11. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    Are you sending me some condescension to go along? That doesn’t stick to me anymore. Rape sticks somewhat because it’s an unusual pattern of feelings that I got to “replay” in my body. I can release a bunch more of it today if you want. Is it helping? My work day. I’ll do another energy “catapult” in 3-4 hours.
  12. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    I don’t work at Google anymore. Lol Got tired of all the generic power drama.
  13. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    The whack-a-tree I got was a concentrated bundle of sexual abuse energy in one download. Definitely not a fan of rape. At least I got to feel what it’s like in my body. Now I get the idea.
  14. Mike Lopyrev

    Rose Garden

    What are you good at? Figured out your excellence yet? My work, generally speaking, is about fooling people with my Ascended bullshit. Kinda like Teal’s, but more mathematical. are you good at it?
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