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  1. Have someone do parts work on the part of you that wants to be liked/becomes an enabler, and also on the part directly opposite to that (whatever it may be). That will probably produce a lot of clarity and more integration for you. Lots of love and attention flowing toward you from me.
  2. Thank you Lizzy. Will think about it and get back to you!
  3. Could anyone share their thoughts / explain in their own words what Teal means by using your free will? I understand it conceptually but am trying to understand what it means in a practical, day-to-day sense. Thank you!
  4. Aurelius

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    Thank you for asking all those questions . And being so authentic. It gave me a lot of relief. Lots of love.
  5. Whoa this is such an intense workshop .. !!
  6. Aurelius

    How to Change a Belief

    Whoa this is such an intense workshop .. !!
  7. Aurelius

    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 1/2

    The woman who felt like she could not trust herself: I love your energy so much.
  8. Aurelius

    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 1/2

    This insight about the detours we take to meet our needs is such a eye opener for me!
  9. Aurelius

    Dublin 2016 - 5/6

    Incredible perspective on Trump and what we are collectively asking for !!
  10. Aurelius

    Dublin 2016 - 4/6

    I loved how Teal recommended her to take that soothing image throughout different parts of her body. Great additional step to the completion process!
  11. Beautiful segments. Very touching.
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