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  1. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    I can now really hear Teal saying to that guy wearing red shirt what chaos we are lining up with. 2020 seems to be the tipping point .
  2. I did the masculine wound meditation and I was blown away I felt that my thoracic area, solar plexus area and neck are highly wounded. I felt that there is rod like thing that is stuck from my neck to the solar plexus area. The head of rod that is placed in my neck seems bent over, while base of the rod has two face place in my solar plexus. I replaced it that void with the magical thing then. It was quite intense. I will try it out again. I dont know what was it and why it was there. Perhaps shame is the reason?
  3. Sohail Bawani


    Love you too Look forward to your blog! Feeling so elated
  4. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 1/3

    I so relate to the inner child example that Teal did with the volunteer
  5. Sohail Bawani

    San Francisco 2015

    So much shadow work just while watching it. One of my best
  6. Sohail Bawani


    I suspect that Alinea is the name of Teal's new cookbook, just a guess
  7. Sohail Bawani

    Teal's New Book

    Wow.....that would be great looking forward to the novel
  8. I would be marijuana perhaps side effects would absorption of negative energy if somebody is around but at the same can exaggerate the whatever energy is around, especially, negative vibration ( though I am not that aware of its side effect )
  9. Wow....that was the toughest day during the training
  10. In love with your writing Teal. It reminds me my own language Urdu ??
  11. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    This is the most intense and workshop I have ever experienced. The last bit was.....couldn’t stop crying myself, felt how I missed being there.
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