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  1. 26:10 Enlightening "moonlight in the jail" scenario. Surrounded by those who keep breaking bones. Honestly, feel like I am being forced to undergo the "Ritual of Kolinahr". It helps just to have someone understand. 33:30 where Miss Swan was talking about teeth was fascinating.
  2. 11:20 Feeling OVERWHELMED, overworked. This is very true. All supervisors need to see this. Some spouses need to understand this. This video makes me want to scream, "Help!". Unrelenting subservience leads to a lack of trust. I'm at a loss of words also.
  3. I have often wondered if it is possible to channel with someone from the future. For example, could someone channel with themselves lying on their deathbed and thus alter their own future starting from the present moment? Just randomly choosing a year, could someone channel with another person from the year 2151? It is not unreasonable to believe that civilizations in the future will be more advanced and therefore may be capable of channeling in multi-dimensions.
  4. I apologize for this example, but channeling sort of reminds me of little girls playing with Barbie dolls. They are always making the Barbies say and do things that are not really them.
  5. "Rage is a cover for I am completely powerless." I need to remember that next time I encounter that with someone. To be honest, in order to be completely accurate, "Vulgarity or rage is a cover for I am completely powerless."
  6. Very helpful concept. This theory supersedes many previous theories of developmental psychology. It helps me to understand the behavior of many teenagers and adults that I encounter on a daily basis. Excellent! This could be developed further including more solutions on how to deal with these types of relationships without leading into arguments.
  7. See reference, Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230). Section 230 is a federal law that gives you, as a web host, protection. It was passed as part of the Communication Decency Act of 1996. It has been used to protect against negligent misrepresentation, interference with business expectancy, breach of contract, intentional nuisance, violations of federal civil rights, and emotional distress.
  8. How do we know if we are selecting to expand the consciousness of an ancestor or if someone else is selecting us to expand their consciousness? There are two sides to every coin.
  9. Carol of the Bells is amazing! I love that carol also.
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