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  1. Impressive and inspiring!
  2. Thank-you GabijaCij for guiding me in the right direction so that I could find more information in one of Miss Swan's Ask Teal episodes. You've been very helpful.
  3. Bernard Bujard

    We're Our Parents

    Enough is enough. You are starting to sound like a parent to me. Enough criticism. I should feel free to speak without judgement but I don't. You will never hear from me again. I just cancelled my membership.
  4. Bernard Bujard


    Agree. A series on aging would be welcome. Our "youth" and many cultures have lost respect for aging. I can remember the first time that someone insinuated that I was old - I was about 18. It has been occurring ever since then. To me, it is all relative. It is interesting to note that my physical capabilities are way beyond many of the youth that show disrespect for the aging process.
  5. Bernard Bujard

    Free Will

    "Freedom is a sense of being able to think, speak or act according to what one wants without hindrance or restraint." Excellent definition of freedom in the paragraph for the Daily Update especially in regards to choosing a career or other important goals in life.
  6. Bernard Bujard

    Wind Down

    In alphabetical order. Animals; Bats (watching them fly around at sunset); Cleaning car or house; Dogs; Eating vegan foods; Friends; Ghost stories on Scooby Doo; Hiking; Ice-cold weather; Jokes (clean ones); Kung Fu; Laughter or Listening to the rain; Meditation; (doing) Nothing; Outer Space; Plants and Practicing in the choir; Quiet times; Reading or Running at night; Star Trek: Enterprise; Trees and Tai Chi; Undoing muscle knots; Violin (listening to); Walking (especially in the Wind); X-Men movies; Yellow candlelight; Zoos.
  7. Bernard Bujard


    Yes, please make an episode on death, absolutely. Nice wallpaper.
  8. Thanks for including the Closed Caption (CC) option. Subtitles should be standard on all videos. This information on empaths and extrasensory sounds like a Venn Diagram. Let Set A = empaths and let Set B = extrasensory; therefore, the intersection of Sets A and B, represented as A∩B, are those individuals who are both {empaths and extrasensory}. It would be nice to know the correlation between veganism and being an empath, extrasensory or both. Some empaths may claim to be empathetic to animals, others to people and still others to both. And is there such thing as a quasi-empath or pseudo-empath in which you are kind to animals but still eat them?
  9. Bernard Bujard

    Funny Story

    Nice video about coral reefs. I hope that we can save most of ours.
  10. Bernard Bujard

    We're Our Parents

    No one is saying to deny or ignore the facts; however, I know people in their 50s who are still seeing therapists for at least the past 20 years about mom and dad issues. Enough is enough. At one point it is time to move on with your life.
  11. Bernard Bujard

    We're Our Parents

    Most people live with mom and dad until they are about 18 at most; however, I hear plenty of people in their 50s, 60s and even 80s still bitterly talk about the faulty programming of their parents. Enough is enough. Seeking out role models other than mom or dad helps to correct faulty programming. That is why many of us listen to Teal and Blake or find other people to help correct faulty programming. Many people keep blaming mom and dad for "the way they ended up" because they encounter, in their daily lives, people who unconsciously remind them of mom or dad, although mom or dad may have passed away years ago. It is true that parents make mistakes, we all do, but focusing on the mistakes our parents made will not increase the quality of our lives.
  12. There must be a healthy balance between "connection with all people" (that appears to imply intimacy with both males and females) and right to privacy. Connection with all is not necessarily a desirable state of being. It is wise to choose carefully who to connect with since not all people respect right to privacy and not all people have good intentions. Connection with Source is the only way to completely get rid of loneliness - humans cannot fill that need. We are sheep among wolves. If there were no wolves it would be safe to connect with all.
  13. Bernard Bujard

    Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all moms!
  14. Bernard Bujard

    Self Love Course

    She appears to be busy multi-tasking and there seems to be at least two or three other people in the room behind the camera that she keeps looking at for some reason (unless she is searching for these people in her memory which is unlikely). The other people in the room are giving off an unusual vibration. (The Law of Vibration is real since everything in the universe vibrates even if you can't see it. It also serves as the foundation for several other laws.)
  15. Bernard Bujard

    3 Things

    My "hates" are similar, particularly meat, animal products or anything that involves animal testing.
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