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Online Workshop 2016 July 30 - Part 2/2

0:30 HOPELESS FOR THE FUTURE. In the past year I seem to have lost the ability to make goals or to envision an inspiring future. This is weird because most of my life I got lots of direction and energy from the pull of the future. I feel a bit useless, like I'm in a fog.

10:40 BELIEVE IN SPIRITUALITY. What can you say to those who need a sign to believe in spirituality, but don't get any?

12:30 LETTING GO OF RIGHT VS WRONG. How do I get out of the black and white, right vs wrong rage I feel when I'm triggered?

14:56 About the the "forest fire" of human kind.

31:00 TRICKSTER SPIRITS. Were you visited by Teal in spirit or did you get tricked?

36:04 OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Can you tell how to deal with OCD?

37:00 How can we heal traumas that are not ours (past life trauma, other people's trauma)?


44:04 Teal's take on VIPASSANA

45:30 INNER COURAGE. How do I go about finding inner courage?

47:13 FRIENDSHIPS. I see other people having lots of friends, but I just don't. Old friendships faded away and new ones fade quickly or don't pan out at all. Why is it so hard to make friends? Is it possible that I don't need friendship at all?

49:22 NO SEXUAL DESIRE. I lose my sexual desire after about a year in every long term relationship.

53:22 BACKWARDS REINCARNATION. If time doesn't really exist does that mean that people can be incarnated in the past?

54:47 THE INTENSITY OF WANTING VS RESISTANCE. I feel like the aspect of somebody which is intensely wanting something which is full of momentum can never have that thing because it would have to release resistance first and therefore dissipate that momentum. Do you have an explanation and solution to this?

56:39 PROJECTION VS INTUITION. How do I know if I'm projecting or really experiencing something bad?

57:43 What if you don't get your questions answered?