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  1. So beautiful to read these kind of blog posts again You really captured the atmosphere with your words!
  2. frauketeaspoon15

    Poker Night

    I love how you're still close with your exes.. this is beautiful (but seems so out of reach for me haha).
  3. frauketeaspoon15

    For Yourself

    The best thing I do for myself right now is letting myself off the hook. This includes plently of resting, especially burying myself under blankets. And allowing certain "crutches" instead of shaming myself for still needing them.
  4. Thank you feel free to reach out to me, send me the link, when the website is up. I‘d love to check it out! Much loveee
  5. How exciting! I love these kinds of ideas I also bought my first domain last weekend and plan to make a website for empowering other sensitives and artists where people can participate.
  6. I keep going back to the blog posts about the beauty of astral travelling. They are so utterly fascinating and feed my imagination . Whenever I astral travel, I "wake up" in my parents house, I keep going there unconsciously . I dream of seeing and experiencing these things in such depth like you do, to truly see and experience all the depth and beauty this universe has to offer. Luckily, there are things I can do right now that also get me there: Going to my favorite nature spots, hugging trees, birthing a painting into life (especially the process in which it unfolds), singing a beau
  7. frauketeaspoon15


    Fear of upcoming abandonment. Fear of being utterly alone in harshness, completely unprotected.
  8. frauketeaspoon15


    Understanding. Validation. Closeness. Trust.
  9. That first woman is so me! Watching this actually gave me so much hope
  10. frauketeaspoon15


    My photo album because it contains many beautiful memories of my life.
  11. frauketeaspoon15


    Hug more, show people that you love them even if it seems rebellious. Be the fierce person you are inside, it is needed.
  12. frauketeaspoon15


    For my lack of scientific or spiritual knowledge -> for feeling like my opinion is invalid
  13. How synchronistic! Just this morning I pet an Irish Wolfhound named Hannah for a while and she had the most beautiful personality. And I thought for a second how I would love to live with an Irish Wolfhound
  14. frauketeaspoon15


    I refuse to accept that I feel stuck with no way out, no hope for a better future. And that I am angry at the people around me because I blame them for it.
  15. Feels so weird to see you with a mask

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