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  1. Rahul Johar

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Thank you for doing this!!!! You become much more Relatable and human when you share this! and I feel like its okay to be human
  2. Rahul Johar

    A Message For Humanity

    What does Teal mean when she says we are not going to last long??
  3. Rahul Johar

    If You Were A Drug...

    You'd collapse and feel utter futility, time would also cease to exist so it would feel like you're stuck like that forever.
  4. Well I ended up getting disappointed about the thing I was excited about, again.
  5. Rahul Johar

    Mercury Retrograde

    I'm taking 5 grams of magic mushrooms on July 16th, which is not only in the middle of the Mercury retrograde but also on the lunar eclipse/full moon. How's that for shadow work? I'm actually scared lol
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