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  1. Rahul Johar

    Worst Date Ever

    I can relate, this triggered me a bit too, and I was already having a shitty day.
  2. Maybe what you're looking for is security... And you feel that this knowledge keeps you secure. So that you won't be blindsided by the Universe. And so maybe what you can do to meet that need is to look for ways in which you can make your life feel more secure and safe.
  3. Rahul Johar


    Don't really understand this for me as I don't think I have felt any notable change in my empowerment recently. Things seem more or less the same.
  4. Rahul Johar

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Thank you for doing this!!!! You become much more Relatable and human when you share this! and I feel like its okay to be human
  5. Rahul Johar

    A Message For Humanity

    What does Teal mean when she says we are not going to last long??
  6. Rahul Johar

    If You Were A Drug...

    You'd collapse and feel utter futility, time would also cease to exist so it would feel like you're stuck like that forever.
  7. Well I ended up getting disappointed about the thing I was excited about, again.
  8. Rahul Johar

    Mercury Retrograde

    I'm taking 5 grams of magic mushrooms on July 16th, which is not only in the middle of the Mercury retrograde but also on the lunar eclipse/full moon. How's that for shadow work? I'm actually scared lol
  9. There actually are randomized controlled trials suggesting mushrooms can help treat depression, addiction, phobias etc. "You're looking outside of yourself" - Not at all, I'm okay with the mushrooms taking me inward for shadow work and introspection, in fact that's what I'm hoping they will do! The mushrooms are just an excellent guide to help facilitate that. Even Teal, the queen of shadow work and introspection has used psychedelics at points in her life for answers when she felt called to it. This notion of having to heal by yourself is flawed, if we're truly all one then getting help from the "outside", whether it be from people, entheogens or whatever, only makes sense. And saying they "won't work for me" is quite absurd, how could you possibly know how these kinds of entheogens will work for someone else when everybody reacts to them differently based on where they are in their life, the way their individual brain is wired, their intentions, their setting, the dosage and a number of other factors? Even people who dedicate their lives to studying these things can't accurately predict exactly what someone else will take away from the experience because it's so incredibly subjective.
  10. Trust me, I know it's a lot and that it's recommended to start low but I've been suicidal and depressed for so so long... I need a breakthrough now, things need to change drastically and I need some kind of guidance for how to proceed in life because no else can help me. Also it's not easy to get my hands on mushrooms where I'm from, so this is going to be my only shot for a while. I'm totally open to any other tips you've got though.
  11. Tried a low dose of LSD a couple weeks ago for the first time by myself (100 ug). I loved it but I don't feel like I gained much from it in terms of growth, it was a fun trip and I felt the after glow the next day as for the first time in years I felt no urge to engage in my addiction which felt liberating but it slowly started to wear off and now I'm still the same person I was before even though I went in wanting it to drastically change my perspective on things so that I could figure out how I should proceed in life and no longer be stuck where I am. Now I've got my eyes set on magic mushrooms in June, this time it's going to be a heroic dose of around 5 grams. Fingers crossed.
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