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Online Workshop 11/06/17 - Exercise + Q&A

The Online Synchronization Workshop began with an exercise to uncover our shame. Please get into groups of 4 and go through this exercise. Take 6-10 minutes per person and explain a situation in your past where you felt victimized unjustified or where you were upset with someone. After giving a description of your scenario, seek for the shame that triggered your response. What was it about the scenario that made you feel shameful about yourself?

Pay attention to the feeling of not being able to have a reaction that you wanted to have.  It's the feeling of can't, or how you shouldn't feel the way you feel.  Ask yourself "Why do I feel ashamed for feeling this?"

You can find groups either on our facebook event page or here in the comments. 

In the video you can find the Q&A Part of the Online Workshop.