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  1. Equs1b

    School Memory

    My mother would have done the same thing. She DID do the same for a couple different situations.
  2. Equs1b

    Water Themed Room

    Actually, not New York City, Long Island, NY. I'll be there!!! I'm Scorpio, Cancer rising, Cap moon. Only water in my recent ancestral chart -
  3. Yes! 101 is a good place to revisit!!
  4. Equs1b

    For Yourself

    I'd like to be able to do what Teal is doing, maybe not exactly, with food. I love cooking and using pure ingredients. That takes time effort focus and money and it's effort to even get those elements happening at the same time. Living in a community helps create that and I'm a little jealous. There are no people in my life at the moment that are willing to do anything of the sort. I'm still looking. Getting anyone to participate in anything seems way harder than it should be. I'd be happy to even just cook WITH someone.
  5. Equs1b

    Ear Candle: The Verdict

    Thank you for being honest!! I never tried it, basically because I couldn't find any logical way it might actually do anything at all...but I'm happy someone I trust actually tried it out.
  6. Is she topless? Kinda neat if she is. Love her regardless
  7. Equs1b

    Star Wars Characters

    Honestly, Rey. Stubborn, headstrong, brave, optimistic and fiercely loyal. Also very grounded but connected to source more than she knows. Struggling to find the truth of the universe, of herself and her role in it all. Walking her path one step at a time, seeking integration.
  8. Equs1b

    One Virtue

    Discernment. It's actually a skill I think but I'm sticking with it.
  9. Equs1b


    Start a journal!
  10. Equs1b

    Haunted Painting

    She's beautiful. I would have wanted to take her home too.
  11. Equs1b

    Making Soap

    Adorable, inspiring. Now I want to try soapmaking...one of the few things I've never done!
  12. It's what the universe does by giving you 'repeat' issues, things that trigger, large or small or escalating, revisits to the original trauma, opportunities to move through it properly. The whole thing is beautiful and awesome if we just accept and embrace the ride.
  13. Equs1b

    Teal's Son

    Thank you for sharing parts of your life that we haven't heard before. I'm not a mother (of human children) but the story of your motherhood journey is both powerful and heartbreaking. I feel like perhaps more of your calling lies in that story. Many women have had less than ideal beginnings to motherhood and because of the way society sees doctors (akin to god's) and is beholden to the 'system' I'll just say, it's a fast ride to losing all control of ones own journey into motherhood, easily traumatizing all involved. My mother was induced, no epidural I believe, she only once uttered to me that it was awful. Then I was colicky for 6-8 weeks. The trauma of that I'm just now beginning to conceptualize, thanks mostly to your teachings. I feel like you have much much more to offer on this subject, we are after all being thrust into digging up unrealized trauma to heal. I've been thinking that I have womb and birth trauma that I haven't yet accessed. Consider doing an ask Teal: How can/does difficult or traumatic pregnancy and birthing effect the relationship between mother and child and how can this trauma best be handled EARLY.
  14. Equs1b

    Quarantine Fatigue

    Im totally in the fatigue too. I'm working on my list today and making time for those things.
  15. Suggestions would be great for Teal to give us but that nearly impossible for her to do because everyone's situation is different. So, the big three: food, water, security/shelter. Currently I believe food and security are being threatened. Food: find local, non- supermarket sources. Make friends with your local farmers. Plant a community garden, get involved with a co-op, START a co-op. Security is trickier for those who have no desire or background with firearms, but community can solve that. Get your community together, get to know your neighbors. Be honest, make it clear you wish to come together for security. Security in numbers- watch out for eachother and suspicious activity, create an emergency phone chain so there is someone to call OTHER than 911 if you think you need help with something. Think outside the box.

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