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The Pacific Coast

amusement-amusement-park-amusement-ride-2128159.jpg.3a1dbe22aa35bbfed3b250d1ae2435a9.jpgTo my right, the boardwalk Ferris wheel, with it’s yellow and red seats rises above the wave break.  Surfers sit on their boards, staring out into the open sea; waiting for the promising feel of the right wave to meet them.  They turn around in the water and paddle with anxious smiles on their faces; positioning themselves to be carried into shore.  The mind superimposes the color blue over the image of the ocean where no blue actually exists.  In truth, the ocean stretches out to the horizon, boasting colors of green and brown and silver.  If anything, the hint of blue can only be seen because of the reflection of open sky across the surface of the water.

Little groups of women run across the beach, motivating each other to stay fit.  Their high sounding voices come in spurts according to their footsteps hitting the sand.  Some of them love running.  Others hate it, but feel it is their only hope of being attractive enough to be asked out to on a date.

beach-calm-clouds-459522.jpg.6a4296393ec4c941f37cf4efc6d24fa8.jpgBehind me, the edge of the city meets the sand.  Shining, white-sided buildings with hundreds of windows salute the ocean.  I am on the precipice between land and sea.  The sound of airplanes overhead serve as a reminder of civilization.  Bit this precipice is where civilization ends.  No man can own the ocean.  Like another world, as enticing yet forbidden as deep space, the ocean is unfathomable.  Despite how small our planet really is the ocean seems to go on forever.  Mankind is powerless to the ocean and yet mankind is utterly dependent on it for everything that makes our lives possible.  All of the weather patterns, which make food on land possible, are dependent on the ocean.  Ultimately, if the ocean changed its mind, there would be no humans left.

In January, and then again in April, I stood on a California beach.  I watched the seals and dolphins in the wave break and I felt compelled to do cartwheels of excitement because I did not see one hint of radiation in the water.  I began to hope that the ocean had cleaned itself somehow of the mistakes we had made at Fukushima.  But this trip is a different story.  Three days ago, when I made my way to the ocean, I was greeted by the eerie, discordant, low pitch hum of radioactivity. In the water, there is a diluted, unnatural glow that has the same vibration as decay or poison.  I looked down at my feet there was a collection of dead fish.  Regardless of whether radiation is what killed these fish or not, their little silver bodies rolled to and from shore with each wave, like an omen.  It is difficult to feel a sense of hope on this trip.  There is usually so much life at an ocean.  I feel a decrease in life at the ocean’s edge right now.  This coast of the Pacific Ocean is not as healthy as it once was.  If I were a surfer, I’d be on the first plane out of here.  The toxicity level will create many problems for living beings in the years to come.  As far as people are concerned, some of these problems include infertility, birth defects, thyroid disorders, blood problems, chronic fatigue, mental illness, chronic headaches, hair loss, gastrointestinal and bone ailments and cancer.  People along the coast will need to add vitamin D3 to their diet and would do well to include turmeric in their diet as well as a "buffer" to the radiation toxicity.

yes-2069850_640.png.36fbba9dc38050ea8b5d18e72c216c75.pngOf course many doctors and public health officials and government representatives will deny for a very long time that any of the symptoms cropping up in ocean life or in people have anything to do with the plume of radiation that is now hitting the coast.  This is frustrating for people like myself who are clairsentient.  I wish that I lived in a day and age where medical intuitives were seen as valid and credible. The first thing I’d make crystal clear for people is that regardless of what our limited science would lead you to believe, there is no such thing as a safe level of nuclear ionizing radiation.  Just because something doesn’t cause obvious negative symptoms in laboratory tests, doesn’t mean it wont cause negative symptoms outside the lab or in different species.  And just because something wont cause negative symptoms doesn’t mean it is good for the body.  Anyway, the sad thing about mistakes is that they always bring consequences.  And some consequences have more damaging effects than others.

businesswoman-617128_640.jpg.ddbea5fe5240cf17ea0b1b31fa3960a9.jpgI am always torn in this highly public position about whether to tell it like it is, or to feed people only the story of what good could be, (so as to give them hope and make them to feel good).  The main argument against telling people anything “negative” is that if you focus on what is, all you get is more of what is.  This is correct.  But by focusing on what is unwanted, a desire for what is wanted instead is born within people.  And when that desire is strong enough, it can lead people in the direction of change and solutions.  This is what is occurring when hundreds of people pass a crash on the highway.  They are all looking at the crash and desiring for all to be well so strongly, that they all add to the picture of wellbeing for the people involved.  Many people survive crashes because of this very offering of collective intention.  To bring people’s attention to what is, does add their attention to the problem.  But it also adds their attention to what they would prefer, namely a solution.  ALL of the amazing inventions, which have revolutionized our world came about because of the awareness of what is unwanted.  It is a fine line to walk between causing people to enter the vibration of “doomsday” and causing them to enter a vibration of “enabling a beautiful and healthy world”.  The reality is that the current story of the pacific coast, is forbidding.  We are just on the edge of it.  It will increase over time.  Humans have the capacity to temporarily turn this world into a wasteland for many forms of life on the surface of the earth.

pedestrians-400811_640.jpg.84832bb52b806cbeb112015f87581a75.jpgIt is funny to me that people make such a big deal out of how unclean animals are.  “They poop where they sleep,” I’m told.  But humans are no different.  We destroy what we are dependent on.  As far as other life here is concerned, the creations we are so proud of, the monolithic buildings and miles upon miles of roads and fences etc.  They are all human waste.  They are what makes life impossible for every other species here.  Sometimes it feels impossible to live in society at all without adding to the suffering of this planet.

But then again, here I am.  I am a spiritual teacher, which means that I am writing to people who are already awake.  I am writing to people who are conscious of their relationship to the world.  And therein lies the promise.  It is as if the fire of the heart of the earth is kept safe as tiny flames in the hands of people.  For many of us, we are conscious of that flame and conscious of the responsibility of carrying that flame.  We are determined to keep the flame alive through our conscious action.  We make choices that benefit the world that we live on and all the other beings in it. It can feel as if we are on a battlefield against an army of people who do not care.  But sometimes, if we will just turn around, we will see that behind us is also an army of people who do care.  Today, for the sake of the bleeding hearts on this planet, who want to see a loving world that supports all life, lets show each other just how many of us are awake and just how many of us do care.  Post your message to the world in the comment section of this blog.  If nothing else, post “I care”.


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