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  1. Sohail Bawani


    Love you too Teal! As you felt that we dont feel abandoned, we also want to tell you that we also dont want you to feel abandoned; we are with you in this together. Sending lots of love and my best energies Thanks for the piercing take. You have said a lot while in a 'not saying manner'. There is a lot to unpack, I believe. I really admire your authenticity, courage and straight forwardness. The humanity will know I believe the real cause of this suffering. But that would be too late for them to know.
  2. Sohail Bawani

    The Truth About Triggers

    It’s pretty challenging to make people experience the CP it goes against their perception, but as Teal did the latest video. The CP is not for feel good but it’s for raising awareness.
  3. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    I can now really hear Teal saying to that guy wearing red shirt what chaos we are lining up with. 2020 seems to be the tipping point .
  4. I did the masculine wound meditation and I was blown away I felt that my thoracic area, solar plexus area and neck are highly wounded. I felt that there is rod like thing that is stuck from my neck to the solar plexus area. The head of rod that is placed in my neck seems bent over, while base of the rod has two face place in my solar plexus. I replaced it that void with the magical thing then. It was quite intense. I will try it out again. I dont know what was it and why it was there. Perhaps shame is the reason?
  5. Sohail Bawani


    Love you too Look forward to your blog! Feeling so elated
  6. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 1/3

    I so relate to the inner child example that Teal did with the volunteer
  7. Sohail Bawani

    San Francisco 2015

    So much shadow work just while watching it. One of my best
  8. Sohail Bawani


    I suspect that Alinea is the name of Teal's new cookbook, just a guess
  9. Sohail Bawani

    Teal's New Book

    Wow.....that would be great looking forward to the novel
  10. I would be marijuana perhaps side effects would absorption of negative energy if somebody is around but at the same can exaggerate the whatever energy is around, especially, negative vibration ( though I am not that aware of its side effect )
  11. Wow....that was the toughest day during the training
  12. In love with your writing Teal. It reminds me my own language Urdu ??
  13. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    This is the most intense and workshop I have ever experienced. The last bit was.....couldn’t stop crying myself, felt how I missed being there.
  14. Sohail Bawani

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 2/3

    Perhaps for the first time I have seen Teal being super gentle to the audience as she was walking on a glass floor. The audience was also seemed fragile vibrationally. Loved the entire unspoken/tacit connection process during the workshop
  15. Getting in touch with the inner child.....revive sense of wonder
  16. Getting in touch with the inner child.....revive sense of wonder
  17. Sohail Bawani

    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 2/2

    Teal mentioned about a clinical trial to be conducted on CP. Had this study been done? I would really like to read that study if published. I am a public health practitioner but with a background in social sciences and think it would be really helpful for people working on mental illnesses in Pakistan. I would request Teal’s team if they could to please share the study. thank you
  18. for me there was a ahah moment when Teal said that the part of us in pain is like 4 years old and actually very aware. Earlier I thought it needs awareness but now I think IT IS awareness ?
  19. Dear Teal’s Team can you please give me reference of the fact that Teal talked at 1:05:20 about a french king who reformed healthcare around the idea of motherhood to reduce infant mortality? thank you
  20. I learned from somewhere a term 'teachable moments' and I really liked that being a teacher myself in a pubic health school. But the way Teal chooses to enlighten everybody with a teachable moment (though every moment is a teachable moment) is quite thought provoking. I really love/hate the way she uses our desperation to our own advantage to catch up with the answer and let us drown there and than help us rise up. I loved that bit when that person asked the question about whether integration is a one time process or a continuous thing ?
  21. Sohail Bawani

    Frozen in Time

    You look tired and exhausted Teal ? Glad you will spend sometime with your son ?
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