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2 LADS Interview 2022

Interview with 2 LADS.

  • 00:02:32 Teal’s journey to becoming who she is today.
  • 00:05:36 What were the “symptoms” in Teal’s childhood that she was different?
  • 00:08:07 Teal, how do you “sell” looking at pain?
  • 00:09:22 Why do people want to get rid of or numb their pain, if it’s a teacher?
  • 00:11:01 Why are people emotionally illiterate?
  • 00:15:24 Why do some people have a “short fuse”?
  • 00:17:40 Step by step process on how to improve your relationship to your emotions.
  • 00:25:51 How to find out what the right action for you is in today’s world.
  • 00:26:45 Break ups. Why sometimes they’re worse than someone dying.
  • 00:29:18 Post break up - when is the right time to move on and stop focusing on pain?
  • 00:31:33 What does someone who’s living in joy look like?
  • 00:33:10 What does it look like when someone is done healing?
  • 00:36:36 What’s Teal’s perception of the “dance” between the masculine and feminine, and how it applies to humans?
  • 00:37:48 How can young men feel needed and like they’re on the right path to in-alignment masculinity?
  • 00:41:02 When did divine feminine and masculine switch to unhealthy expressions and shadows?
  • 00:47:10 Isn’t it true that when we just replace tyrannical men with women, they will make better choices?
  • 00:48:08 How do we get out of the loop of shadow masculine and shadow feminine?
  • 00:51:48 Should we just embrace who we are?
  • 00:51:13 Source mind and higher dimensional truth.