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  1. I want to be there!!! Thanks for sharing
  2. Carol Sue Sperry


    Teal is a mirror, and when a person is presented with painful or ugly things inside themselves lashing out is a defense or coping mechanism.
  3. Thank you Lily for sittin in for us. I let the universe pick for me today and this is what I watched. Recognizing more of my fragments. Thank you all
  4. I have to watch Teal doing the completion process over and over. I also read her books, this latest one on Loneliness has helped me make progress, I’m meeting my fragments ~ I believe it’s beca they finally feel safe to come forward. That’s what works for me. I wish you well
  5. Why can’t it just be Mother’s boundaries? Could the motive be pure?
  6. Does your child like animals? Perhaps a petting farm? Question: what bad thing do you think would happen if you go outside?
  7. I babysit for my grandchildren S age 3 1/2 & G age 1. S is refusing to eat, refusing to clean up, refusing to do what his mom has scheduled for us. No is the big word. He doesn’t want to stop playing whatever game we are engaged in. I have gotten some good clues on how to improve my response. I need all the help I can get!! thank you so much catol sperry
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