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    I'm sorry that my feedback on an online product triggered you as if I offended your children and ran after them with a knife. HOWEVER, this is not the case and I'm sure my feedback will be valuable for Teal's TEAM to improve their sales and customer experience. It's really hard to take anything you say seriously nor feel the need to respond to your accusations since you're obviously triggered and make very little sense tbh. Have a good trigger free day love.
  2. Noale

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    Hmmm I got the Premium thinking that the "daily updates" are firstly DAILY, and then "not just 1 minute" like it is advertised here.... instead they are quite rare, and available anyway in full length for everyone. And the courses, right after I purchase them, become free or included etc... same for mediations... you can't on one hand push products super hard to the limit of annoying, then the very next day give them for free. decide your price and stick with it, you just lose trust this way and the will to put money into any product
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