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  1. NormaC

    Alternative Careers

    Thank you for your last comment in the video. I feel that pain too. I just want to experience relationships in a different way. There is so much presumed to be an independent woman, I want to be care for.
  2. NormaC

    Blue Lotus

    I always know when to come here for inspiration I needed this. Thank you
  3. NormaC

    School Memory

    Ever since covid I feel that's how is been for me. Every two months i experience this issue during my period.
  4. NormaC

    San Francisco 2015

    Immediately after visualizing the energy from the earth I felt floating. It was easy go down and see blue like roots going into the earth. But when Teal ask to see the energy coming back, saw it fast but I felt floating. It was then a struggle to go back and try to feel the heaviness in my body. Eventually I did for a few seconds, yet when she ask to see the connection to the light I was able to see and feel it, yet I was floating. I just watched the first lady. Now. I am very sad, feeling lonely. It's 1:30am here in Las Vegas. Anyone had a similar experience with the Visualization?
  5. NormaC

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    I been waiting for this, I know it was all me when I was there. Now I get to go deeper. Thank you
  6. NormaC

    Raven Meditation

    No, you made my day. Thank you ! Very single question I had was answered.
  7. This so crazy, I been speaking from truth today. The energy is so strong for that and nothing else, for me, it seems and feels that way. I was wondering what was wrong with me.. lol
  8. Awareness is key once you see, you cannot unseen
  9. NormaC


    Thank you for this on time, as always, message. Did anyone else saw the orb passing through? I always like watching the energy or entities interactions during the videos.
  10. NormaC

    Second Chances

    Wow, I understand my day now. Yes I see it I'm several people and experiences today along. Thank you In fact I came here to see if you had anything to say about it... sure you did as always. Thank you ☺
  11. NormaC

    Salt Lake City 2014

    I found it amazing that the guy that was concerned about judgement was picked, right after the guy taking over Teals stage. I know I was judging him for doing what he did. I definitely have this trigger and shadow in me.
  12. NormaC

    Synchronicity is Coming

    Like, I want to say yeah! Yet, a part of me tells me that we are about to go for a ride as humanity...
  13. I was at this even, the lady was asking how to deal with all the control happening around the world today. how do deal with it as it trigger her. With this understanding, Teal suggested her to find inside of her the same aspect of her self, the one who wants to control others. Integrating that aspect of her, would help the world. I hope this makes sense.
  14. NormaC

    Curveball Explained

    Yeah! I just applied to this Curveball ! I hope I get selected to go. It is time! Can't wait to be there!
  15. NormaC


    Constantly looking at my phone looking for a message or notification that a person that I blocked has call me. Even though I know he won't.

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