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  1. JanelleBright

    Typical Gemini

    aries sun - angry as fuck all the time and spontaneous
  2. JanelleBright

    Sweet Grass

    "whats it like to wake up next to teal swan" i laughed
  3. JanelleBright

    Total BS

    i agreee 100 percent
  4. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    i swear she teleported or something because i dont know how she did that
  5. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    Teal it does feel like you are so happy in all these updates which kind of feels like you are ignoring talking about the collectives pain right now. Like it feels like you are so happy while the rest of us are suffering badly.
  6. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    How are you in Utah? I thought you were in costa rica? Are the borders not closed? I am so confused
  7. samee. I feel so shitty and isolated today and I also feel both enmeshed and abandoned with being the scapegoat who wanted to be happy and have connection and the golden child who gave up her identity to please them
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