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  1. OK: Intuitive game. I am Christian Grey who is actually gay and doesn't have any pay. I'm phobic and I don't know me. My mind rattles with the precision of a plot. But what that plot is I still don't know. Where am I? What am I? Who am I? Who are you? Notice how "YOU" tends to be inclusive of All when speaking in third person (aka detachment exercise). Also read "You" the book
  2. im so depressed, i wanna die
  3. JanelleBright

    Change Your Name?

    Marisa. After Marisa Coulter (Mrs Coulter) in The Golden Compass. And also because there's an unusual sensual complexity that the name implies. Megan would be another one after Megan Fox.
  4. this really triggers me because you never seem to acknowledge how gender is very fluid, and a lot of people don't fit into the male and female box that you try to put people in. I am getting frustrated because it seems like your content is just for straight hetero cis people and you don't really seem to care or acknowledge other people who don't fit into those gender categories or sexuality categories. As a transwoman, its really hard to relate when you talk about females because it feels like you don't include me. You talk a lot about pregnancy and yoni paintings which in your eyes, is what makes a woman a woman so I do not feel included in your woman talks. The more I watch your content, the more I see myself trying to fit into all these cis hetero categories that you so try and push for everyone to be like, the more I find myself not fitting into any of that and feeling like I really don't belong to this group if all you talk about is hetero cis relationships and acting like other sexualities or genders do not exist.
  5. PLeasee pleaseeeee can someone tell me where teal got that christmas hoodie from, I am dying to get it and can't find it anywhere. It would be of great help thank you
  6. JanelleBright

    Typical Gemini

    aries sun - angry as fuck all the time and spontaneous
  7. JanelleBright

    Sweet Grass

    "whats it like to wake up next to teal swan" i laughed
  8. JanelleBright

    Total BS

    i agreee 100 percent
  9. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    i swear she teleported or something because i dont know how she did that
  10. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    Teal it does feel like you are so happy in all these updates which kind of feels like you are ignoring talking about the collectives pain right now. Like it feels like you are so happy while the rest of us are suffering badly.
  11. JanelleBright

    Boulder Mountain

    How are you in Utah? I thought you were in costa rica? Are the borders not closed? I am so confused
  12. samee. I feel so shitty and isolated today and I also feel both enmeshed and abandoned with being the scapegoat who wanted to be happy and have connection and the golden child who gave up her identity to please them

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