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  1. What I refuse to accept about my reality is the possibility that maybe I will never be able to shift it the way I so badly want to.
  2. Today I woke up with a huge resistance towards taking the idea of "allowing". I realized that obviously I dint really know what it really means to allow and and receive. The fact that everyone says "oh, just allow money/freedom and it will come, you just don't allow it" drives me nuts . I felt I didn't wanted to do anything cuz whatever I did didn't matter. So I embraced that and I did Teals meditation for releasing re
  3. It is very tempting to be a happy zombie I guess However I believe this happiness might be on a very shallow level since there would be no depth without any awareness. Doesnt sound fulfilling to me....
  4. I just thought earlier today about how I dont feel joy or excitement for life so this resonates so much:D however painting and dancing definitely make a little difference. Thanks Teal . Mich love

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