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  1. K-Money

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    I’d like to know about the media!
  2. K-Money

    Teal's New Book

    Yaaaaaaa !!! I cannot wait to read this
  3. K-Money

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    I do the last one ALL THE TIME !! Pobre people around me haha Thanks for sharing! I feel scared to be in your presence hahaha “I won’t do the codependent thing and tell you it’s good” *damn it I do that* So at least I still learned something listening to this. thank you guys!
  4. K-Money

    Toxic Masculinity

    I feel so naive in my perspective. When I watched the ad I saw zero reason to be upset. It was more like... oh cool people are willing to talk about these issues and bring them to the light! Everyone is happy right?! Haha This also reminds me of when I bring up white privilege to even my best of friends. Just because it hurts(most of that is being shown as anger in this case) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. The only way for people to become conscious of the issue is for it to be in your face. Being part of this community is exactly what we’re asking for right? The way many men have been behaving (and the dominate culture towards minorities) needs to be voiced and that pain that everyone is feeling just shows that it’s needed. I can see now that it is difficult for both parties. From my perspective, as a women I have felt deeply unsafe around men because of what behavior has been deemed “normal” in our society. And all gillette has done is say this shouldn’t be deemed “normal” anymore, and that we can all be better and support one another in that process. The other thing I’d like to say is Thank You to you Teal. I’m beginning to see now the negativity that you face on a daily basis just in the comments here. That’s not freakin’ easy! I wanted to remind you that you have made a huge difference in my life, and I appreciate that so much. Thank you for continuing even though it’s not easy. I hope most days it feels worth it!
  5. Thank you for your words Teal. I love the idea of celebrating holidays consciously, and I definitely will start incorporating that into my life!
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