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  1. maxclarity


    being put in a psych ward
  2. maxclarity


    Merry Christmas Teal, I love you!
  3. maxclarity

    Never Get It Done

    I’ve been giving myself a lot of flack for not being in school this term. It’s something I want to get done, and my academic performance is heavily tied to my self worth. If I were to never get done with school, I would still go, but I would probably take less classes so I could better absorb and retain the information from each class I take. I would also let myself take terms off without beating myself up over it, because I wouldn’t be racing towards a finish line.
  4. maxclarity


    Photographing Teal sounds like a dream come true
  5. maxclarity


    She can analyze the collective unconscious like it's a stock market. I'm always impressed!

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