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  1. Cyshia


    The moment I had to spend a week without my kids repeating the pattern of the wounded codependent woman who puts others before myself. It was a pattern I knew was there but to see my programming in full affect right before my eyes was truly that double edged sword moment. Ahhh to integrate the fiery aspects of self.
  2. Cyshia


    I’d heal. I’d learn and love by teaching all that I learn. I’d never stop going to school or getting certifications. I’d forever pay my love forward by opening group homes for youth in the system and show everyone it’s okay to play and learn.
  3. Cyshia

    Rap Music

    This made my day! This whole list is my jam lol thanks Teal. I love how true Root Chakra you are
  4. Cyshia

    The Truth About Empaths

    This was like a breath of fresh air. Very cool!
  5. Cyshia

    Teal's Son

    I’d love so much if you’d share his favorite meals or foods. I’m really struggling with ideas for vegan meals for my kiddos. I’m very new to it.
  6. Cyshia

    Teal's Son

    It was my daughter birthday yesterday as well. How cool Happy Belated Winter!!!!
  7. Cyshia

    June 16th

    This made me weirdly happy!! lol Happy Birthday Teal. I totally don't believe in coincidences so I'm not at all surprised by the people and things that happened on a day that gave birth to a being like you. I hope you get some yummy food and super awesome gifts!! Love you!
  8. Cyshia

    Bypassing Questions

    Thank you Teal! totally bypassing here.. I feel like the me I want to be or the me I know I can be in the future allows me exactly that. false transcendence. wah wah wah lol oh do I love that shadow. this keeps coming up for me in my readings as well. somethings obviously going straight over my head.... confusion is my most common feeling these days
  9. Cyshia

    Guaranteed Happiness

    This made me cringe haha. This goes against everything I’ve taught myself and learned from you. I’m not meant to nor want to be in a state of happiness all the time. Especially if it isn’t naturally occurring. The release I’ve gotten from my “negative” emotions has been more freeing to me than anything. I’ll pass on the nanopartical lol. With source I stay

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