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  1. I can pretty closely imitate a dolphin sound ever since I was little
  2. Katie Chamberlain


    speak my truth, and own being feminine no matter where I am even if its in hyper masculine places, and honor my voice even if it feels like the world tries to silence it. I'd be in my body unapologetically and do what I feel is my calling and wouldn't care if it matched the traditional notions of education. I'd also be vulnerable in my relationships to the point of not caring if I broke down into younger more vulnerable parts and lost "control".
  3. Katie Chamberlain


    Inner Child Healing, but getting caught in placating to the benefit of the relationships around me.
  4. Katie Chamberlain


    Being able to trust your own vision. And as a result the knowing that no matter how silent/suppressed your suffering may be, it is still valid, and worthy of liberation.
  5. At 2:46 she says “Well it’s not him it’s me. No it’s actually a lot of him.” Hope this helps!
  6. I love you teal, your voice and this concept is so needed in this world right now. Seeing this is giving me more strength to actually go into traumas that I feel like I've been getting messages to stay clear of (BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE AREN'T WANTING TO DO THIS) THIS BODY IS INTELLIGENT IT FEELS THINGS CORRECTLY YES THANK YOU
  7. Katie Chamberlain

    Hunger Of The Pine

    Amazing!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Also thank you for using your voice to help those who are often cast out as un-integral members of out society!
  9. Happy belated Birthday Blake!! For so long now I've been feeling doom about the health of my body (reflecting the health of the "being" of humanity?), and the quality of my life as being back in my parents house is bringing up a lot of self-destructive ways of being for me. However after writing these feelings down, I'm realizing I'm so deeply searching for the feeling safety (and then freedom, fitness etc.) in all moments (ohh!!). I'm trying to work out how to take care of myself from that new perspective (though that means taking up more space emotionally in my feminine than I'm used to, but growth!) thank you as always Teal!

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