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  1. nadyalorenz


  2. nadyalorenz

    Adorable Teal

    I’m 35 years old and still sleep with a “lovey and blankly” (teddy bear and blanket) I’ve had the blanket all my life and the bear since I was 6 and I don’t do well without them
  3. nadyalorenz


    I normalized getting hurt by my primary attachment figure
  4. Freedom. Didn’t even have to think about it. Because for me TRUE happiness INCLUDES FREEDOM
  5. nadyalorenz

    3 Shadows

    I needed that... thank you
  6. In my book, If an entity has to “grab” for power, that raises suspicion about weather it SHOULD have that power - the only time I would consider giving anything up for safety and connection is if that safety and connection really checks out as SINCERE connection and safety because at that point I would be shown something even better than what I would be giving up
  7. Does she have the gold or the amber one? It looks like the amber one because the gold seems a little lighter in color but it would be awesome to know!
  8. nadyalorenz


    TEAL, that promise you made “the better it gets, the better it gets” was at times the life raft of my psyche.... my belief in YOU is what grew my belief in ME - your content has introduced me to the keys to my life - thank you for destroying our cages
  9. is this an indicator that Source is too smart for it's own good???
  10. nadyalorenz

    Funny Story

    My little bunny had surgery a few months ago and while she was healing I placed a printed healing frequency from Teal in her area.... aaaand she ate it ? thank you for helping the animals too Teal?
  11. nadyalorenz

    Practical Self Love

    where can I find the course??

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