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  1. Raederle

    Physically Mirrored Trauma

    I can sit here the entire next year, Teal. Tell us all about noses, slumped shoulders, acid reflux, constipation, flora issues, itchy ears, feet fungus, brittle nails, hair loss, liver spots . . . Tell us everything!!!!!!
  2. Raederle

    3 Shadows

    I don't mind at all. Here's the sheet. I use it to create a ranking for the videos so I can easily view the videos I thought were the best and reference them when recommending videos to others. I also sometimes take a few notes and add them. Originally I started the sheet to keep track of which ones I'd watched so that I could work through watching all of them, but a year or so ago I caught up and that bit became irrelevant.
  3. Raederle


    Agree completely with the above. However . . . Actually, because of its rapid mutations, it is likely people can catch it more than once. Also, with compromised immune systems, people can definitely catch it multiple times even if it is the same. I was born without a proper immune system so I caught chicken pox twice, and I had mono a record FOUR times. My doctor was shocked. I gave up on western medicine at the age of sixteen because I was practically dying and nobody in the conventional system could help me, so I took my health into my own hands and ended up becoming a nutritionist and health coach helping others. (I have a stronger than average immune system now.) Anyhow, just thought I'd point out that one misconception you had. Otherwise, I generally agree . . . Although, I find it hard to think that I might lose my parents if they get COVID-19, and many people I know are likely to lose their parents as well. It's a tough thing to just say, "Oh well, so your parents will die, but let's just have a party anyway." You probably don't mean it that way, but that is how many people are viewing the anti-fear push back. We can't be loving and be anti-fear, we also must love the people who are afraid. ~ Raederle www.Raederle.com
  4. Raederle

    3 Shadows

    @Anna90 I've found that Teal covers a lot of the same ground repeatedly in her videos, books, blogs, and on premium. That said – I've watched all 400+ Ask Teal videos (and made a spreadsheet of them), watched around 50% of the workshop videos, read all her books, and watched about 90% of the premium content daily updates – and I find some of the repetition is really useful; getting the same content in multiple forms helps absorb it, and hearing it multiple times help absorb the terminology into our own lexicon. I also find it helpful to discuss the Ask Teal episodes with friends and family during and after the video to help work through the concepts and how they're relevant. So if you can afford more of Teal's content, go for it. It you can't, just stick with the stuff on youtube and/or premium and you've still got endless content to work with. Despite being someone who deeply resonates with Teal's work and engages with it multiple days a week for the past seven years, I still haven't seen all of Teal's content. You're unlikely to run out. Also, I highly recommend using your premium perk of being able to download the Ask Teal series as mp3s. I did this and I've been listening to Teal's episodes again, many of which I heard years ago, and I've been learning things I missed the first time around.
  5. Raederle

    3 Shadows

    I would be very suspicious of a doctor who needed to tell me they were "very good" at what they do. All the best service-people in my life have always said they do their best and it sometimes works, and they're honest about that. People who boast strike me as people who need to "sell themselves" and "lay it on thick" because they're not actually very good. Anyway, depression and anxiety in the global situation right now is entirely normal. Just keep watching Teal, seek ways to love yourself, and phone helpful people you know as often as you can who are genuinely emotionally supportive.
  6. I agree with all of your statements except that the last one I quoted above. I don't think they can stop COVID-19. This is bad for everyone, including wealthy stockholders. In the evil corporation that someone I know works for, the executives are taking a 50% pay cut, and everyone in the company is taking a 5% pay cut. This means the richest people in the company are cutting in HALF their income over this. I know someone else who is a stockholder of a complex, very well-thought portfolio, and he's lost over 20% of his retirement savings. Trump himself wanted to be in denial about this whole thing existing and wanted to pretend that China made it up until it started economically impacting even the most privileged people in the U.S. I am very worried about the long-term consequences too. What if people decide to stay paranoid about viruses for ever? What if "not vaccinating" becomes a crime you can be fined for? What if it becomes taboo to hug people who aren't your family or who don't live with you? It's a scary thing, and a bad thing, and many people will try to "make out" of this situation with more power. I'm sure many wealthy people are buying a lot of stocks while the stockmarket is down. I bet many companies will get bought out by larger ones. In some cases things will come out better, and in some cases things will come out worse. In terms of travel, you may be right. It may be that travel will shut down in a big way. In some ways, that might be somewhat good. Less emissions, more sustainability. In other ways, that will be very bad. Travel has led to greater understanding and acceptance of different cultures and ideas worldwide; halting that progress seems like a very bad thing. I can imagine some countries may want to close their borders for a very long time. I wish you well and I hope you don't find this message hurtful or threatening in anyway. I'm just making conversation and expressing my opinions, hopefully in a way that comes off as respectful. Feel free to disagree with me and respond or not as you wish. Blessings on you. ~ Raederle www.Raederle.com
  7. I have that feeling too. I feel like there is a lot more going on that Teal sees but isn't telling us. I think this is because Teal is looking at potential futures and not wanting to creep us out with the worst case scenario because there is still a possibility that we'll manifest something better.
  8. Raederle


    This is the best explanation around soulmates and breakups I've ever read, seen, heard, or watched. Thanks Teal.
  9. Raederle

    Inner Child Work

    I wish there was a way to save some of these to a playlist or favorites list like you can on youtube, lol.
  10. Raederle

    Energy Technology Pt2

    How's it going with your investment?
  11. Raederle

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's strange; I trust Teal so much and agree with her across the board on so many subjects, yet I find myself hesitating to buy such expensive products. Well, to be honest, I can't even possibly afford the gold Somavedic that Teal is showing off in this video. I have been considering buying a Q-link (which she mentioned in the first video) because I'm extremely EMF sensitive. Cell phones will actually give me muscle spasms if they're within a few inches from my hands and migraines if I hold them to my head. Hence, I don't own a cell phone. I've found the SafeSleeve actually works on cell phones and that it allows me to hold a phone, have it in my purse, and carry on 20-minute conversation before the headache starts to come on. But the SafeSleeve is $30. A Q-link is $110 for the least expensive model, and its plastic no less. It's just hard to imagine that wearing a bit of plastic on my neck is going to help with things surrounding me, I guess. Soooo . . . Anyway, reading your comment helped give me a little more faith that perhaps such an investment isn't crazy.
  12. What's your range? Maybe occasionally sing for people just for fun.
  13. Raederle


    This just happened to me revolving around my relationship with food. In my daily log journal I wrote: "I went grocery shopping and I decided to implement my revelation about the importance of ongoing variety for the sake of microflora diversity. I'm nervous about it because I may react negatively to things I have not had in a long time, but I feel that it is important that I make this step and stick with it for a long time to give it a full, fair trial. I'm excited about it, because it means trying lots of things I wrote off as “unacceptable” in the past, but I'm timid about my discipline. I'm very good at cutting things out completely, but discipline for moderation is very hard. Then again, it's 6:27pm right now and I have not yet eaten today. So my discipline is actually pretty good when I'm inspired. This shift is a big deal for me, literally identity shifting; hopefully for the best. | In other news, I paid for my CCP training tuition today." Oh yeah, I'm getting trained to be a CPP.
  14. Raederle

    Intentional Community

    I live in an intentional community called White Hawk Eco Village in Ithaca, NY, USA. One of the biggest problems we have here is that we don't all share a vision, yet we have a consensus-based community. This isn't as problematic as it could be since we have separate households and separate finances for the most part, with each household simply paying a fee that goes into plowing the road, mowing the lawns, land taxes, etc. If we all shared one building it would be much harder. I am actually enjoying seeing the newer families that have joined our village and how the vision is shifting to something more spiritual, more connected. I am hoping that some people from Teal Tribe will consider moving here. We have a beautiful 120 acres, permaculture gardens, a lot of cultivated and wild edibles, and healthy people. If you're interested in building a house here, look us up. ~ Raederle (pronounced: Ray-der-lee)
  15. Raederle

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    I appreciate this question so much. I've run into the same thing and wondered if my parts were literally incompatible, but they always turn out to be compatible in the end. Why can't it be that way with two dedicated people? I'm really curious as to more of Teal's thoughts on relationships where you're both dedicated and interested in making things work, but you have core values and needs that seem to directly clash with one another regularly.
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