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  1. Raederle

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    Being able to meet people in person via Teal Tribe would be my main interest in using it. Unfortunately, there is so much chaos being posted that even if someone wrote, "Hey, anyone in Ithaca, NY?" I would be highly unlikely to ever see their post. It would be nice if there were sub-sections or sub-groups somehow for each area that any individual wanted to create. I would be happy to run a Central NY group (Syracuse, Albany, Ithaca, etc), or even Central + Western (which would include Buffalo and Rochester). (I feel being lumped in with NYC people wouldn't be useful as that's a four hour drive from here and there will be a lot of people in NYC and less of us out over here.)
  2. Raederle

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    The second woman (the older one with white hair who self-identified as autistic) is an INTJ like my mother. I mention this partly because Myers-Briggs is a fantastic way to approach understanding people through a logic-oriented system. When you learn the eight cognitive functions that Carl Jung identified and the system that the Myers-Briggs team developed from those cognitive functions, you have a model for understanding how/why different people think the way they do. Also, INTJ women are fairly rare. It is a more common type among men, which leaves INTJ women particularly lonely and finding it hard to relate to anyone, particularly since INTJ types tend to be the most reclusive. Other types that tend to benefit a lot from the Myers-Briggs system include INFPs, INFJs, and INTPs. (Although INTPs are usually huge skeptics until they dive really deep into it.) So, if you're reading this and relate to that woman (or are that woman), I suggest looking into it. ~ Raederle (an INFJ)
  3. Raederle

    Middle East

    OMG. That's SO helpful!
  4. Raederle

    Pottery Painting

    I've been to a Paint Your Pot session before and loved it. The bowl I painted is still in my room to this day years later. I've been thinking about trying actually molding the pottery clay and going through the whole process. In fact, I might be doing this later on this month, so this is rather serendipitous.
  5. Raederle

    Life In One Word

    That's very brave of you to admit, and conscious of you to observe. I salute you.
  6. Raederle

    Life In One Word

    Love. It's sounds so obvious, but it feels like a genuine theme in my life in particular. I had my first committed, loving, live-in relationship starting at the age of thirteen that lasted two years. Similarly, my second love was with me for 1.5 years, living with me for a year. And then at 17 I met my third love and was with him for 2.5 years. Before I was twenty I had six years of committed, marriage-like relationship under my belt and a wealth of wisdom that my peers (and parents) did not have on the subjects of romance and love. I became the unofficial therapist of my of my peer-group couples. At twenty I decided I wouldn't settle for anything less than "the one" and I did a world-wide search on OKCupid, and moved 2,500 miles to live with Lytenian, who is still my husband now (ten years later). At the age of twenty-two I became polyamorous, and at twenty-six I met my other husband, who I've now been with for four years. The three of us live together in more harmony than most monogamous people do. This is an incredible achievement, and it is where my passion and interest lies most deeply. As Jane Eyre says (in a classic novel): She was only content with a relationship when she could get to the very heath-stone of someone's being and converse with them on subjects of the utmost importance to them. Jane Eyre, like myself, is an INFJ. I believe Teal is too, although she's never mentioned it. (INFJ is a Myers-Briggs type; it is the rarest of the personality types and one of the most difficult to navigate in society with. The only tougher type to be is INFP, which Lytenian actually is.) Love is also fitting for me because of Teal's definition of love: to take something as part of yourself. I am a major adopter – always grabbing more things to pull closer and add to my identity. Being complex and encompassing of much is vital to me. Love. That's my word.
  7. Raederle

    Dangerous Assumptions

    I've been comparing these predictions (as I'm watching them a week or so later) with my journal entries for the given date the video was posted. In each case I wish I'd seen the video on the given day because it was so spot-on. Although, in this particular case I did manage to have a process on that day and challenge some of my assumptions about what I thought was going wrong. I feel that updates like this are particularly valuable and enjoyable to me, so if the team is reading this, you might pass that on to Teal.
  8. Raederle

    Liver Flush

    That makes a lot of sense. Apple juice makes me feel sick though (even though apples don't). Does he offer alternatives to apple juice? I suppose I could just use the USDA data to look up what other foods have malic acid.
  9. Raederle

    Liver Flush

    Most body lotions are HIGHLY toxic and give me a migraine even from a six foot distance when someone applies them. Personally, I use oils. I have very dry skin and can easily get away with using olive oil, jajabo oil, etc, on my skin without clogging my pores. The soap you use also may be drying your skin, so you might look into alternatives for that.
  10. Raederle

    Liver Flush

    Hi Ashley, From what I've read, most people don't experience much pain, but some people experience quite a bit. Here is a PDF by Andreas Moritz: http://daradietz.org/Liver-Cleanse-Andreas-Moritz.pdf
  11. Raederle

    Liver Flush

    Reading your comment is inspiring. I just worry that I would take the flush so much harder than some people do (that I would be one of the people who reacts by vomiting like crazy, which is actually what happened after my first day water fasting back in 2010). Maybe I can try some half-version of the cleanse? Like shorter lead time, and half as much oil, etc . . .
  12. Raederle

    Liver Flush

    Some farms use INSECTS to eat other insects, like wasps to eat corn worms, and ladybugs to eat aphids, and so on. I had a CSA (community supported agriculture) share through a farm called Thorpes Farm when I lived in Buffalo, NY. They used zero sprays whatsoever. They were certified organic, but they went above and beyond. The share from them was also a really good deal if you eat your greens, because often they had "all you can eat" of certain crops for certain weeks, so we would take home a 15-gallon bin of kale every week that they had unlimited kale available. (Photos of what my fridge looked like stuffed with that much kale are available on my facebook.) That said, yeah, the large organic farms do everything the cheapest way they can while still following the regulations. They still use chemicals. Personally, my body can't tolerate make-up, perfumes, chemical shampoos, etc. I get migraines. Even fifteen minutes of wearing eye-liner (even Eco Bella eye-liner which is vegan and hypoallergenic) gives me a terrible headache that lasts for hours. So I'm "lucky" in that I can't expose myself to chemicals without making myself immediately suffer hours of pain. I have multiple face masks for filtering fumes from the air. My favorite is metamask, which just recently became available on Amazon. I was getting to the point where I was afraid to leave the house before I discovered these masks. I can't enter a building using incense or where any painting is going on! I'm also insanely sensitive to foods, including all lectins. (Gluten is a type of lectin.) So in my books I teach people how to avoid chemicals and toxic foods as much as possible. In Teal's case, I'm imagining flying around has a lot to do with the chemical ingestion. After I fly somewhere I'm down for the count for three days of recovery time. None of the masks I've tried do anything for jet fuel fumes; they go right through the mask and make me feel terribly sick even when everyone else just thinks it is a "mildly annoying" smell. It's not. It's chemical stuff poisoning you. I always take celery with me when I fly, as it is a miracle for headaches. And fresh ginger for the motion sickness of course. I'm honestly considering if I ever want to fly again. I've been flying someone once or twice a year for the past decade, and each time it seems harder and worse than the last. I've done a lot of reading about liver cleanses. I've done enemas and love them. I've watched clients do liver cleanses and helped them through it; but somehow I've not been called to do it myself. I'm concerned about how my body would handle it. For one thing, I couldn't use olive oil because I'm sensitive to olive oil. The idea of consuming epsom salts also makes me uncomfortable. And I can't do pasteurized juices, so I would have to fresh juice all my juice for the three day cleanse, which itself has implications. But . . . Maybe I should try it. Perhaps my sensitivities would go way down if I could get some stuff out of my liver. (And yes, of course, I eat super clean too. All organic, no refined sweeteners whatsoever, no protein extracts, no hydrogenated oils, no food colorings, no mysterious added flavorings that aren't specified, no GMOs – which is part of eating all organic, and no lectins.) Thank you for sharing Teal. I never find any of your content to be an "over share" for my taste, but then, I'm an INFJ too.
  13. Raederle

    Souls & Archangels

    The more in alignment you are with your own desires, your own truth, your own authenticity, the more you will simply stumble into people who you're meant to meet. Notice how you feel the instant you look someone in the eye for the first time; sometimes there is a recognition for a moment before you resume being strangers. Also look for serendipitous events around someone in your life. More than anything, simply notice the people who keep returning to your life again and again, always adding value to your life, always making you feel more alive.
  14. Raederle

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    I don't wash everything out of my garden, or the "triple washed" salad greens from the store. Other than that, we wash everything, usually soaking for a while. We usually use vinegar.
  15. Raederle

    Anxiety Crystals

    Teal has an Ask Teal episode where she talks about protection. It might be her episode on psychic vampires, which is a really important video (as she basically explains that psychic vampires don't work at all the way people generally think they do – it's about mirroring, not actually being stolen from).
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