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  1. Noe


    That I feel powerless not to recreate circumstances that retraumatize me.
  2. Noe

    Gaslighting and Doom

    Thanks Teal! So gaslighting has been the main theme of my life and seems to be the major traumatic imprint and point of attraction for more trauma... And it seems that the more authentically I try to live, the more unbearably triggered I am by gaslighting... in the last few months it's really begun to feel like pretty much everyone is in some way or another guilty of this... some to a greater extent than others, and myself included... so my question is, how the fuck do you integrate having been gaslit your entire life, if you're constantly being retraumatised by society and humans lying to themselves and to you?
  3. Noe

    Sex Abuse Course

    So much gratitude for this... finally! After many many prayers, and years of sitting in the pain and the question of how to heal this (12 years of CBT therapy have not really brought any healing to these wounds and a suffering that is so raw..)
  4. Noe

    Mind, Body & Heart

    So much gratitude and openness coming through thanks to you. Happy New Year you weird and beautiful light being feeling creature.

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