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  1. Pankaj_7

    This Is A Sign

    Universe should be on fire 365 days of the year for this matter. TRUTH !
  2. Pankaj_7

    It's A Joke!

    Once in remote indian village husband has a quarrel with his wife at home, so he walks out to have some quite period to the periphery of the village and comes across Sadhu(renunciated ascetic). Husband goes asks "Sadhu Maharaj" :Wife is giving me a trouble please suggest some easy solution. Sadhu stairs with his eyes stretched and yells "You idiot if there was a easy solution why would I become Sadhu !"
  3. Pankaj_7

    Ask Teal BTS

    How do you guys handle copy right issues.. if you are pullng images/vids from internet ?
  4. Pankaj_7


    Bias: I understand it’s a tendency to generalise things/ideas for easy processing by mind (memory processor). Bias which is precise is not a problem but imprecise is a big issue especially if actions are taken from it. For example when I see fat person conclusion (one of many) mind creates is he/she has lazy sedantic life and dull/slow in action. Although by majority it may be true but mistake happens when there is exception. A US police would have bias against African–American. Immigration officer would have bias against foreign origin person. Atheist would have bias against priest and v
  5. Pankaj_7

    Childhood Story

    Tom & Jerry, Popeye Laurel and Hardy + Animal world on discovery channel, so much so I would not hear mom screaming my name
  6. Most painful? Knowing that myself was only a concept. It didn't have solidity
  7. Pankaj_7

    Online Workshop - April 19 2020

    At later in interview she mentions we already in it. It started in sept 11..
  8. Pankaj_7

    Online Workshop - April 19 2020

    Thanks for hint.. Indeed there is potential for another War
  9. Pankaj_7

    Online Workshop - April 19 2020

    I had missed this line while on Live @2:18:56 "Back in 2015? humanity opted for WW3" I hope WW3 refers to what already happened and nothing new..
  10. What I want ? That which feels good(provided compass is pointing North) and move forward towards goal of end to suffering(least in myself). Same time not be against others who want something for me ? This is where question what is right/correct/better/truth becomes relevant. Whichever party has it should go ahead with it. But then loosing(incorrect/mistaken/uninformed) party's ego/resistance comes into play and other party is afraid to loose that relation bcoz of it. And argument dosen't even take place and gets postponed until universe corners both party by turning up heat.
  11. I have already kind of rebelled(expressed my boundry) today to parents for constantly telling me to eat things that don't go well with me.
  12. Pankaj_7

    Quality Of Life

    Ofcourse I want to survive but how I survive is imp too. Architype such as master player, adventurer, warrier or even enlighten being defines "how" to; against wingless bird.
  13. Pankaj_7

    Teal's Resistance

    Fact in back of my head that argues I (temporal self) did not design or conceive this reality of contrast (that is achieved through fragmentation). Who ever(higher self ?) did it its his/her job to get this house in order I can only play bit of part. Why and how much energy should I put to get integrated myself ? This agrument when taken to extream takes away my inspiration and also sets me free from further self help work on myself.
  14. Pankaj_7

    Guaranteed Happiness

    I guess we were told to graduate in AND consciousness ? Why not both ? Even drunken bloke seems happy subjectively , if he is not able to make different choice its compulsive and thus its slavery. Give me a God dammed Freedom, after testing spectrum of possibility I would have chosen most economical posibility i.e. Happiness !
  15. Pankaj_7

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Well I have got quote for manufacturing Samovedic size Titanium Pyramid(10x10x6.366 cm, gade 2)for ~ $140 + shipping from china ? looking into it.
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