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  1. Rifa


    you look so beautiful here
  2. Happy birthday Teal
  3. Rifa


    Step into my authenticity
  4. Rifa

    Path Test: The Results

    Hahaha this was amazing and so true. I chose the long sceney road to get there, 50/50 red and white roses, went directly past the maid, put it beside window, saw them asleep, came back home through the long sceney road again. Thanks teal.
  5. Rifa

    Los Angeles Workshop 2016

    love this workshop
  6. Rifa

    Full Moon In Taurus

    Teal, what is the difference between sidereal or tropical astrology?
  7. Rifa


    I used to normalize rejection seeing rejection is inevitable, but now i am making peace with it since I know it is because of conflicting needs, excited about your new video
  8. Rifa

    Salt Lake City 2014

    Peace to everyone
  9. Rifa

    Back In The U.S.

    Stay well teal love you

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