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  1. daniela.maghini


    my scapegoat? that's a hard one... right now my father probably
  2. daniela.maghini


    i'm taking the risk of loving myself no matter what my circumstances are. yes, it is a risk to me. it's scary and it could create conflict with the people that benefit from me hating myself. but i want to take this risk, because now i have a person i really love, and his positive influence on my life is enough to make me love myself. i'm not taking the risk of fully following my passions. i'm tip toeing around them, without fully committing to them. i first want to be stable in raising my vibration.
  3. bruh the last girl... my intuition told me she wanted to act before she said it
  4. daniela.maghini


    Amazing... she nailed it. how can a human being be so damn smart?

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