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    Taking Requests

    Okay so: - Stuff around diet! What is natural/unnatural for humans, what to eat to support healing from certain ailments, what to eat for body type, etc. Vibrational leniencies/rules. - Examples of when & how it's beneficial to take our conscious awareness into the physical 3d space and address our shadows/work through shadow patterns in our actions here (in the 3d) - More about specific ailments, why they manifest & how to cure them. - vibrational Tips for the day/collective shadows - More adorable fun stuff about you & what you like/love.. Especially the more human based things that sets you aside from the other spiritual teacher identified types (the 'what's in my purse' was so funny for eg :DD ) And.. I think I'm done. Ty so much for asking!
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    To avoid pain. Because I don't know if I could manage if it stays the same.
  3. SJ.pix


    Blakes interestingly placed hobby example almost made me fall off my chair. Oh my god

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