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    I notice great game design and what game is going to succeed just by looking at it. I notice great teachers and love the unique approaches each one take for the same topic. I notice great healing modalities when i see them/experience them. I notice long lasting love/compatibility when looking at two people friends, lovers, or otherwise. I notice great poetry and play on words describing a bigger problem/solution that pass the human ego with the eloquence of metaphor and relatability.
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    The things that make me feel most alive are: - When I am connecting intimately with a friend and group of friends - When I am holding and deeply connecting with my lover - When I travel to a new place I never been before and explore - When I write poetry expressing my emotions - When I play games with my friends - When I do the completion process or Parts Work and I feel the integration and change - When I help someone through their problems and find a solution - When I learn something new, especially, when it changes my perspective - When I listen to my favorite music, or new favorite music - When I write or create something great

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