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  1. Jana Shukova


    Thank you Teal! I love you! I am with you! I really wanted to hear your opinion on this, I really felt abandoned. Again, thank you so much!
  2. I love this update but once I checked out the prices of these items I got really sad. I make 400$ a month in my country, I cant afford something like this now. Maybe add a few items that are a little bit more budget friendly? Also, A few months ago I made wooden nubian pyramids for my house ( similar to the one in the photo). I made like 13 or more I think. Made them with glue and barbecue sticks. Put one in every corner of my home and other places. Does this geometry have any effect on my home? Thank you for the update
  3. Jana Shukova

    Worst Date Ever

    I was on my first date ever when I was 14. He made me pay for the tea and leave early because a friend of his had an "emergency". The emergency was that he needed money for weed, i got to tag along with him and see that. Cried for an hour and he had no idea why I was crying. Thanks for this update it was very fun to watch and answer to. Also can you please share your values from your previous daily update. I asked for them in the teal tribe group too. That looks like so much fun to do. Thank you for the inspiration! love you both
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