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  1. Desirae

    Any Place In The World

    Chiang Mai, Thailand because there are 30 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents!
  2. Desirae


    Listen to & act on my intuitive prompts.
  3. Desirae

    "Gender Sameness" Quote

    then why would she make such a shallow statement? this subject is not black & white. i don't understand teal's intentions sometimes yet idk what i'd have done without her this last few years. she can be so confusing.
  4. Desirae

    "Gender Sameness" Quote

    what a shallow statement. equality is not "sameness."
  5. Desirae

    Los Angeles Workshop 2020 - 2/2

    It's amazing to be able to see deeper into my own heart while watching teal dig into others' hearts. I can watch youtube episodes all day long to "work on" myself, but watching synchronization workshops help me SEE myself. Indeed, we are one.
  6. ...vegan "just" egg & vegan "tofurkey" maple tempeh happy yule
  7. Desirae

    Grateful For

    Oh I know she is! One of the main reasons I love Teal! I was just saying to go vegan for anyone reading Mothernature & the animals need all of us to ASAP
  8. Desirae

    Grateful For

    Intersectional Vegans Give Thanks Every Day by going Vegan
  9. Please everyone, let's evolve & go vegan ASAP ✌
  10. Desirae

    Life In One Word

    I too feel to have lived several lifetimes already. I think one word for my life could be: Dynamic
  11. Desirae

    Funny Movies

    fun! spaceballs #1 beetlejuice what about bob? the blues brothers coming to america planes, trains, and automobiles wayne's world corky romano nacho libre land of the lost mystery men a knight's tale ghost town idiocracy anger management the big lebowski dinner for shmucks pineapple express ....... can go on & on & on
  12. Desirae

    Medium Roast

    I recently switched from drip to french press (it helps me to drink less in one day) & I use coarse ground organic espresso roast. Tastes amazing with monkfruit sweetener & a nutmylk!
  13. Desirae

    Sports History

    I understand the excitement, the energetic activity, the teamwork, all of the good that comes from competitive sports, but don't those kinds cause reward/punishment mindsets that skew societies' values & unhealthily boost individual ego, causing separation from people? ("me me me, i won i won"... meh, no thanks). Extreme exercise/activities can be exhilarating without desire to "win" or "beat" other people (I hike, train at gym, & do pilates, not competing with anyone, & feel on top of the world with only love in my heart ). I think this world could be better off without competitiveness but instead lifting eachother up without comparing to one anothers' acheivements & failures. It goes even deeper with structural distraction from societal needs, like how the Roman empire distracted & used their citizens...
  14. Desirae

    Slow-Mo Tennis

    Awesome; never tried tennis. My favorite is hiking in evergreen woods with my 14 pound cat (Myrrlin) in front-carrier & mesh tent (to block mosquitos), picnic supplies, & Teal Swan books in backpack 🏕 Regularly I use elliptical & stepmill for cardio at gym & weight training for body sculpting & at home I love cardio Pilates

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