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  1. Rūta

    What's Your Landscape?

    It must be snowing there, that's for sure!
  2. I only saw the Matrix out of the list because I usually watch crappy horror movies
  3. It's interesting how when I went Premium again few days ago there's 'accidentally' a workshop happening in the same month. It's like the Universe saying 'You better attend!'
  4. Rūta

    Going For Your Purpose

    Oh my.... This is just perfect. Today I got a call from the potential employer with good news that my first interview was successful and I'm invited to the second one tomorrow. And here is some insights from Teal, perfect timing! Food for thought.
  5. This is a little off topic, but wouldn't it be amazing if Teal did a Frequency Tarot 2 using her newest frequency paintings?? Like that would be fantastic wouldn't it???
  6. Rūta


    it's here ! :')))
  7. Rūta


    Just listened a bit of it and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna meditate with it ! Love the sound. Thanks!
  8. It was recorded, so It's going to be posted in a week or so here on Premium
  9. Such a rich workshop, thank you so much Teal and the Team
  10. It's gonna be posted, don't worry
  11. I'm so ready ! Just made dinner and waiting for it to start
  12. Teal's frequency paintings are my guilty pleasure these days. I use them on my phone in many creative ways. The last one I used was 'Receive'. It's mind blowing how much have happened during the time, I'm overwhelmed but in a good way. Received So so so much stuff and support. Thank you Universe
  13. Rūta


    Off topic, but did anyone purchased Teal's Divine Guidance card deck from Europe?? I reached out to Teal shop but they pretty much can't help me because they are not responsible for puchases overseas. I paid over 25 usd just for shipping alone and getting a little worried because I have no idea when I'll get them/where they currently are. Anyone??
  14. Rūta


    Thank you so much for the free lessons. I feel I'm going crazy in finance/career area of my life, and then some in other areas. I have to fight suicidal thoughts from the first moment of waking up more than ever in my entire life. I feel like I'm failing at doing Parts work as well. I feel like a burden to all. I just don't want to live anymore and it's scaring me even more..
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