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  1. isa.sch


    I notice kindness, true kindness.
  2. isa.sch

    Typical Gemini

    Libra Sun. I like aesthetics and I’m extremely interested in people. I love to take on the perspective of everything and everyone and quickly lose touch with myself. I have difficulties actually establishing what ‘I’ want, and I’m easily wrapped up in what other people do and say. I will hate injustice until the day I day. Literally. It drive me nuts. I’m usually nice to people, unless I find them to be arrogant/aloof, especially authority figures, in which case I will let them know one way or the other. It can take me a long time to tell a story.
  3. So that‘s where the term ‚thirsty‘ comes from
  4. isa.sch

    Shadow House 2014

    Did Justin ever end up talking publicly about what it was that he experienced?

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