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  1. Aodhan

    Seasons Change

    Oh man, now im concerned the small collection of crystals i have know might feel trapped or unhappy and i cannot hear them!
  2. Aodhan

    A Closed Door

    Oh go i could name so many things, one that propably stands out is that i love to go metal detecting which in general i only see elderly people do.. even though i find it such a inner child activity as i get so excited about 'treasure' hunting and digging in the earth, i generally just find old nails and trash but it never keeps me from hunting for that (fantasy) armor and sword hahaha
  3. Aodhan

    Teal's Son

    i keep being amazed by how strong you are Teal, not that i ever doubted that. And i get all warm inside when you describe the parenting you and Matt do. Im really happy for Winter to have this!! and honestly that he said that he believes in himself was after a moment of laughter so inspirational! i love it. so much love pouring to you all!
  4. Aodhan

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    oh wow that sounds amazing, ill definitely look into that!
  5. Aodhan

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Wait, is this a trick to just not have to get up in the morning? i need one of those alarm clocks that don't make sound!!
  6. Aodhan

    One Thought

    Haha i love this, you put a big smile on my face.
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