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  1. An Arcturian Blueray Grid that causes a person to receive insight. This frequency causes those exposed to it to gain accurate and deep intuitive understanding of something. It is incredibly beneficial for anyone who is feeling confused or not clear about something.
  2. An Arcturian Blueray Grid which reveals the correct path and direction for you at any given time. This frequency lines you up with your destiny and desires. We often feel stuck or unsure of how to get from where we are to what we have been wanting or to our life purpose. This frequency clears the blockages so the way is clear.
  3. A Pleiadian Lightwork Model representing a great conjunction that causes congruence between Earth, The Pleiades and Venus. This conjunction causes congruence between them, creating an ending to the cycle of polarity on earth and beginning a new cycle whereby the earth is ruled instead by complete synthesis, the manifestation of the purest expression of universal consciousness, which is love. Having this lightwork model in your living space causes harmony on all levels, including harmony between the internal and external. Displaying this frequency is both a statement in support of and a demonstration of your commitment to: Ending the cycle of polarity.
  4. The Frequency of Trust between people. To trust is to be able to rely on someone to capitalize on and care for your best interests. It is a form of being able to depending on someone that feels secure and safe. This painting is also encoded with sacred trust symbols that amplify its overall frequency.
  5. A Frequency Painting that incorporates the energy of the sun and the moon and as such, serves to unify the vast array of opposites inherent in the energy of the sun and the moon. This frequency brings the energy of the sun and the moon into your energy field and assists in the unification of attributes that belong to them; attributes such as male, female, light and shadow, day and night, ambition and calm.
  6. An Arcturian Lattice Grid that facilitates out of body experience and astral travel. This grid is able to open traversable wormholes, which allows one’s consciousness to travel back and forth between different universes and different dimensions.
  7. The state of being in which two or more things are able to co exist and come together in combination without problems or conflict.
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    you pick them up at will call
  9. The vibration of the state of being where one has unfolded and extended themselves so as to become unrestricted and accessible to the world including the beings in the world (for example other people). This vibration is the opposite of concealment, privacy, secrecy and restriction. This state of openness is as open to accepting/receiving as it is to projecting/giving.
  10. An Arcturian Light Grid that represents the path of progression to Aether as well as acts in and of itself as a doorway to Aether. It can be activated much like a portal can be activated. Aether is the spiritual material that permeates through time and space. It is also referred to as Quintessence or the Fifth Element. In order to access Aether, which is celestial in nature, one’s consciousness must transcend the terrestrial aspect of the universe. With that level of consciousness a being has access to divine purity as well as omniscience and so, they become the embodiment of truth and the embodiment of light. This vibration is so powerful in terms of its capacity to teach people to exit terrestrial limitations that it is not recommended for anyone who is practicing grounding or fully embodied tasks.
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    Looking forward to our return to Houston! Houston was the first city we travelled out of state to and as far as I'm concerned the birthplace of the Synchronization Workshop. Event Location The Whitehall Houston 1700 Smith St, Houston, TX 77002 10am - 5:30pm Tickets On Sale! General Tickets $120 It's going to be a beautiful weekend. Join the Facebook Event Page for rideshares, accommodation shares, and alternative events happening that weekend. Facebook Event Page A Unique Online Experience! - Teal has been incorporating more Group Exercises into her events and we have added this to the online experience. Now, when you sign up for the online event you hook up with 3 other members through Skype/Google Hangout during the workshop to participate in the live experience. It brings a much more live experience to an otherwise observational event. To Find a Group for Online Viewing visit
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    Premium is first 3-4 rows of seating and a brief photo/book sign with Teal.
  13. A Pleiadian Light Work Model designed to activate the divine feminine so that the highest feminine aspect can rise within you. This aspect is often referred to as the inner goddess. Having this light work model in your presence will help you to embody the qualities of divine feminine including restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality.
  14. An Arcturian light grid that catalyzes a process of development within a being. To understand this light grid, think of the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Its potential is eventually actualized as a result of the metamorphosis. The influence of this frequency causes change in alignment with growth, maturation and advancement. It will effect a person on any level where their development is impeded, whether it be on an energetic, emotional, mental or physical level.
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    In this 3-Day intensive with Teal Swan, you will get the chance to work in a intimate setting to dig deep into the issues involving our own relationship with success. Teal will use her unique extrasensory and intuitive gifts to identify these blockages within our subconscious, catalyze lasting change and step fully into our purpose. The Success Workshop is for decision makers who are ready to harness the power of their subconscious mind and achieve the full potential both in their personal and professional life.